Joshua as a leader in the bible crs

Joshua As A Leader in CRS – SHS CRS Lesson 5

Joshua as a Leader in the Bible is a major topic in the CRS syllabus for senior high schools. In this post on Joshua as a leader in CRS, we shall address the following topics. The Appointment Of Joshua As A Successor To Moses (Numbers 27:15 – 23) The events surrounding the appointment of Joshua Read more

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How the Israelites Showed a Lack of Faith During the Exodus

The Israelites showed a lack of faith in God during the exodus by grumbling about their sufferings just before the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, making a Golden Calf image to replace God when Moses delayed in returning from Mount Sinai, displaying great fear about giants that inhabited the land of Canaan, and criticizing Read more

popular humanities courses online

21 Arts and Humanities Courses Online on Coursera

The top arts and humanities courses online today include Indigenous Canada, Graphic Design, Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences, Music Production and UX Design. Incidentally, all these are offered on the Coursera e-learning platform by leading providers of distance education programmes across the globe. In this post, I will introduce to you the most in-demand Read more

1999 waec economics past questions

WAEC 1999 Economics Questions and Answers

The topics to look out for in the Senior High School WAEC 1999 Economics questions are the importance of statistical data and graphs in Economics, factors of production, the theory of cost, consumer behaviour, industrialization and location of industry. Other topics in the WAEC/SHS Economics syllabus that keep showing up in most WAEC/WASSCE Economics past Read more

1998 waec economics questions and answers

WAEC 1998 Economics Questions and Answers

The WAEC 1998 Economics questions, just like many others, include objective questions on the law of diminishing returns, national income and the types of demand. Additionally, look out for regular high school Economics questions on inflation, fiscal policy and monetary policy. Another topic that takes centre stage in the below WAEC 1998 Economics questions and Read more

waec 1997 economics past questions and answers

WAEC 1997 Economics Questions and Answers

In this post on the WAEC 1997 Economics questions and answers, you will find high school level Economics questions on the elasticity of demand, price controls, the definition of Economics, demand for money and economies of scale. One topic that keeps coming up in the Economics objective test is depreciation or exchange rate. Apart from Read more

1995 waec economics past questions objective

WAEC 1995 Economics Questions and Answers

The topics that come up strongly in the SSCE WAEC 1995 Economics questions include international trade, depreciation, market structures, the types of demand, indigenization policy and national income accounting. The SSCE WAEC 1995 Economics objective past questions also feature other often repeated topics in the high school Economics syllabus such as production, economic cooperation, agriculture, Read more

1994 waec ecomomics past questions objective

WAEC 1994 Economics Questions and Answers

The key topics featured in the WAEC 1994 Economics questions include banking and finance, unemployment, fiscal policy and foreign direct investment. You will also find such popular high school Economics topics as demand, supply, opportunity cost and the factors of production. Still, be on the lookout for such equally important topics in the high school Read more

waec 1993 ecomomics objective questions

WAEC 1993 Economics Past Questions and Answers

The WAEC 1993 Economics past questions and answers contain objective questions on the causes and effects of inflation, depreciation and economic growth. Other topics in the senior high school Economics syllabus featured in the WAEC 1993 Economics past questions and answers are consumer behaviour, demand and supply, agriculture, international trade and types of business organizations. Read more

how to understand literary devices in literature

How to Understand Literary Devices

To understand literary devices, you need to first develop a positive attitude to the subject, know exactly what is meant by a literary device and assemble the most commonly used literary devices. But of course, there are other equally important steps to take to understand literary devices in Literature. In this tutorial, I will teach Read more

causes of crime and solutions

16 Causes of Crime Essay (with Solutions)

This sample essay on the causes of crime will examine the major factors accounting for the increase in the crime rate such as the breakdown in societal values, proliferation of harmful instruments, illicit substances, peer pressure, unemployment, advances in technology, globalization, broken homes, parental neglect and poverty. We will also identify the possible solutions to Read more

waec nov dec 2022 timetable pdf download

Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable PDF for Private Candidates

