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1999 waec economics past questions

WAEC 1999 Economics Questions and Answers

The topics to look out for in the Senior High School WAEC 1999 Economics questions are the importance of statistical data and graphs in Economics, factors of production, the theory of cost, consumer behaviour, industrialization and location of industry. Other topics in the WAEC/SHS Economics syllabus that keep showing up in most WAEC/WASSCE Economics past Read more

1998 waec economics questions and answers

WAEC 1998 Economics Questions and Answers

The WAEC 1998 Economics questions, just like many others, include objective questions on the law of diminishing returns, national income and the types of demand. Additionally, look out for regular high school Economics questions on inflation, fiscal policy and monetary policy. Another topic that takes centre stage in the below WAEC 1998 Economics questions and Read more

waec 1997 economics past questions and answers

WAEC 1997 Economics Questions and Answers

In this post on the WAEC 1997 Economics questions and answers, you will find high school level Economics questions on the elasticity of demand, price controls, the definition of Economics, demand for money and economies of scale. One topic that keeps coming up in the Economics objective test is depreciation or exchange rate. Apart from Read more

1995 waec economics past questions objective

WAEC 1995 Economics Questions and Answers

The topics that come up strongly in the SSCE WAEC 1995 Economics questions include international trade, depreciation, market structures, the types of demand, indigenization policy and national income accounting. The SSCE WAEC 1995 Economics objective past questions also feature other often repeated topics in the high school Economics syllabus such as production, economic cooperation, agriculture, Read more

1994 waec ecomomics past questions objective

WAEC 1994 Economics Questions and Answers

The key topics featured in the WAEC 1994 Economics questions include banking and finance, unemployment, fiscal policy and foreign direct investment. You will also find such popular high school Economics topics as demand, supply, opportunity cost and the factors of production. Still, be on the lookout for such equally important topics in the high school Read more

waec 1993 ecomomics objective questions

WAEC 1993 Economics Past Questions and Answers

The WAEC 1993 Economics past questions and answers contain objective questions on the causes and effects of inflation, depreciation and economic growth. Other topics in the senior high school Economics syllabus featured in the WAEC 1993 Economics past questions and answers are consumer behaviour, demand and supply, agriculture, international trade and types of business organizations. Read more

how to pass economics in high school

How to Pass Economics in High School by Strategy

You can pass Economics in high school by adopting the right study strategy, developing self-confidence, selecting only questions you can truly deal with, taking the objective test seriously, writing complete essays where necessary and making sure you follow all instructions during the Economics test. This post will show you how to pass high school or Read more

waec wassce 2020 economics past questions and answers

WAEC 2020 Economics Questions and Answers

The complete set of WAEC 2020 Economics questions begins with a question about the definition of Economics and ends with one on the forms of production. In between these two, there are questions on economic systems, agricultural production in West Africa as well as development planning. Are you ready to get the questions and answers Read more

waec wassce 2021 economics past questions objectives

WASSCE 2021 Economics Questions and Answers

This WAEC/WASSCE 2021 Economics questions and answers post contains past questions on the key topics in the WAEC/SHS Economics syllabus. Expect to see Economics objective questions on demand and supply, price determination, scarcity, production, national income, international trade and taxation. The above Economics topics represent just a fraction of the entire WAEC and GES teaching Read more

2005 wassce economics past questions

WASSCE 2005 Economics Questions and Answers

WASSCE 2005 Economics questions are not any different from other WAEC Economics past questions. Neither are the Nov/Dec WAEC 2005 Economics objective questions vastly different from the ones you should be expecting in your next WAEC/WASSCE Economics test. This is the crucial reason why it is easier for students who study closely as many Economics Read more

waec economics questions and answers 2009

2009 WASSCE Economics Questions and Answers

Among the topics featured in the May/June 2009 WASSCE Economics questions are fiscal policy, economic systems, Malthusian Population Theory, Price Determination and International Economic Organizations like the IMF. Note that the 2009 WASSCE Economics questions you are about to study belong to the objective test segment of the WAEC/SHS Economics syllabus. WASSCE 2009 Economics Questions Read more

