The Leader and The Led Quiz: Objective Test Questions and Answers

One effective way to prepare sufficiently for an objective test or essay question on Niyi Osundare’s poem The Leader and the Led is to take a short quiz on the poem as often as you can. This is why I believe that The Leader and the Led quiz here is a treasure you cannot afford to ignore.

You can find a quiz on Raider of the Treasure Trove by Lade Wosornu here at Cegast Academy.

The same goes for other WAEC/WASSCE prescribed African poems for 2021-2025:

Black Woman by Leopold Senghor

Song of the Women of My Land

The Grieved Lands of Africa

We also have objective test multiple choice questions and answers based on the prescribed WAEC/WASSCE African Poetry syllabus for Elective Literature-in-English candidates.

Find crucial question topics on the overall subject matter of The Leader and the Led, its themes and poetic devices.

Let me know your thoughts about this poetry quiz and any others you recently took at Cegast Academy.

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Created by Ralph Nyadzi

WASSCE Literature

The Leader and The Led Quiz for Senior High Schools

Choose the most suitable answer to each question.

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1. Leadership crisis in Africa is .... in Niyi Osundare's 'The Leader and The Led'.

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2. 'The Leader and The Led' falls under

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3. Which leadership contestant do the animals fear might be a tyrant if given the chance to lead?


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4. Tough like a tiger, compassionate like a doe,

Transparent like a river, mysterious like a lake

Three literary devices used in the above lines are


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5. All the following are narrative elements in 'The Leader and The Led' except

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6. 'The Leader and The Led' bemoans failure on the part of Africans to

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7. All the following are political concepts and practices highlighted in the poem except

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8. The Forest Sage criticizes the contestants for their

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9. The Warthog failed in its bid to become the next leader because of its

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10. What disqualifies the giraffe in its claim to the leadership position?

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