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Frequently Asked Questions

No please. The whole concept of so-called “result upgrade” in not genuine and since we refuse to be part of any fraudulent activity, we do not pretend to offer anybody this hoax of a result upgrade.
No, again. Please be warned that a fake certificate, no matter the amount paid for it, remains what it is – FAKE. In fact, most of the universities in Ghana, for example, will smoke you out pretty much quickly if you used any fake documents to sneak into any one of their faculties. We advise that you work hard instead, and you will get what you deserve in the examination.
Yes! We accept your donations, no matter the size or value, to help us meet the cost of running this largely non-profit small organization.
You are free to let us know if you would rather we disclosed your identity or hide it following your kind donation.
Yes, we do at a small fee.
Yes, of course! But we deal with only genuinely serious persons, please.