WAEC Lexis and Structure Part 3: Past Questions and Answers

WAEC Lexis and Structure Part 3 is the continuation of our English Language Lexis and Structure question and answer series. This is a ten-part series of questions and answers on antonyms, synonyms, appropriate choice of words, grammar and more.

My goal in giving you the WAEC Lexis and Structure series is twofold. First, I want to help you identify the sort of questions you must expect in your WAEC/WASSCE English Language objective test paper.

Secondly, I’m giving you all these Lexis and Structure tutorials to enable you to practice and learn the most acceptable ways to provide answers to such questions.

Just like PART 2, PART 3 will focus on antonyms or the opposite meanings of words and expressions.

Let’s get started.


This is the beginning of the WAEC Lexis and Structure objective test questions in Part 3. Make sure to read the instructions carefully so you will know the reasoning behind the choice of each answer.

In each of the following sentences, there is one word underlined and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to E, choose the one word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will, at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence. Shade the answer space that corresponds to the word you choose.

Set A Questions 1-9

1. Kasumu’s brother is cordial to strangers, but his sister is………

    A. repugnant           B. abusive                   C. hostile         D. indifferent            E. scornful

2. The level of the river rose and did not………till five days later.

    A. subside   B. descend                  C. drain           D. submerge                E. overflow

3. The president’s unexpected arrival threw everything into confusion whereas before

    then the atmosphere had been one of………

    A. orderliness   B. uniformity         C. organization     D. regularity       E. co-ordination

4. The doctor, who had hoped for an improvement in his patients condition, found a ……

    A. desperation  B. depression  C. decay     D. deterioration       E. degeneration

5. Cowardly behaviour can never earn you a …….. reputation.

   A. study                    B. daring                     C. rash D. strong                 E. competent

6. It is better to be prudent when making decisions rather than………

 A. forgetful    B. oblivious    C. resolute            D. unobservant    E. reckless

7. I don’t know why Hassan is melancholy one day and ……the next.

    A. cheerful B. eloquent     C. energetic                D. apathetic                E. amusing

8. The climbers set out from the foot of the mountain and reached the …after a six-hour

    climb A. height  B. point               C. summit       D. crown  E. sky

9. It was hard to decide whether his breaking the window was accidental or………

   A. positive               B. wicked        C. genuine       D. criminal                  E. deliberate

WAEC Lexis and Structure Part 3 SET B

Here are the SET B questions and answers in Part 3 of our WAEC Lexis and Structure series.

In each of the following sentences, there is a word underlined and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will, at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence.

Set B Questions 1-30

1 Before the interview, the young officers seemed to be diffident, but the seasoned ones were quite…          A hilarious B excited   C confident D elated

2  During the campaign the assemblyman spoke humbly; after winning the election, he became. A difficult B versatile C indifferent D arrogant

3 Apo is closefisted while his brother is……..

A generous    B cunning   C extraordinary   D complacent

4 Some accidents are avoidable; quite a number of are…

A manageable B ineligible C plausible D  inevitable

5 Deep colours tend to be repulsive but can be……… when properly blended.

A passive   B attractive  C charming  D  permanent

6 While Mary is forgiving, her sister is….

A  rude  B abusive  C  vindictive   D  inflexible

7 The school prefect’s speech was……….not rehearsed.

A. informal  B unseen  C inappropriate   D impromptu

8 The knife was sharp but you have now made it………

A dull  B unusable C blunt D crude

9 Aba has refined manners, but Kojo’s are

A. unfriendly B uncouth C unpleasant D unacceptable

10 The sun was rising just as the moon was……..

A falling B fading C declining D weakening

11. Street children live in the scruffy part of the city whilst their privileged counterparts live in …. homes.

A rich B clean C busy D filthy.

12. Some crops do well on barren land but others cannot do without ….. soil.

A desert  B potent  C loamy D fertile

13 Though the judge claims he is not an interested party in the case, his pronouncements do not show that he is ….

A. objective B uninteresting C unfair D serious

14 When the minister’s popularity waned his deputy’s_____

A faltered B soared C diminished D formed

15 Fafali showed mock regret after spilling the milk but her uncle thought she was being__    A frank B respectful C sincere D final

