High School English Essay Writing Course

See below the topics we will cover in this complete English Essay Writing Course for WAEC/WASSCE and similar examinations.

What is English Composition all about?

How to select the right composition topic for you.

Key questions the candidate needs to answer before the start of the essay.

Types of English Composition and how to come up with an acceptable essay under each type.

Writing to suit the stated audience

Why the role the question gives to the candidate matters.

Making sure that the essay rises to the occasion

The various types of essay writing formats and how to apply the right essay format.

Required features of a high-quality essay.

Other Sub-Topics

Included in the above topics are several relevant details that will assist you to produce your best essays in the examination.

Shall we now begin the WAEC/WASSCE English Composition Course with the first lesson?

Lesson One: Introduction to Essay Writing

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