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Joshua as a leader in the bible crs

Joshua As A Leader in CRS – SHS CRS Lesson 5

Joshua as a Leader in the Bible is a major topic in the CRS syllabus for senior high schools. In this post on Joshua as a leader in CRS, we shall address the following topics. The Appointment Of Joshua As A Successor To Moses (Numbers 27:15 – 23) The events surrounding the appointment of Joshua Read more

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How the Israelites Showed a Lack of Faith During the Exodus

The Israelites showed a lack of faith in God during the exodus by grumbling about their sufferings just before the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, making a Golden Calf image to replace God when Moses delayed in returning from Mount Sinai, displaying great fear about giants that inhabited the land of Canaan, and criticizing Read more

the golden calf bible story

The Golden Calf Bible Story and Lessons

The Golden Calf bible story was one of the many incidents that showed the Israelites’ disobedience and show of lack of faith in both God and the leadership of Moses. This tutorial on the Story of the Golden Calf in the bible is an extension of the lesson on Moses as a Leader. Here, we Read more

moses as a leader in crs bible studies

Moses As a Leader in CRS (Lesson 3 for SHS 1)

This tutorial will teach you the events, character attributes and actions that portray Moses as a leader in the history and religion of Israel. You will learn much about notable leadership qualities exhibited by Moses such as courage, endurance, humility, patriotism and empathy. Are you a high school Christian Religious Studies student or teacher looking Read more

joseph as a leader in crs for shs

Joseph as A Leader in CRS – SHS 1 Lesson 2

This lesson on Joseph as a Leader in CRS for SHS 1 will highlight such issues as how Joseph came to live in Egypt, the role of Joseph in the history of Israel and Joseph’s leadership qualities that can be learnt by today’s leaders. It is Lesson 2 in our CRS Textbook for SHS 1 Read more

crs textbook for shs 1 lesson one

Lesson One of CRS Textbook for SHS 1 PDF

CRS Textbook for SHS One contains the Christian Religious Studies topics for the SS 1 CRS course. In this post, you will have only Lesson one from the CRS textbook for SHS 1. These are concise, exam-focused Christian Religious Studies (CRS) study notes for SHS 1 students in Ghana and elsewhere. Are you a CRS Read more

waec wassce 2020 crs questions and answers

WASSCE 2020 CRS Questions and Answers

There are fifty (50) objective questions in the WASSCE 2020 CRS questions paper. This has been the trend in recent years. Chances are that WAEC will continue to ask fifty questions in the WASSCE CRS objective test for some time to come. Topics from the WAEC CRS syllabus that you will encounter in this WASSCE Read more

the appointment of the seven deacons

What Led to the Appointment of the Seven Deacons?

The main problem that led to the appointment of the seven deacons centred around discrimination against the Hellenists in the early church. This problem threatened to bring disunity into the early church hence the need to find a solution to it. In this WAEC Christian Religious Studies tutorial, I will show you the salient points Read more

james teaching on effective prayer

Discuss James’ Teaching on Effective Prayer

James’ teaching on effective prayer categorically mentions the following requirements or conditions if prayer is to be effective. faith – no doubts, ask for the right things such as wisdom and strength to renounce sin, holiness or be without sin, repentance, persistence, humility, patience, righteousness, and intercessory prayer To read the full text of James’ Read more

james teaching on impartiality

Explain James’ Teaching on Impartiality (WAEC CRS)

James’ teaching on impartiality is basically about the need to avoid discrimination against the poor in favour of the rich. This teaching on equality in the Epistle of James mentions important tenets of the Christian faith such as God’s choice of the poor to inherit the earth, the royal law, what constitutes sin, the need Read more

faith and works teaching by James

James’ Teaching on Faith and Works

James’ teaching on faith and works is in the Epistle of James Chapter 1:2-7 and Chapter 2:14-26. Today, you will have the full notes on James’ teaching on faith and works. Are you a senior high school student who is preparing for a Christian Religious Studies test or WASSCE? It is also likely that you’re Read more

resurrection of Jesus in Matthew

The Resurrection of Jesus According to Matthew

The narrative regarding the resurrection of Jesus according to Matthew is in the book of Matthew 28: 1-10. In this WAEC/WASSCE Christian Religious Studies tutorial, I will show you what the Gospel according to Matthew says about the resurrection of Jesus in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The main points to note about Read more

