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These FREE online high school practice tests should assist you to learn more effectively for any upcoming examination. For example, we have tons of WAEC online mock tests that will help you to get sufficiently prepared for your high school test paper.

Find WASSCE mock exam questions and answers on English Language, Literature, Government, Social Studies, Economics, History and Christian Religious Studies.

Simply go to your desired high school practice test subject page and start taking online the quizzes of your choice.

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It is now time for you to explore the various online high school practice tests here. Make sure to take a quiz or two before you go away.

1. Free Government Tests & Quizzes

There are many sets of SHS Government tests with questions and answers just made for you. Take as many practice tests and quizzes on senior high school Government as you like.

Political Party Quiz One

2. Free English Language Tests

Do you need a practice test to enable you to learn English better? Areas of English Language learning that you will find include comprehension, grammatical function, vocabulary, idioms and oral English.

You are allowed to take as many English Language tests and quizzes as possible. Only make sure that you take careful note of all correct answers. Study the correct answers to the quizzes so that you can correct your mistakes and keep improving.

Reading Comprehension Test With Answers Passage 1

2 Multiple-Choice Question Comprehension Exercises and Answers

Grammatical Names and Functions Quiz Q & A

WAEC English Comprehension Mock Tests for Senior High School

Religion in Things Fall Apart Passage – Comprehension Test Q&A

20+ Reading Comprehension Practice Test Passages

Cultural Conflict in Things Fall Apart – Comprehension Practice Test

Propaganda in Animal Farm – Comprehension Test Q & A

3. Free Literature Tests & Quizzes

There are different kinds of Literature tests and quizzes at Cegast Academy. But what they all have in common is that each Literature-in-English test will help you to fine-tune your learning strategy.

The results you will obtain from the online Literature tests should tell you what you are doing right and where you need to work harder.

Where possible, remember to rate the quiz you have just taken. Leave a comment if you can so we can keep improving these online Literature quizzes.

Raider of the Treasure Trove Quiz – Questions and Answers

Song of the Women of My Land Quiz – Questions and Answers

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