5 Achievements of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society

You are about to discover the achievements of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society (ARPS).

You can find another tutorial on the aims and objectives of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society here.

The key point in that tutorial is that the ARPS was a typical proto-nationalist movement formed by the Gold Coast intelligentsia and wealthy businessmen like John Mensah Sarbah and Jacob Wilson Sey respectively to make sure that the Crown Lands Bill of 1856 never saw the light of day.

Now here come the most important achievements of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society.

Achievements of ARPS

1. The society succeeded in compelling the British authorities to withdraw the land bill. New laws wee made that forced European land users to pay compensation to their owners.

2. it was able to earn for itself the respect and recognition of the colonial government. The British crown and the Gold Coast colonial government consulted with the ARPS on many local matters until 1925.


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3. The Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society also succeeded in conscientizing Africans to accept their own culture instead of adopting foreign ones.

4. After the withdrawal of the Lands Bill by the British, the ARPS developed a fruitful working relationship with the chiefs and the educated elite. This continued until the introduction of Indirect Rule divided them.

5. Finally, the society’s activities prepared the ground for the independence struggle in the Gold Coast as well as the rest of British West Africa.

The ARPS made its contribution in this regard by promoting educational, social and economic activities in the Gold Coast through its publications in The Gold Coast Aborigines.

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