The Grieved Lands of Africa Quiz: Objective Test Questions and Answers

This post contains some useful quiz questions and answers on The Grieved Lands of Africa by Agostinho Neto. Find multiple-choice objective test questions that will help you to become adept at answering some of the most difficult questions based on The Grieved Lands of Africa.

You can read the full text of this poem here at Cegast Academy. If it is an analysis of The Grieved Lands of Africa that you need to be able to tackle the Literature test below, we’ve got you covered.

The Grieved Lands Quiz

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The Grieved Lands of Africa Quiz for Senior High Schools

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1. All the following words in the poem demonstrate the resilience of Africa except

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2. 'Degrading sweat' is used to evoke

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3. 'Iron and fire' evokes an image of

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4. According to the poet, what historical event in Europe negatively impacted Africa's natural resources?

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5. Other seas' refers to

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6. Which of these words best describes the African spirit as portrayed in 'The Grieved Lands of Africa'?

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7. Which of the following is alluded to in Agostinho Neto's poem 'The Grieved Lands of Africa'?

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8. 'Dreams decked with dances' is an example of

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9. The overall message the poet gives to his fellow Africans is one of

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10. The poem's title suggests that

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11. All the following describe the poet's mood except

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12. 'The Grieved Lands of Africa' moves from one opposing theme and mood to the other. What literary technique is being described here?

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13. The exploitation and degradation of Africa's natural resources is evoked by the image of

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14. What literary device is used in the expression 'The sound of life'?

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15. All the following are themes in 'The Grieved Lands of Africa' except

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16. Which of the following words is not repeated in the poem 'The Grieved Lands of Africa'?

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17. In 'The Grieved Lands of Africa', the poet appears to lay all the blame for Africa's troubles on

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18. Injustice, defiance and hope are all ... in 'The Grieved Lands of Africa'.

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19. The figure of speech used in 'because we are living/and are imperishable particles' is

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20. Antelope, baobab, forest and rivers form part of the poem's 

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