Top 16 Journalism Master’s Programs for International Students

Among universities that offer the top journalism master’s programs for international students are the University of Oxford, Columbia University, Cardiff University and University of Queensland.

This post contains an expanded list of some of the best journalism master’s programs for international students. So if you’ve been searching for top journalism master’s programs to study as an international student you will soon have some excellent options to choose from

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Factors to Consider

Before you choose a particular journalism master’s program, you should consider the following.

  • your career goals
  • whether you prefer a more academic or practical approach
  • your budget.
  • available scholarship opportunities for international students.

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Top Journalism Master’s Degree Programs

With that out of the way, let’s have a quick look at the universities that admit international students to pursue top journalism master’s programs.

1. Columbia University- Graduate School of Journalism (New York, USA)

Columbia’s journalism program has a rigorous curriculum and strong industry connections. It offers various specializations, including data journalism and investigative reporting.

2. University of Oxford – Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (Oxford, UK)

Oxford’s program is academically oriented and focuses on the study of journalism. It’s a great choice for those interested in the academic aspects of journalism.

3. University of Hong Kong – Journalism and Media Studies Centre (Hong Kong, China)

This program provides a unique perspective on journalism, focusing on the Asian media landscape and its global implications.

4. University of Sydney – Master of Journalism (Sydney, Australia)

This program has a solid reputation for its practical approach to journalism, emphasizing hands-on experience and real-world journalism skills.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – MSc Media and Communications (London, UK)

LSE’s program offers a comprehensive study of media and communications. This can be particularly appealing if you have a passion for the societal and cultural aspects of journalism.

6. City, University of London – MA Journalism (London, UK)

City University’s journalism program is highly regarded and offers a range of specializations, including international journalism and investigative journalism.

7. University of California, Berkeley – Graduate School of Journalism (Berkeley, USA)

Known for its innovation and commitment to investigative reporting, UC Berkeley’s program offers a diverse range of courses.

8. Northwestern University – Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications (Evanston, USA)

Medill offers various master’s programs, including one in journalism, and is highly regarded for its hands-on approach and strong alumni network.

9. University of Melbourne – Master of Journalism (Melbourne, Australia)

This program focuses on producing multimedia journalists and emphasizes storytelling across different media platforms.

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10. Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille (ESJ Lille) (Lille, France)

If you’re interested in a European perspective on journalism, ESJ Lille is one of the leading journalism schools in France.

11. Cardiff University – MA Journalism (Cardiff, UK)

Cardiff’s program is known for its emphasis on practical skills and preparing students for the realities of modern journalism.

12. University of Amsterdam – Master’s in Journalism and Media (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

This program provides a broad perspective on journalism and media studies with a strong emphasis on research.

13. University of Toronto – Master of Journalism (Toronto, Canada)

This program offers a Canadian perspective on journalism and allows you to explore various forms of media.

14. Hong Kong Baptist University – Master of Social Sciences in Communication (Hong Kong, China)

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of communication and journalism in the Asian context.

15. University of Queensland – Master of Communication (Journalism) (Brisbane, Australia)

This program focuses on journalism skills and multimedia storytelling.

16. Stockholm University – Master’s in Journalism (Stockholm, Sweden)

Stockholm University offers a journalism program that combines practical training with a critical understanding of media.


Now you know the top universities in the world where you can choose to study your journalism master’s program.

Whether you are a local or an international student, remember to thoroughly research each program to find the one that aligns best with your career goals and interests.

Also, consider factors such as location, cost, and available resources when making your decision.

Trust me, your dedication to lifelong learning and passion for self-improvement will serve as valuable assets during your master’s in journalism studies at any one of these top universities.

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