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Are you looking for a place that offers free reading comprehension practice online? Then you are in the right place. In this post, you will find a harvest of free-to-use reading comprehension passages with standard questions and answers for high school-level learners.

At the end of it all, you will have additional resources that should help you sharpen your reading comprehension skills. I’m talking about English reading comprehension study guides that address the pain points of many students and teachers alike.

This post is for you if you wish to learn how to read a passage effectively or discover the best way to answer reading comprehension questions. It may be part of an internal English Language test or an international examination such as the WAEC WASSCE, IGCSE and GCE.

Without further ado, let’s have the tools you need to practice reading comprehension online.

WAEC/WASSCE and SSCE Comprehension Past Questions

You can begin by going through a large number of WASSCE and SSCE reading comprehension past questions.

Find the sort of questions you should expect in most high school comprehension tests. Below each of these passages, there are suggested answers to the various questions.

Get ready to learn how to provide accurate answers to the different types of questions that examiners ask in a typical high school English Language test.

2013 WASSCE Comprehension Test

You will find two passages with questions and suggested answers here. Pay close attention to how each answer is presented to satisfy only the specific demands of the question.

22 Reading Comprehension Practice Tests

It is now time for you to practice reading comprehension online without the usual suggested answers. Make sure to try your best and tackle as many passages as you can.

Collaborate with your classmates, friends and teachers to come up with your best answers for each question. Allow them to correct and assess your performance if they can.

By the end of this comprehension exercise, you will have improved your reading comprehension skills.

Single Passage Past Comprehension Questions and Answers

Unlike the other online reading comprehension practice resources I’ve shown you so far, this particular collection allows you to focus on a single passage at a time.

What this means is that you will have shorter posts that quickly take you to the questions and suggested answers.

Additionally, a lot of the passages are past WAEC WASSCE comprehension questions covering the years after 2010.

Additional Resources

Here are the extra reading comprehension tools I promised you. Take advantage of the tips and tricks you will discover here. They will help you to become a better student in your English class.

6 Common Reading Comprehension Mistakes to Avoid

4 Effective Reading Skills for a Comprehension Test

How to Answer WASSCE English Comprehension Questions

WAEC Sample Comprehension Questions and Answers Part 3

90+ Grammatical Name Past Questions and Answers

Next Steps

So there you have it. I trust that you will utilize the above resources to effectively practice your reading comprehension skills online for the best results.

You will also find other valuable guides for your high school English studies at Cegast Academy. For starters, you can check out these guides on essay writing and summary writing.

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