20+ Free Online Degree Courses With Certificates

The best free online degree courses for international students today include the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, and the Master of Business Administration program which ultimately gives the students a prestigious and internationally-recognized MBA. There are also undergraduate level certificate courses such as Certificate in Finance and Certificate in Accounting.

In this post, you will find a sizeable number of free online degree and certificate programs waiting for you to join at any time.

I will urge you to visit the appropriate websites to carry out the necessary due diligence. You really need to do this before taking any action on the below free online degree courses with certification.

Our main focus is on free online university degree and certificate courses coming from the University of the People, Stanford University and Udacity.

Let’s dive in.

1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is one of the free online degree courses with certificates being offered by the University of the People or UoPeople.

This is a tuition-free online degree program. It teaches students skills such as analysis of business problems and opportunities.

Students taking this course also learn more about key business functions. These include leadership and entrepreneurship, analysis and implementation of business decisions and theories.

2. Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

There is an opportunity for people to apply for this free online course with certification at the University of the People. See below some key highlights of the Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.

  • You will take a minimum of 20 courses in this free online undergraduate level program at the University of the People.
  • The course teaches students how to apply appropriate business models to decision-making situations, perform effectively in a business environment and apply ethical reasoning to all business situations.

Do you believe that you are cut out for a rewarding career in business and entrepreneurship? Then you would want to find out more about this course.

3. Certificate in Business Administration – Finance

UoPeople’s Certificate in Finance program is among its numerous Business Administration certificate programmes that will prepare you for more demanding functions within the business and finance environment.

In addition, the course gives the learner a strong foundation in the fundamentals of business, finance and investment.

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4. Certificate in Accounting

Are you looking for a short course that will equip you with university-level business administration skills in the field of accounting? Then you have come to the right place.

This free online Certificate in Accounting course is offered at the undergraduate level at UoPeople. The course focuses on helping students to achieve a better understanding of such business accounting areas as financial statements, budgets, and managerial techniques.

5. Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Are you looking to add a certificate in entrepreneurship to your resume?

International students taking this free online degree course learn to develop innovative ideas, effectively evaluate business opportunities and grow a business from scratch.

6. Certificate in Marketing

The Certificate in Marketing course is an accredited online course with the University of the People. As an undergraduate online course, the UoPeople Certificate in Marketing teaches strategic marketing practices in areas like planning, management, eCommerce, advertising and startup launch.

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7. Certificate in Strategy

This Business Administration certificate course helps students to acquire relevant skills relating to management practices within global organizations.

You can find more details relating to program requirements and the Certificate in Strategy course curriculum here.

8. Master of Business Administration

The University of the People again offers a prestigious tuition-free online MBA course for international students.

Yes, you heard me right. The UoPeople MBA is one of the few free online post-graduate degree courses out there. And you are free to study at your own convenience from any part of the globe.

Screenshot of www.uopeople.edu

Here is a quick look at some key features of this tuition-free online MBA degree course.

  • It is a one-year MBA program in management
  • Students learn skills and attitudes needed to pursue personal and professional goals.

9. Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Stanford University

This is one of the many free introductory courses from Stanford University. It is a foundational course that leads to an online degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship course promises to equip students with the skills needed to become an innovative leader

10. Bachelor of Science in Health Science

The UoPeople Bachelor of Science in Health Science is among the accredited tuition-free online degree courses at this American institution of higher education.

It is designed for persons interested in pursuing a career in health care, community organizing and education.

This free online degree program covers key topical areas in health science such as public health, nutrition, bioethics, mental health and disease prevention.

11. Associate’s Degree in Health Science

The curriculum of the Associate’s Degree in Health Science from the University of the People is interdisciplinary in scope. Students learn about a variety of topics in the field such as biology, bioethics and public health.

You can learn more about the UoPeople Associate’s Degree in Health Science.

This course is best for practising nurses, civil servants working in the health sector and other health professionals looking to upgrade their knowledge.

12. Certificate in Public Health and Health Services

Are you only interested in a free online degree course that will award you a certificate in the area of Public Health? Well, this undergraduate-level course can help you take your career to an exciting new level.

According to the admission information on the University of the People’s website, the Certificate in Public Health and Health Services course is best for anyone who aims to advance their career in hospital administration.

So if you are a practising health sector professional wishing to acquire additional knowledge and skills in your field, you will benefit from this course. Enrol to learn more about public health, research, public policy and community health.

