Chapter by Chapter Summaries of Second Class Citizen

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Chapter 1 Summary

Begin reading a simplified version of the novel Second Class Citizen with the first in this series of its chapter summaries. As always, I’m going to focus on the major incidents in this summary of Chapter One of Second Second Class Citizen. This is a novel by the celebrated Nigerian author, Buchi Emecheta. The first chapter of Second Class Citizen forms the backbone of the entire narrative. You cannot, therefore, afford to ignore it. READ MORE …

Chapter 2 Summary

This chapter opens with Pa’s sudden death (and later, a passing reference to Ma’s death as well). In fact, Chapter Two recounts most of the events that serve as stumbling blocks in Adah’s way in her desire to achieve her dream of travelling to the United Kingdom. READ MORE …

Chapter 3 Summary

Next in this compilation, is a summary of Chapter Three. In Chapter Three, Adah finds herself in the United Kingdom. Our heroine in Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen is happy to have made Pa, her late father, proud. She remembers Pa at this moment and her heart sings with joy. READ MORE …

Chapter 4 Summary

On the first day of June, just about three months after her arrival in the United Kingdom, Adah, our heroine, starts her new job as a librarian at the North Finchley Library. Each morning, she boards a train at Finchley Central to go to work. READ MORE …

Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter Five of Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta recounts an incident which causes Adah unbearable pain and nearly cost her the life of Vicky, her baby son with his “small Francis mouth”. READ MORE …

Chapter 6 Summary

The title of Chapter Six of Second Class Citizen is a disturbing, “Sorry, No Coloureds”. This refers to a racist inscription on notices that advertise room vacancies in London. In effect, you cannot be accepted as a tenant in a white-owned property if you’re a coloured or black person. READ MORE…

Chapter 7 Summary

After their bitter experience with the racist white landlady in Hawley Street in Chapter Six, the Obis have been praying for a miracle that will make them get a new place to live. Second Class Citizen Chapter Seven is, therefore, about how that miracle will unfold. This chapter tells the story of Mr Noble or Pa Noble and how Adah and Francis have been lucky to find a place in Mr Noble’s house. READ MORE…

Chapter 8 Summary

Join me; let’s do a quick summary of Second Class Citizen Chapter Eight. Chapter 8 of Buchi Emecheta’s novel, Second Class Citizen is titled Role Acceptance. It is principally about the continuation of Adah’s woes in her unhappy marriage to Francis Obi. In this chapter, the narrator also recounts the events leading to the eventful birth of Bubu, Adah’s remarkable third child and second son. READ MORE…

Chapter 9 Summary

In this chapter 9 summary of Second Class Citizen, the focus is on Adah’s experiences in the maternity ward of the University College Hospital. As you go deeper into this tutorial, you will discover, later, that the happenings in this chapter serve to prepare the ground for the conflicts that unfold in the remaining chapters, culminating in the breakdown of the marriage between Adah and Francis. READ MORE

Chapter 10 Summary

Here are the highlights of Chapter 10 in these chapter by chapter summaries of Second Class Citizen.

  • Adah returns with Bubu, her newly-born baby, from the University College Hospital.
  • Francis takes up a job as a postman but complains bitterly about his troubles with it.
  • Adah decides to ignore him.
  • It is Christmas time but there is nothing for Adah and her children to celebrate.
  • Meanwhile, Vicky’s ear starts growing very large and it scares the life out of Adah. READ MORE

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Chapter 11 Summary

Second Class Citizen Chapter 11 is titled Population Control. This title of Chapter 11 of Buchi Emecheta’s novel, Second Class Citizen captures the main incident at this stage in the narrative. It is an incident surrounding the ill-fated decision Adah takes to gain personal control over her reproductive health. READ MORE

Next in our chapter by chapter summaries of Second Class Citizen is a summary of Chapter 12.

Chapter 12 Summary

This Chapter 12 summary of Second Class Citizen begins with Adah’s unsuccessful attempt to terminate her fourth pregnancy (the second upon her arrival in London, UK). It ends with a quick reference to her writing of the manuscript for her first novel, The Bride Price. This will happen in Chapter 13. You will also find further details regarding Adah’s difficult marriage to Francis Obi, her experiences at the Chalk Farm Library as well as the birth of the baby girl called Dada. READ MORE

Chapter 13 Summary

This is the last in the chapter by chapter summaries of Second Class Citizen. In Chapter 13 of Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen, Adah’s worldview of what constitutes freedom and happiness for a married woman has changed considerably. She wants more freedom for herself and cherishes the idea of being just a housewife who can write, knit clothes and take care of her children. Adah is now more conscious of her need for freedom from Francis, her abusive husband. Thus, at the end of this chapter, Adah, with lasting emotional scars, leaves behind her marriage to Francis hoping to begin a better and happier life. READ MORE

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