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advantages and disadvantages of unwritten constitution

Advantages of the Unwritten Constitution (and Disadvantages)

The advantages of the unwritten constitution include its greater flexibility, quick decision making, improved government efficiency, currency, prevention of conflicts, ease of understanding and lower cost of creation and amendment. On the other hand, the major disadvantages of an unwritten constitution are the possibility of frequent changes, inadequate protection of minorities, ease of manipulation and Read more

advantages of a written constitution

Advantages of a Written Constitution (and Disadvantages)

The advantages of a written constitution (and its disadvantages) can be summarized as follows. Protection of minority interests It gives a sense of certainty Easy to consult and verify It is difficult to manipulate Clear separation of powers The disadvantages of a written constitution include the following. It is expensive to operate. Delays in decision Read more

political party quiz for government students

Political Party Quiz – Government

A political party quiz for high school Government students will typically include objective test questions on topics like types of party systems, objectives of political parties, and the functions and role of political parties in a state. In this online political party quiz for SHS, you will meet interesting questions that test your understanding of Read more

wassce 2000 government past questions and answers

WASSCE 2000 Government Past Questions (PDF)

The topics you will encounter in the WAEC/WASSCE 2000 Government past questions paper include the following: Forms and Types of Government Organs of Government Public Administration Elections Colonial Rule in West Africa Foreign Policy International Political Organizations Organizations In this post, I take you as far back as the year 2000. I want you to Read more

aims and objectives of oau

Top 6 Aims and Objectives of the OAU

The aims and objectives of the OAU, as outlined in the OAU Charter, were to promote the unity and solidarity of African states; coordinate and intensify their cooperation and efforts to achieve a better life for the peoples of Africa; safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Member States; rid the continent of colonisation and Read more

pros and cons of socialism essay

30 Pros and Cons of Socialism

Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons of socialism as a political and economic concept. I will move on shortly to explain each of these advantages and disadvantages of socialism. So if you’re looking for solid points to write an essay on the pros and cons of the socialist system, you have Read more

13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Delegated Legislation

Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of delegated legislation. The major advantages of delegated legislation are: It reduces the workload on parliament. Delegated legislation makes quick decision-making possible. It benefits from the expertise of civil servants and other technocrats. In emergency situations, delegated legislation comes in handy. It allows the government to Read more

delegated legislation control

Top 5 Ways to Control Delegated Legislation

The various ways a state may act to control delegated legislation can be summarized as parliamentary control, executive control, judicial control, interest group agitations, and public opinion. Inasmuch as there are very good reasons for delegated legislation, it is necessary to control legislation so that it is not abused. In this tutorial, I will teach Read more

waec government questions and answers

WAEC WASSCE 2021 Government Questions and Answers

See below the WAEC WASSCE 2021 Government questions and answers for Nov/Dec WASSCE candidates. These are all the objective questions in the WASSCE 2021 Government past question paper. The correct answer for each Government 2021 objective question is in bold lettering. Answer all questions Each question is followed four options lettered A to D. Find Read more

key features of democracy

12 Important Features of Democracy

The main features of democracy are popular participation in the political process, the rule of law, legitimacy, a multi-party system, periodic free and fair elections, representative parliament, official opposition, respect for human rights, constitutionalism, press freedom, tolerance, and accountability. In this post, I will identify the main characteristics of democracy. Do you want to know Read more

the pros and cons of democracy

Top 22 Pros and Cons of Democracy

The pros and cons of democracy respectively include prevention of dictatorship, respect for human rights, and a smooth, peaceful change of government, on the one hand, disunity, the institutionalization of corruption, the possibility of mob rule, and the slowing down of the decision-making process, on the other. In this Government tutorial, we shall discuss the Read more

the features of constitutional government

12 Features of Constitutional Government

Among the major features of constitutional government are the rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances, majority rule, popular sovereignty, protection of individual rights and liberties, accountability, frequent elections, the peaceful transfer of power, and the promotion of social and economic equality. Please note that the terms, ‘constitutional government’ and ‘constitutional democracy’ are Read more