13. Certificate in Human Biology

Here are the key topics that are covered in the Certificate in Human Biology free online course.

  • Evolution
  • Biodiversity
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Biology
  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Disease control

Remember that you will earn a certificate on your successful completion of the UoPeople Certificate in Human Biology program.

14. Certificate in Epidemiology

This course reminds me of Dr Anthony Fauci, the renowned American immunologist.

Well, it is not for me to tell if ever you will have the opportunity to learn epidemiology under Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

But I can tell you that the creators of the Certificate in Epidemiology online course for international students have the following topics in mind.

You will learn about a wide variety of infectious diseases, infection control and population health in general.

15. Certificate in Behavioural Health

You can earn a university-level certificate in behavioural health from the University of the People.

As one more example of the numerous free online degree courses offered at UoPeople, this course is for persons working in the healthcare field.

The course is suitable for individuals who wish to advance their careers in counselling, community health and education.

Do you have an interest in mental health treatment? Then you might want to enrol in the Certificate in Behavioural Health program.

16. Master of Education

If you are looking for a tuition-free online M. Ed degree program then you have come to the right place. The reason is simply this. It is not easy to find a free online postgraduate degree course with certification anywhere in the world.

Screenshot of www.uopeople.edu

This is why the University of the People tuition-free online Master of Education course is about the best you can have.

According to the information on their website, the UoPeople guys have been able to offer this free online master’s degree course in education by working in close collaboration with the International Baccalaureate.

Below are some additional facts about this free online Master of Education degree program.

  • The course is geared towards producing globally-minded educators.
  • Graduate students learn to cover such research areas in education as curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.
  • Students can choose their areas of specialization from either elementary/middle school education or secondary education.

17. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

If you have been looking for a tuition-free online degree-awarding institution of higher learning where you can obtain an accredited certificate in computer science then the University of the People could just be the right fit for you.

Their Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a 40-course online degree programme. Find below the highlights of the areas of study in this free online degree programme for computer science students.

  • You will acquire valuable knowledge and skills in IT and Computer Science.
  • Students are taught the design, development and testing of operating systems from Windows, Linus and the like.
  • Other areas of computer science featured in this free online degree course are database management and programming languages such as javascript, python, PHP and so on.

18. Associate’s Degree in Computer Science

Besides the tuition-free B. Sc in Computer Science, applicants to the University of the People courses have the chance to enrol in the Associate’s Degree in Computer Science program.

The key skills to learn and develop in this free university course in computer science include the following.

  • Mathematical and Scientific Principles of Computing and Information Technology
  • Analysis of Technical Problems
  • Critical Thinking Skills in Computer Ethics

19. Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)

You can apply to begin a free online postgraduate course in Information Technology at the University of the People based in the US.

All international students are eligible to earn a master’s degree on their successful completion of the course.

The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) is among the few tuition-free online degree courses one can find anywhere in the world today.

See for yourself the major features of this Master’s degree in IT course to decide if it is the best fit for your personal and career goals.

  • Students develop skills that enable them to apply the principles of Information Technology and Computer Science to the analysis of complex computing problems.
  • The course aims to equip students with the tools necessary to analyse user needs in the development and implementation of computer-based solutions.
  • Subjects on offer include Databases, Operating Systems, and Algorithms.

Feel free to visit the course homepage to gather additional information on career prospects, program admission requirements and the course curriculum.

20. AWS Machine Learning – Udacity

The AWS Machine Learning course is offered by Udacity.

It is a free foundations course leading to the more advanced Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree.

Screenshot of www.udacity.com

21. Introduction to Python Programming – Udacity

This foundation tech course is for persons interested in taking a college-level computer programming course.

Typically, the Introduction to Python Programming course at Udacity will help the learner to solve practical problems with the programming language known as Python.

Moreover, the course sets the student on the journey to becoming a professional data analyst.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to start a tuition-free online college degree course in education, business administration, health science or computer science, this post should give you an idea about where to begin.

Note that education, in general, is expensive. Worse still, the traditional universities and colleges offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses are charging fees that only a few of the world’s student population can afford.

I guess this is why you are looking for a way out. You want to get the opportunity to obtain the certificate of your dreams without having to break the bank in order to do so.

Go ahead and check out the above free online degree courses. Chances are that you will find what best suits your personal and professional goals.

Did you find this information helpful? Then share it on your favourite social media platform for the benefit of others you care about. Thank you!

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