Free Machine Learning Course with Certificate on Alison

Today, I will introduce to you the free Machine Learning Course with a certificate on Alison.

This free online certificate course is about Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence.

In this post, I will briefly give you a brief course description and other necessary details about this online certificate course from Alison.

I trust that by the time you get to the end of this course overview, you will be in a better position to decide if this is the course you would love to take for an accredited online certificate.

Let’s get started.

Course Overview

Here comes an overview of the essential features of Alison’s free machine learning certificate course.


The Alison Free Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence course begins with an explanation of the ideas that have influenced the growth of artificial intelligence over the years.

Find the key learning points in Alison’s free online Machine Learning course below.

  • Learn about the definition of artificial intelligence and the different dimensions of artificial intelligence.
  • Discover the differences between artificial intelligence, programming and general computational paradigms.
  • Learn about production systems and how they capture the essence of artificial intelligence systems.
  • Discover the meaning and types of different search techniques used in solving problems.

Additional topics in the Alison free online Machine Learning course are:

  • how heuristic functions are formulated.
  • the integral role games play in the development of artificial intelligence.
  • how knowledge representation in reasoning forms the backbone of any intelligent behaviour through computational means.
  • resolution as an important rule of inference used in well-formed formulas in knowledge representations. planning in its abstract form, and how it can be used in problem solving.
  • how machine learning addresses the fundamental question of how to build computer programs that could learn automatically from experience.

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Prerequisites: Free Machine Learning with a Certificate

To enrol and study the Alison Free Online Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence and qualify for a certificate, you will need good knowledge and ability in programming.

Best for Beginners

It is a free online certificate course that teaches the fundamentals of Machine Learning.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes you must expect from the course include the following. Remember that they are actionable study objectives that Alison expects students to achieve.

  • Define artificial intelligence with its different dimensions.
  • Describe how heuristics could be formulated for a stated problem.
  • Differentiate between human and artificial intelligent behaviour
  • Explain the relationship between data, information and knowledge.
  • Explain how situation calculus is used in solving complex problems.

Final Thoughts

Alison has several other Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence courses. And remember that the courses on Alison are free to study.

So what are you waiting for? You can visit the dedicated page for this course and enrol to start learning immediately.

Just make sure that you look closely to find answers to any remaining questions on your mind before making any commitments.

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