WASSCE 2020 CRS Questions and Answers

There are fifty (50) objective questions in the WASSCE 2020 CRS questions paper. This has been the trend in recent years. Chances are that WAEC will continue to ask fifty questions in the WASSCE CRS objective test for some time to come.

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Topics from the WAEC CRS syllabus that you will encounter in this WASSCE 2020 CRS questions and answers post include the sovereignty of God, leadership roles, parental responsibilities and the call and demands of discipleship. Other prominent CRS topics here are making decisions, greed and its effects, faith in God and opposition to the Gospel message.

What Does CRS Stand For?

CRS is an abbreviation for Christian Religious Studies. Christian Religious Studies happens to be one of the most popular subjects among most senior high school General Arts Students. Bible Knowledge is its equivalent in some jurisdictions.

Now that you know the meaning of CRS and what you must expect in this post, it is time for us to go straight to the WAEC/WASSCE 2020 CRS questions and answers.

Remember that as always, all the correct answers are in bold lettering. And for a quick reference, I have taken the trouble to provide you with the relevant chapters and verses in the Bible where you can crosscheck your answers.

This will be helpful to those of you who would like to verify some answers you might not find too convincing.

May/June 2020 WASSCE CRS Questions and Answers

Answer all the questions.

Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen.  Give only one answer to each question

An example is given below.

When David was informed that the child born to him by Bethsheba  had died, he

A. sought Nathan’s counsel on what to do

B. wept throughout the day

C. tore his robe and went to his house

D. anointed himself and worshipped the Lord

The correct answer is anointed himself and worshipped the Lord, which is lettered D, and therefore answer space D would be shaded.

Think carefully before you shade the answers spaces; erase completely any answer you wish to change

Do all rough work on this question paper

Now answer the following questions

WAEC 2020 CRS Questions 1-10

1. The land, sea and vegetation were created on the

A. first day                                         

B. second day

C. third day                                        

D. fourth day

2. Man became a living being when God

A. formed him from dust                   

B. gave him breath

C. spoke to him                                              

D. gave him a helpmate

3. The river that flowed out of Eden divided into

A. 5                            

B. 4                            

C. 3                            

D. 2

4. Joseph’s brothers pastured their father’s flock near

A. Bethel        

B. Shechem                

C. Hebron                  

D. Peniel

5. Joseph’s intelligence was revealed when he

A. forgave his brothers                      

B. had a prophetic dream

C. interpreted Pharoah’s dream    

D. married an Egyptian woman

6. In his attempt to control the growing population of the Israelites in Egypt, Pharoah ordered the

A. Hebrew midwives to kill every Israelite baby boy at birth

B. Egyptian soldiers to bring every Israelite baby boy to the palace

C. second-in-command to ensure total destruction of the Hebrews

D. Egyptian midwives to kill every Israelite child

7. Take this child away, and nurse him for me, and I will give your wages. The addressee was

A . the child’s sister                           

B. a professional babysitter

C. the child’s biological mother        

D. Pharoah’s daughter

8. Moses named his son Gershon to demonstrate that he

A. was an Egyptian prince                

B. came to Midian for pastures

C. was a stranger in Midian            

D. loved Jethro and Zipporah


9. Joshua’s daily meditation on the book of the law enabled him to

A. win Israelites’ confidence  

B. lead his people

C. overcome the  devil                      

D. succeed and prosper

10. Jabin the King of Canaan oppressed the Israelites for

A. 10 years                 

B. 15 years                 

C. 20 years                 

D. 25 years

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May/June 2020 CRS Questions 11-20

11. The recognition of Deborah as an outstanding leader in Israel signifies that

A. God can choose women as leaders

B. only women  can be good leaders

C. she was good as a judge

D. she was the only good leader in Israel

The Role of Deborah in the History of Israel

Account for the Strained Relationship Between Saul and Samuel

The Reign of Manasseh, The Apostate

12. Which of these behaviours was not exhibited by the sons of Eli? (I Samuel 8;1-3)

A. treating the offerings of God with contempt

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B. taking raw meat from the offering