waec economics questions and answers 2007

2007 WAEC Economics Past Questions (With Answers)

The major topics in the 2007 WAEC Economics past questions for WASSCE candidates include the scope of the study of Economics, production, opportunity cost, consumer behaviour, the chain of distribution, money, inflation and banking. You will also find objective questions on taxation, economic development, national income and international economic cooperation in the 2007 WAEC Economics Read more

the definition of macroeconomics

Definition of Macroeconomics – Meaning, Examples and Objectives

In this post, we shall state the definition of macroeconomics and explain its meaning. We shall also give examples and types of macroeconomics. Then we shall touch briefly on the objectives of macroeconomic policies. So let’s start it all with a brief definition of macroeconomics. What is Macroeconomics? Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that Read more

waec economics syllabus for senior high school

WAEC Economics Syllabus – Detailed Syllabus (Download PDF)

The WAEC Economics syllabus for SHS students and teachers is a game-changer for every serious WASSCE/SSCE candidate. In fact, whether you’re studying or teaching SHS 1, SHS2 or SHS3 Economics, there isn’t much you can do without this WAEC Economics syllabus. This is the reason why I want you to have the latest WAEC Economics Read more

primary sector contribution to economy

Role of the Primary Sector in Economic Development

What is the role of the primary sector in the economic development of developing countries in West Africa and the rest of the world? The primary sector helps the general population in many ways. It also contributes to the development of the secondary and tertiary sectors of the economies of developing countries. Overall, the primary Read more

Reasons for the Slope of the Demand Curve

This brief tutorial on Senior High School Economics or WASSCE Economics serves as a quick reminder about the various factors that determine the slope of the demand curve. I will give you the key points you need to answer both objective and essay questions in Economics. It is all about the reasons for the slope Read more

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300+ Economics Past Questions and Answers PDF (Definitions)

The Economics past questions and answers I’ve assembled here should make it easier for you to make the necessary preparations for your high school Economics test paper. Another good news is this. You may download a free PDF copy of these Economics past questions and answers. They are specifically WAEC/WASSCE Economics past questions and answers Read more

Top 4 Entrepreneurship Questions and Answers

The WASSCE/SHS Economics tutorial you’re about to encounter shall give you a concise outline of key entrepreneurship questions and answers. You will discover the most important reasons why there is a shortage of really successful entrepreneurs in West Africa. Secondly, I will give you points for an answer to this popular entrepreneurship question in Economics: Read more

shortage of capital in west africa

7 Reasons for the Shortage of Capital in West Africa

This Senior High School Economics lesson is to assist you to identify the reasons why there is shortage of capital in West Africa and other developing countries. WASSCE  Economics Questions and Answers (2020) This Post is Part of a mega WASSCE Economics Questions and Answers Series Let’s have the points you need to answer WASSCE Read more

7 Reasons Why Natural Resources in West Africa are Under- Utilized

There is no shortage of natural resources in West Africa. But these natural resources in West Africa are seriously under-exploited. I am about to give you the points you can expand to answer WASSCE Economics questions. This particular tutorial is all about the reasons why there is under-utilization of natural resources in West Africa. WASSCE Read more

Aims and Objectives of ECOWAS, NEPAD, AGOA, IDA, EEC – WASSCE

Below are summarized points for the aims and objectives of ECOWAS, NEPAD, AGOA, IDA, EEC. You definitely need to know and remember these points about the aims and objectives of major world Economic Organizations for the WASSCE Economics paper. We will begin with the aims and objectives of The International Development Association (I.D.A) Aims and Read more

9 Major Causes of an Increase in Demand for a Commodity

So what are the major causes of an increase in demand for a commodity? This brief tutorial will give you the points you need to answer this question in your school test, assignment/homework or final examination. Causes of an Increase in Demand- WASSCE/SHS Economics Revision Notes Note that an “increase in demand” falls under the Read more

Top 15 International Economic Organizations

There are many international economic organizations. In this post, I’m going to give you important facts you must know about 15 of these international economic organizations. 1. International Monetary Fund (IMF) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a financial institution set up to manage the international monetary system. The IMF also aims to create favourable Read more

Definition of Economics Explained

ECONOMICS   DEFINITION: Economics is a science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.   ENDS/WANTS   MEANING: Ends are wants or desires that individual consumers, firms or businesses and government are constantly using their scarce resources to satisfy. They are in the form of goods Read more