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Please note that you must read the passage before choosing the answers you believe are correct. Also, when you’re through with the test, take some time to study the nature of the correct answers. This should help you not to repeat any mistakes in your next English Language Summary test.

Remember also that a correct summary answer is one that is based solely on what is in the passage. Avoid introducing your own thoughts or opinions that are extraneous to the subject matter of the passage before you.

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Created by Ralph Nyadzi

WASSCE English Language

Short Summary Test with Certificate for High Schools (001)


Carefully read the passage below and answer the questions on it.

Marriage, a long-standing institution, presents various advantages and disadvantages in today's society. Understanding these can help individuals make informed decisions about this important life choice.


Firstly, marriage offers emotional support and companionship. Being married means having a partner to share life's joys and challenges, providing a sense of stability and comfort. Secondly, marriage often brings financial benefits. Married couples can pool their resources, potentially enhancing their economic stability and allowing for better financial planning and security. Lastly, marriage can provide a stable environment for raising children. A committed partnership can contribute to a nurturing and structured family setting, which is beneficial for children's development and well-being.


However, marriage also has its disadvantages. One significant drawback is the potential loss of personal freedom. Being married requires compromise and collaboration, which can limit individual autonomy and the ability to make independent decisions. Another disadvantage is the possibility of marital conflict. Differences in personality, values, and goals can lead to disagreements and tension, which can be stressful and emotionally draining. Additionally, the risk of divorce is a considerable disadvantage. Divorce can be financially and emotionally taxing, affecting not only the couple but also their children and extended family.


In summary, marriage in today's society offers the benefits of emotional support, financial stability, and a conducive environment for raising children. Conversely, it can also lead to the loss of personal freedom, marital conflict, and the potential for divorce. Balancing these advantages and disadvantages is crucial for individuals considering marriage, as it is a significant commitment with long-lasting implications.

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1. In two sentences, one for each, state two disadvantages of marriage.

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2. In three sentences, one for each, state the three advantages of marriage according to the writer.

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