C. taking bribes and perverting justice

D. forcefully taking meat offered to God

13. The linen ephod worn by Samuel portrayed him as a

A. priest                    

B. king                       

C. seer                        

D. judge

14. According to Samuel the prophet, rebellion is as sinful as

A. idolatry                  

B. divination             

C. sorcery                   

D. witchcraft

15. David rebuked Abner at Ziph because Abner

A. ignored the Ziphites complaint

B. sought to kill David

C. failed to protect his master

D. was not  a seasoned soldier

16. David’s servants could not report the death of Bathsheba’s child to him because they

A. believe God would revive the child

B. feared that David could harm himself

C. saw it as God’s punishment to David

D. feared being killed for negligence

17. The content of the Ark of the Covenant was the

A. books of the prophets                    

B. two tables of stones

C. book of the law                            

D. bread offered to the Lord

18. My father chastised you with whips and I will chastise you with scorpions. This means the speaker would

A. torment the people with scorpions

B. sell them into slavery

C. punish the people severely

D. add to the people’s burden

19. The taskmaster in charge of forced labour in Israel during the reign of Rehoboam was

A. Hadab        

B. Segub                    

C. Adoram                 

D. Absalom

20. How did Obadiah demonstrate his loyalty to God during the hostile period of his time?

A. refused to serve the king’s idol

B. sent his idolatrous wife away

C. hid the prophets in caves

D. pulled down the altars of Baal

Questions 21-30

21. Is it you, you troubler of Israel? These were the words said by king

A. Saul to Samuel                                          

B. Ahab to Elijah

C. Ahab to Elisha                                          

D. David to Nathan

22. Ahab was attracted to Naboth’s vineyard because the vineyard was

A. by the river bank                           

B. near the king’s palace

D. beautiful and well kept                 

D. on a fertile soil

23. Due to Ahab’s greed, Elijah made him aware that his house would be destroyed like that of

A. Baasha the son of Ahijah              

B. Joash the son of Jeroboam

C. Jerubbaal the son of Jeroboam                 

D. Boash the son of Nebat

24. And when the king heard the words of the book of the law, he rent his clothes. Renting his clothes in Israel was an expression of

A. joy and happiness                         

B. disappointment and grief

C. weakness and dependency                        

D. pity and failure

25. During King Josiah’s religious reforms, his first attack was on the

A. prostitutes that came around the temple at night

B. priest that offered burnt offerings in the temple

C. Canaanite divinities-Baal and Asherah

D. sacrifice of children to Molech

26. What was the sin of Manasseh for which God punished Judah under king Jehoakim?

A. murder                 

B. theft                         

C. injustice                

D. adultery

27. What did the returned Jews give as a sin offering during the dedication of the temple?

A. A he-goat for each of the twelve tribes (Please refer to Ezra Chapter 6 Verse 17)

B. Two lambs for each of the twelve tribes

C. Many animals including rams and camels

D. Animals like ram and food crops

28. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were punished because they

A. committed murder in the society

B. regularly worshipped their own God

C. refused to bow to the golden image

D. failed to honour the king

29. Amos observed that the Israelites profaned God’s name when they

A. committed adultery                                  

B. committed incest (Amos 2:7)

C. refused to offer sacrifice               

D. discriminate against women

30. Amaziah advised Amos to go and prophesy in Judah instead of Bethel  because

A. the king’s sanctuary was in Bethel (Amos 7:13)

B. Amos was a dresser of sycamore trees

C. Jeroboam, Bethel’s king was after Amos’ life

D. the words of Amos intimidated Judah

2020 WASSCE CRS Questions 31-40

Most of the 2020 WASSCE CRS questions and answers in this segment are about topics in the New Testament. So expect to find questions on the three Synoptic Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke.

Some key topics here are the baptism and temptation of Jesus, the teachings and parables of Jesus, his arrest, trial, death and resurrection.