The WAEC Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable states that the Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE for private candidates will commence on Monday 31st October and end on Tuesday 20th December 2022. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) released the Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable several months ago. As you might be aware, the Nov Dec 2022 Read more

business management in demand courses

28 Best Business Management Courses List

You will find in this post the best business management courses list which include Google Project Management, Excel Skills for Business, Financial Markets, Supply Chain Management, Introduction to Finance and Accounting, Digital Marketing and Strategic Leadership and Management. These are among the most popular business management courses on the market right now. Are you looking Read more

best IT courses in demand for beginners

50 Best IT Courses in Demand Online (for Beginners)

The best IT courses in demand for beginners include Google Data Analytics, IBM Data Science, IBM Data Science, Learn SQL Basics for Data Science, Applied Data Science with Python and Data Analysis and Visualization Foundations from IBM. Other best tech online courses for beginners are Google IT Automation with Python, Google IT Support, IBM Cybersecurity Read more

examples of grammatical functions

20 Examples of Grammatical Functions in English

Examples of grammatical functions are subject, object, subject complement, object complement, modifier of a verb, modifier or qualifier of a noun, complement of a preposition, appositive and complement of a verb. In this post, I will give you practical examples of grammatical functions in English to help you understand them better. The list contains examples Read more

the best business English courses online

33 Best Business English Online Courses with Certificates

Are you looking for the best Business English online courses? Look no further. In this post, I will show you where to find the best Business English online courses such as English for Business and Entrepreneurship, Business English for Tech Professionals, Business English for Non-Native Speakers and the free Business English Communication Skills course offered Read more

What Are the Best Courses Under Project Management?

The best courses under project management include Google Project Management, Foundations of Project Management by Google, Engineering Project Management by Rice University, Applying Project Management in the Real World, Cloud Engineer by Google, Project Planning: Putting It All Together and Google IT Support. In this post, you will find a large collection of the best Read more

justify the title second class citizen

Justify the Title of the Novel Second Class Citizen

This essay will attempt to justify the title of the novel Second Class Citizen by addressing five important aspects of the topic. These are the meaning of the phrase ‘second class citizen’, what might have prompted Buchi Emecheta to give the title Second Class Citizen to her novel, incidents in the novel that justify the Read more

the theme of gender discrimination in second class citizen

The Theme of Gender Discrimination in Second Class Citizen

In this tutorial, we shall take an in-depth look at the theme of gender discrimination in Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta. I will take you through the following important aspects of the theme of discrimination against girls and women in the novel. What is the main theme of Second Class Citizen? Instances of gender Read more

theme of education in second class citizen

The Theme of Education in Second Class Citizen

The theme of education in Second Class Citizen centres on the question of female education versus male education. In Second Class Citizen, the theme of education is developed through the experiences of characters like Adah, Boy and Francis. This tutorial will take you through the essential aspects of the theme of education in Buchi Emecheta’s Read more

theme of conflict in second class citizen

The Theme of Conflict in Second Class Citizen

The theme of conflict in Second Class Citizen takes such forms as conflict between opposing ideas, conflict between opposing ideals or dreams, conflict between genders, personality clashes, conflict between Nigerian ethnic groups in London and marital conflicts between husband and wife. Here are some instances of the theme of conflict in Second Class Citizen. Conflict Read more

reading comprehension test with answers for high school

Reading Comprehension Test With Answers for High Schools

Here is another reading comprehension test with answers for high schools in our series of multiple-choice questions comprehension tests. Are you a high school English tutor looking for a made-for-you reading comprehension test with answers for your high school English class? Then you can have this comprehension passage and objective test questions and answers for Read more

the golden calf bible story

The Golden Calf Bible Story and Lessons

The Golden Calf bible story was one of the many incidents that showed the Israelites’ disobedience and show of lack of faith in both God and the leadership of Moses. This tutorial on the Story of the Golden Calf in the bible is an extension of the lesson on Moses as a Leader. Here, we Read more