4 Methods Pressure Groups Use to Achieve Their Objectives

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Pressure groups (also known as interest groups) adopt a variety of tactics to get what they want from their employers, public officials or the government.

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Published: July 8, 2019

Below are four measures  pressure groups can use to achieve their objectives.

1. Political appointment

Pressure groups often sponsor their sympathizers or active members to contest for public office. This is to allow them to be well represented in the corridors of power so as to be in a position to influence decisions which may affect them.

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2. Lobbying

Lobbying is another effective tool in the hands of any pressure group. They will put maximum pressure on government officials just to make them appreciate and promote their interests.

3. Civil disobedience

In addition to the above, they often resort to civil disobedience to get whatever they want. Industrial actions or sit-down strikes, demonstrations and refusal to obey a particular law or comply with a policy they consider inimical to the welfare of their members are examples of civil action at their disposal.

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4. Corrupt methods

Finally, many pressure groups do not shy away from deploying such corrupt methods as bribery and blackmail just to ensure that their targets, mostly governments, give them what they are demanding.

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