31. The Sonship of Jesus was declared during his

A . crucifixion           

B temptation              

C. baptism     

D. ascension

32. According to Luke, the third temptation was Jesus should

A. jump down from a high mountain

B. jump down from the pinnacle of the temple

C. command the angels to lift him up

D. bow down and worship Satan

33. Who among these was a brother to Peter?

A. Matthew                

B. John                       

C. Andrew                  

D. James

34. Which of the following disciples was called from the tax office by Jesus?

A. Andrew                

B. Simon                    

C. Levi  (Matthew, originally called Levi)                                 

D. Judas

35. The unmerciful servant was punished because he

A. failed to settle his debt                             

B. disobeyed the king

C. embezzled the king’s money        

D. cast his debtor into jail

36. The one I shall kiss is the man; seize him. The kiss was significant for

A. honouring Jesus                

B. confronting Jesus

C. protecting Jesus                

D. identifying Jesus

37. The prophecy concerning the denial of Jesus by Peter was fulfilled during the

A. arrest of  Jesus                                          

B. trial of Jesus

C. agony at Gethsemane                    

D. transfiguration of Jesus

38. The High  Priest tore his robes during the trial of Jesus because he said Jesus

A. refused to answer the questions

B. uttered blasphemous words

C. spoke against the temple

D. broke their tradition

39. Simon of Cyrene, who was compelled to carry Jesus’ cross was the father of

A. Barnabas and Gamaliel                            

B. Alexander and Rufus

C. Barnabas and Rufus                                  

D. Alexander and Barnabas

Resurrection of Jesus According to Matthew

The Story of the Temptation of Jesus

The Purpose of Matthew’s Gospel

40. According to Matthew, the first to see Jesus after his resurrection were the

A. angels that guarded the tomb       

B. women who went to the tomb

C. disciples who were praying                      

D. men travelling to Emmaus

Questions 41-50

This is the final set of questions in this senior high school CRS post. It continues with more WAEC/SHS CRS questions on the Acts of the Apostles and ends with topics from the epistles of James and Peter.

41. The election of Matthias to succeed Judas was

A. a command from Peter                             

B. the fulfilment of the scripture

C. an instruction given by Jesus        

D. a way of getting more disciples

42. The challenges of discrimination and favouritism in the early church were resolved by

A. praying for God’s intervention

B. the study of the scriptures and counselling

C. the selection of seven men to serve

D. appointing elders to the  council of Jerusalem

43. The authorities Peter quoted as being fulfilled on the day of Pentecost were

A. Isaiah and Jeremiah                      

B. Ezekiel and Amos

C. Joel and David  (Acts 2:16-28)                                    

D. Hosea and John

44. Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus resulted in the

A. fleeing of the brethren                  

B. churches’ poor performance

C. outpouring of the Spirit                

D. church’s peaceful growth

45. Which of these statements was not made by Peter during the second trial of the apostles by the High Priest?

A. we must always obey God rather than man

B. God raised Jesus whom you killed by hanging on a tree

C. God exalted Jesus as a leader and saviour

D. we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard (Acts 5:25-32)

46. Pure and undefiled religion, according to James, involved all these practices except

A. visiting orphans in their suffering

B. going to church daily

C. visiting widows in their affliction

D. being unstained from the world

47. James advised that Christians should sing praises when they are

A. wealthy     

B. happy         

C. lonely        

D. suffering

48. According to Peter, Christians have become a chosen race so that they may

A. behave better than the Jews          

B. not be like the Gentiles

C. declare the good work of God (I Peter 2:9)

D. not remain in sin forever

49. For Peter, Christian liberty should not be used as a

A. cover-up for sin  (I Peter 2:16)                                  

B. pretext for love

C. way of disrespect                                      

D. way of rejecting duties

50. According to Peter, the church elders would receive their rewards

A. at their death                                                         

B. during their life’s time

C. each time they resisted Satan       

D. at Jesus’ second coming (I Peter 5:4)

Final Thoughts

Which one of the CRS questions or answers did you find most interesting? You can actually study a large number of your Christian Religious Studies or Bible Knowledge topics at Cegast Academy. There are study notes, guides and other CRS revision tools for you whether you are a high school student or a tutor. So make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to learn or research, for FREE, your WAEC/SHS CRS online.

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