33 Examples of the Adjectival Clause

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I am about to give you lots of examples of the adjectival clause.

But before I do that, let me show you a summary of the characteristics of what qualifies to be called an adjectival clause.

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First, an adjectival clause, like other types of subordinate clauses, is usually a group of words.

Secondly, any time a group of words is qualifying a noun/noun phrase/noun clause then it must be an adjectival clause.

Finally, a group of words that begins with any of the following relative pronouns could be a good example of the adjectival clause.





that (provided that it is replaceable by who/which/whom in the sentence in question)

Examples of the adjectival clause

You can now have your examples of the adjectival clause. Note that I use every one of them in a sentence. The adjectival clause is what appears in bold lettering.

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I want to group them according to the subordinating conjunctions that introduce them.


  • The people who lived here were fishermen.
  • Joyce is the girl who came first in the test.
  • Worshipers who left early never met the priest.
  • Bloggers who do not quit easily are the ones who eventually succeed.
  • Tell the women who brought her home I appreciate their kind gesture.
  • Do you know anything about those who staged the demonstration?
  • I warned her to be wary of any man who promised her heaven and earth.
  • You must report the student who stole your book to the authorities.


  • This is the little girl whom you spoke about.
  • They are the only friends whom I can trust.
  • Uche is the name of the gentleman whom she met in Port Harcourt.
  • Olu Jacobs is the actor whom we all admire.
  • Kamara definitely knows the trader whom he bought the goods from.


  • That is the same computer which I used several years ago.
  • The incident which led to Baby T’s death is shrouded in mystery.
  • He wants to live in a city which has a very low crime rate.
  • Is that not the book which I gave you?
  • There are rivers which date back to Mesopotamian times.
  • The few flowers which once decorated the compound have all disappeared .
  • It killed any other animal which came its way.
  • Let me see the question which is giving you so much trouble.


  • Appiah is the boy whose feet got burnt.
  • Ministers whose views clashed with the president’s have all resigned.
  • Ghana is the country whose citizens are not allowed to have a PayPal account.
  • These are the girls whose parents have been missing.

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  • The people that lived in darkness have found a great light.
  • She is my sister that I mentioned to you on several occasions.
  • Here is the cat that ate all the fish.
  • Show me the place that is more dangerous than this town.
  • You are the person that we’ve been looking for.


In this case, the relative pronoun is absent but implied. You can introduce which, whom or that into the examples below.

  • She followed the woman I came with. (She followed the woman WHOM I came with.)
  • I can name the food you ate this afternoon. ( I can name the food WHICH/THAT you ate this afternoon.)
  • Kofi can’t find the pencil we gave him. (Kofi can’t find the pencil WHICH/THAT we gave him. )

Don’t be shy. Give us one example of the adjectival clause in the comment field below.

Thank you.


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