resurrection of Jesus according to Luke

Luke’s Account of the Resurrection of Jesus

Luke’s Account of the Resurrection of Jesus is at Luke 24:1-35. Now if you wish to know more about the resurrection of Jesus according to Luke, then keep reading. Because I’m about to give you a clear answer to this question: What does Luke say about the resurrection of Jesus? Luke’s account of the resurrection Read more

resurrection of Jesus in Mark's gospel

The Resurrection of Jesus According to Mark

The resurrection of Jesus according to Mark can be found in the bible at Mark 16:1-14. In this SHS/WASSCE Christian Religious Studies tutorial, we shall give an account of the resurrection of Jesus according to Mark. As you may be aware, the gospel of Mark is the shortest of the Synoptic Gospels in the New Read more

the three temptations of Jesus

Describe the Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness

The three temptations of Jesus in the wilderness centred around hedonism, egoism, and materialism. According to the Synoptic Gospels, Jesus was tempted three times by Satan. Below are the summarized details of the devil’s temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. But before we give a full description of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, Read more

crs objective questions and answers

2000-2003 CRS Objective Questions and Answers

The years 2000-2003 CRS objective questions and answers are now available to you. Are you a student in SS1, SS2 or SS3? Are you studying Christian Religious Studies/CRS or Bible Knowledge/BK? Maybe you are a teacher of SHS CRS preparing your students for the WAEC WASSCE Christian Religious Studies objective test paper. Well, I can Read more

parable of the wicked tenants

Parable of the Wicked Tenants (With Moral Lessons)

The Parable of the Wicked Tenants is in all the three Synoptic Gospels of the New Testament. This tutorial narrates Jesus’s parable of the wicked tenants. And, at the end of it, we shall identify the moral lessons we can learn from the parable of the wicked tenants. So if you want to know the Read more

why religious leaders opposed Jesus

Top 5 Reasons Religious Leaders Opposed Jesus

Religious leaders opposed Jesus during his ministry on earth for such reasons as his claim to the authority to forgive sins, disagreement over the proper observance of the Sabbath, fasting, his mixing with tax collectors among others. Thus, the opposition to Jesus by the Jewish religious leaders created conflict between these two. The Pharisees, Herodians, Read more

how greed caused ahab to seize naboth's vineyard

How Greed Led Ahab to Sin

Greed led Ahab to sin at a certain stage during his reign over the northern kingdom of Israel. You can find the bible story of how Ahab coveted Naboth’s vineyard at I Kings 21: 1 – 29. A typical WAEC/NECO question on how greed led Ahab to sin is this CRS past question from WASSCE Read more

how greed led gehazi to sin in the bible

How Greed Led Gehazi to Sin

How greed led Gehazi to sin and the moral lessons from the episode is a frequent WAEC WASSCE question for Christian Religious Studies candidates. Remember that this question is derived from a section of the WAEC Christian Religious Studies syllabus which is titled “Greed and its Effects”. The consequences of greed are many. This is Read more

the revolution of jehu

Jehu’s Prophetic Revolution – Causes, Course and Consequences

This tutorial contains the essential points on Jehu’s prophetic revolution. We are going to identify the causes of the prophetic revolution carried out by Jehu as part of our Christian Relegious Studies course. A question on Jehu’s prophetic revolution is likely to ask the candidate to outline the consequences or effects of this event. Remember Read more

reasons for the deportation of Judah to Babylon

7 Factors Leading to the Deportation of Judah

In this WAEC/SHS CRS tutorial, we shall provide an answer to the question regarding the first and second deportation of Judah to Babylon. It is important for every WASSCE CRS candidate to know the circumstances that led to the fall of Judah. The conquest of the southern kingdom of Judah, the ransacking of the Jerusalem Read more

why saul was rejected as king of Israel

Account for the Strained Relationship Between Saul and Samuel

Two major incidents brought about the strained relationship between Saul and Samuel. It is significant to note that the strained relationship between Saul and Samuel would quickly result in the rejection of Saul as king of Israel. In this essay, I will recount the circumstances that led to the strained relationship between Saul and Samuel. Read more