16. Though the woman was exquisitely dressed, her daughter appeared in___ clothes

A shabby B tattered C expensive D fashionable      

17 The headmaster told us that vice was its punishment and ___and its reward.

A. industry B kindness C truth D virtue

18 The problems of poverty and injustice are universal rather than___

A. Internal B localized C global D foreign

19. In his heyday, Ali was invincible but old age has rendered him____

A Visible B blind C unpopular D weak

20 Although most of his colleagues voted on the proposed bill Honourable Otoo______

A Resigned B protested C abstained D withdrew

21 We thought she was truthful about her story, but she proved…….later

A. ugly B curious C insulting D dishonest

22 His parents were certain he would pass, they were…………when he failed

A Surprised B disturbed C furious D unforgiving

23 I found myself teaching a bunch of recalcitrant children instead of …… students.

A Noisy B hardworking C obedient D prudent

24 The drugs the doctor prescribed for me made me weak, so he …… them

A Cancelled B withdrew C concealed D destroyed

25. Akosua has a cheerful disposition but her sister is……

A Arrogant B gloomy C weird D rebellious

26 It is a pity that the famous preacher has such a ……son

A Naughty B dangerous C dubious D notorious

27 We all thought the fire outbreak was accidental but we later realized it was …….set

A Unfortunately B wickedly C deliberately D predicated

28 The accused person was fidgeting in the dock while the witness stood in the box…..

A . Undaunted B unruffled C undecided D unprepared

29 Akosua took a firm stand on the matter, never …..at all

A Lingering B unsure C wavering D delaying

30 In the time of crisis, it is more sensible to be …….than agitated

A Happy B calm C confident D quite

SET C Questions 31- 57

This is the last set in Part 3 of our WAEC Lexis and Structure past questions and answers series.

31 Your speech should be…….not long-winded

A simple B brief C abridged D edited

32 Though it was meant to ……, them, my gift rather angered them

A soften B appease C reward D disarm.

33 Neither your insults nor your……can affect my decision on the matter.

   A regards B flatteries C compliments D favours

34 It is …… not optional for members of the community to participate in communal labour.    A. essential B mandatory C forceful D compelling

35 You should …… rather condemn me for my efforts.

A admire B cheer C commend D acclaim

36 There are so many false prophets that we don’t know which ones are……..

A devoted B true C confirmed D ordained

37 Samson has no faith in politicians and so ……………… .. .     all of them

A rejects B hates C disrespects D mistrusts

38 Be ……………; don’t be harsh on her

A Righteous B lenient C good D forgiving

39 You will ……… your seatbelt when we are airborne, but fasten it now

A. open B release C loosen D free

40 His dart …….the bull’s-eye but mine missed it

A Knocked B reached C crashed D hit

41 Ayo’s business which collapsed last year has started to …

A Flourish B sustain C rebuild D regroup

42 Her beauty is fading while her young sister’s is …..                                                                                        

. A.      Blossoming       B shining   C increasing   D growing

43 Lift the…….in your life and be happy

A darkness B misery C bitterness D burden

44 The ………. effect of the balm relieved me of excruciating pain.

A calming B charming C soothing D softening

45 Don’t …………any error. Make sure that you detect all of them.

A. overlook B excuse C avoid D forget

46 The measures the manager took to halt the workers’ plans rather …..them

A. advanced B eluded C unified D compounded

47. The editor’s intention was to expand the manuscript and not…………………it

A lessen B decrease C shorten D reduce

48 Having been advised not to isolate herself from the village folk, Aba freely …. with them.

A played B conversed C mingled D lived

49 The man everybody thought was haughty turned out to be…………

A humble B harmless C selfish D hopeful

50 In politics, diplomacy pays more than…………

A frankness B realities C promises D planning

51 Whether Kojo contradicts or ………Kwame’s story I will still discuss the matter with their parents. A Completes B contends  C corrects  D   confirms

52 Unlike her disdainful brother Ama is very ………

A kind B pleasant C wicked D respectful

53 Salamatu never does anything in the dark, her actions are always ………

 A believable B acceptable C transparent D anticipated

55. Ama failed the interview because she dressed casually when she should dress …

A neatly B smartly C formally D gorgeously

56 Rather than being sluggish as they had been in the past, the committee proceeded to work……..

A diligently B willingly C promptly D happily

57 Although this weather makes my husband listless, it makes me………..

A weary B active C sad D happy

Final Thoughts

It will be a good idea to discuss these Lexis and Structure questions and answers in your study group.

Did you enjoy this segment? You can go over Part 3 to be sure you did not miss any words or expressions you need to learn properly.

Coming next is Part 4 of this WAEC Lexis and Structure series.


You might also want to view part 1.

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