the features of the civil service

Top 8 Features of the Civil Service

The features of the civil service include political neutrality, anonymity, permanency, bureaucracy, expertise, meritocracy, and hierarchy or classism. As an important institution of government, the Civil Service performs the task of helping politicians in the Executive arm of government to draw and implement their policies. Civil Servants are mostly professionals in their field of work. Read more

importance of the civil service in a democracy

Importance of the Civil Service in a Democratic State

The importance of the Civil Service in a democratic state is expressed in its role in national development. In every democracy, including Commonwealth countries, the Civil Service is important in the following ways. Initiate and formulate policy options for consideration by the government Advise government on its plans and programmes Undertake research for the effective Read more

civil service functions

Top 8 Functions of the Civil Service

The functions of the Civil Service in Ghana and other countries include helping the government to implement its policies, advisory role, research, national budget preparation, and ensuring continuity and stability in the government of the state. The Civil Service also performs the important role of linking the central government to the people at all times Read more

local government revenue sources in ghana

Top 9 Sources of Local Government Revenue

The main sources of local government revenue in Ghana come under three broad categories namely internally generated funds, central government grants or transfers and loans as well as other donor funds from external sources. In this Senior High School Government tutorial on the sources of local government revenue, I will show you a breakdown of Read more

improve local government revenue

12 Ways to Increase Local Government Revenue

Measures that can be taken to increase local government revenue in Ghana, Nigeria, and other West African countries include improved revenue collection procedures, public education, recruitment of qualified staff, effective supervision of revenue collectors, enhanced enforcement, better conditions of service of local government tax collectors and establishment of business ventures for profit. Are you looking Read more

features advantages and disadvantages of one party system

One-Party System – Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

The disadvantages of a one-party system include its undemocratic nature, promotion of dictatorship, political instability, inefficiency in government, and the loss of the contribution of talented citizens who hold dissenting views. In this WASSCE/SHS Government tutorial, we shall discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of a one-party system. The following are two separate past questions Read more

problems faced by local government in ghana

Top 7 Problems of Local Government in Ghana

The major problems of local government authorities in Ghana and West Africa are inadequate financial resources, shortage of skilled personnel, poor attitude to work, political interference, corruption, local apathy, and conflicts over the creation of new local authorities as well as the siting of the district capitals. I want you to take this WAEC/WASSCE/NECO question Read more

waec wassce government syllabus for shs

WAEC Government Syllabus for SHS – Download PDF

The WAEC Government syllabus for SHS contains topics that relate to both elements of Government and the political and constitutional developments in West Africa and international relations. Major topics in the WASSCE WAEC Government syllabus for SHS include the following: the meaning of and scope of Government basic concepts and principles of government organs of Read more

the advantages of the separation of powers

Top 5 Advantages of Separation of Powers

Among the advantages of separation of powers are prevention of abuse of power, ensuring judicial independence, reduction in the number of conflicts among the arms of government, and the promotion of efficiency in government. The above are some of the reasons why separation of powers is necessary for a constitution. Below are two WAEC/WASSCE Government Read more

there is separation of powers in the presidential system

Separation of Powers in the Presidential System of Government

The separation of powers in the presidential system is much clearer than it is in the parliamentary system. In the presidential system of the United States, for example, there is a distinct separation of powers in terms of institutions, functions, and personnel. Congress performs the function of law-making while the Executive is concerned with law Read more

separation of powers operate in the parliamentary system

Is there Separation of Powers in the Parliamentary System?

The separation of Powers in the parliamentary system is not as clear as it is in the presidential system of government. With that being said, we can argue that the essential elements of separation of powers such as separation in terms of institutions and the practice of checks and balances, both being an integral part Read more

importance of conventions in a constitution

Why Conventions in a Constitution Are Important

Conventions in a constitution are important because they help to keep the constitution flexible and relevant to the current needs and aspirations of the state. In this post on the importance of constitutional conventions, I will show you the points you need to answer a typical SHS/WAEC Government question on conventions. Why are conventions in Read more