6 Major Demands of the National Liberation Movement, NLM

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Below is your authoritative list of demands made by the National Liberation Movement (NLM) in the run-up to the attainment of political independence in Ghana.

The demands of the National Liberation Movement

1. Federal Form of Government: The N.L.M. demanded a federal form of government which meant each region should have its own government and control much of its own affairs.

However, matters concerning foreign affairs finance, defence, and some other important internal affairs could be the responsibility of the central government.

The National Liberation Movement¬† reckoned that a considerable decentralization could break the front and dominance of the Convention People’s Party (C.P.P.)

2. Higher Producer Price for Cocoa: The CPP administration failed to keep its promise to increase the producer price of cocoa during the electioneering campaign in 1954 hence this demand by the N.L.M.

3. House of Chiefs for Each Region: The National Liberation Movement demanded a House of Chiefs for each region to consider matters relating to customary law.

This demand arose as a result of the passage of the new local government reforms which sought to deprive chiefs of their traditional powers.

4. Bicameral Legislature: The National Liberation Movement advocated a bicameral legislature for Ghana as a viable means of safeguarding regional interests against “the growing dictatorship of the C.P.P.”.

5. Council of State: The N.L.M. called for the establishment of a Council of State to advise the governor on matters which were considered to be beyond party politics. An example they gave was the appointment of judges.

6. Protection of Fundamental Human Rights: The National Liberation Movement demanded that the constitution should guarantee the fundamental human rights of Ghanaians and that any amendment to the constitution should be subject to popular vote.

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