11 Reasons Why There Are Many Petty Traders in West African Economies (PDF)

Find below a summary of the reasons why there are many petty traders in West African economies. You can use these points to answer any question on why many small-scale firms or businesses still exist in West Africa.

  • Inadequate capital
  • Lack of proper management skills or organizational know-how
  • Existence of mass unemployment
  • Petty trading is a ready means of supplementing very low regular incomes
  • Very small markets
  • Management is easier
  • Lack of team spirit and trust to allow for the formation of partnerships or joint-stock companies.
  • Sole proprietorships are simpler or easier to start compared to partnerships, for example.
  • The provision of direct services is more attractive to people who can’t set up businesses demanding complex products and structures.
  • Fear of taking risks makes more people settle down for smaller enterprises.
  • Petty traders in West African economies operate in local or remote areas where opportunities for business expansion and growth are limited.

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