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business management in demand courses

28 Best Business Management Courses List

You will find in this post the best business management courses list which include Google Project Management, Excel Skills for Business, Financial Markets, Supply Chain Management, Introduction to Finance and Accounting, Digital Marketing and Strategic Leadership and Management. These are among the most popular business management courses on the market right now. Are you looking Read more

best IT courses in demand for beginners

50 Best IT Courses in Demand Online (for Beginners)

The best IT courses in demand for beginners include Google Data Analytics, IBM Data Science, IBM Data Science, Learn SQL Basics for Data Science, Applied Data Science with Python and Data Analysis and Visualization Foundations from IBM. Other best tech online courses for beginners are Google IT Automation with Python, Google IT Support, IBM Cybersecurity Read more

the best business English courses online

33 Best Business English Online Courses with Certificates

Are you looking for the best Business English online courses? Look no further. In this post, I will show you where to find the best Business English online courses such as English for Business and Entrepreneurship, Business English for Tech Professionals, Business English for Non-Native Speakers and the free Business English Communication Skills course offered Read more

What Are the Best Courses Under Project Management?

The best courses under project management include Google Project Management, Foundations of Project Management by Google, Engineering Project Management by Rice University, Applying Project Management in the Real World, Cloud Engineer by Google, Project Planning: Putting It All Together and Google IT Support. In this post, you will find a large collection of the best Read more

advantages of digital technology

22 Advantages of Digital Technology

The major advantages of digital technology over traditional media are automation, communication speed, better social interaction, security of data and quick access to information. The social and economic impact of digital technology can be felt from the following additional benefits of digital technology. But there are a lot more. This post is a sample essay Read more

best linkedin learning alternatives

5 Best Linkedin Learning Alternatives

Top of the list of the best Linkedin Learning alternatives are Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Alison, and Skillshare. Are you, for one reason or the other, searching for the most trusted Linkedin Learning alternatives? Then look no further. I’m about to show you a list of Linkedin Learning alternatives that have what it takes for anyone Read more

best ways to improve english vocabulary

How to Improve English Vocabulary for Adults

The steps adults can take to improve English vocabulary include listening closely to native speakers, frequent reading, using a vocabulary app, constant practice of English words and a few others. In this post, I’m going to give some useful tips that can help any adult improve their English vocabulary. It is possible to use both Read more

the best english grammar learning websites

15 Best English Grammar Learning Websites

Among the best English grammar learning websites out there are GrammarBank, Alison, FluentU, British Council, ProWritingAid, Grammar Girl and the Grammarly Blog. Today, I’m here to show you where you will find the best online grammar learning platforms. The good news is that gaining access to the lessons and quizzes on most of these online Read more

definition of politics

Top 10 Ways to Define Politics

One way to define politics is this: Politics is the characteristic blend of conflict and cooperation that can be found so often in human interaction. Pure conflict is war. Pure cooperation is true love. Politics is a mixture of both. The above is how Michael Laver, the Irish political scientist defined politics. There Are Many Read more

best online archaeology degrees

Where to Study for an Archaeology Degree Online

You can study for an archaeology degree online at Durham University, University of Oxford, University of Leicester, University of York, University of Reading and University of Glasgow. As you can see, all the universities here are based in the United Kingdom. They offer their online courses on the famous FutureLearn platform. A good number of Read more

how to pass maths by strategy

How to Pass WASSCE Core Maths by Strategy

To be able to pass WASSCE Core Maths, you must start with a burning desire, by developing a positive attitude to Maths, become a more determined Maths student, take your destiny into your own hands, make good use of WAEC Core Maths past questions, know what WASSCE Core Maths topics to focus on and associate Read more

negative impact of digital technology on society

Top 20 Disadvantages of Digital Technology

The disadvantages of digital technology include the spread of disinformation, addiction to social media, compromised personal privacy, increase in the crime rate, breaches in data security, loss of traditional lifestyle and values, development of more deadly weapons of war, loss of jobs and information overload. The above constitute just a small fraction of the negative Read more

the definition of macroeconomics

Definition of Macroeconomics – Meaning, Examples and Objectives

In this post, we shall state the definition of macroeconomics and explain its meaning. We shall also give examples and types of macroeconomics. Then we shall touch briefly on the objectives of macroeconomic policies. So let’s start it all with a brief definition of macroeconomics. What is Macroeconomics? Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that Read more

the 5 elements of plot

The 5 Elements of Plot in Literature

The 5 elements of plot in Literature are exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution or conclusion. Before I tell you what each of the above five elements of plot means in narrative writing, we need to first get a definition of plot in literature. So here comes a simple meaning of the term Read more

university of the people degree and jobs

Can You Get A Job With A UoPeople Degree?

Do you want to find out how possible it is to get a good job with a UoPeople degree or certificate? Then this article might just be what you need at this moment. After completing a degree or certificate program at the University of the People, you can choose to apply for a high profile Read more

nobel prize information facts

Information about the Nobel Prize – Facts and Figures

This post will give you, in very simple English, detailed information about the Noble Prize. The information about the Nobel Prize you will see here relates to the definition, origin, purpose, categories, worth, winners, and other relevant facts about the Nobel Prize. It is a collection of facts I’ve intentionally researched about Alfred Nobel and Read more

stop the fear of speaking English

25 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Speaking English

To be able to get rid of your fear of speaking English, you need to do the following: Identify the sources of the fear of speaking English. Speak to yourself. Find ways to calm your nerves while speaking English. Join a community of English speaking enthusiasts Start by speaking with people you are comfortable with. Read more

learning English as a second language

Top 6 Reasons to Learn English as a Second Language

Are there any compelling reasons to Learn English as a second or foreign language? I believe so. You’re asking the right question if you find yourself thinking of how to learn English as a second language. The simple truth is this. More and more people in places like China, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Spain have Read more

Why Online Learning is a Better Option

Quite a sizeable number of individuals and families have of late been asking themselves if online learning (or simply, e-learning) is a better option than the traditional formally- structured mode of acquiring today’s in-demand knowledge and skills. My guess is you’ve been considering going for online learning. Now, let’s take it that I’m right – Read more

best wassce remedial schools in ghana

5 Features of the Best WASSCE Remedial Schools (Ghana)

The best WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana or elsewhere can be identified in terms of the cost of tuition, quality of teaching staff, track record, level of integrity and discipline. Whether you wish to find a list of the best WASSCE remedial schools in Accra, Kumasi, Tema, Ashaiman, Takoradi, Cape Coast or Agona Swedru, remember Read more