15 Free Certificate Courses by Google to Advance Your Career

Free certificate courses by Google you can study online are Google IT Support Professional Certificate, Google IT Automation with Python, Google Android Developer and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineering. These are all IT professional certificate courses that many students, graduates and workers are taking to develop themselves and advance their career prospects.

In this post, I will show you the in-demand Google certification courses that you can enrol in and study for free.

So if you are looking for free Google courses that come with accredited certificates then you are in the right place.

Without wasting much time, let’s have the ultimate list of free certificate courses by Google.

1. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

For a Google certification course for students and workers alike, try the Google IT Support Professional Certificate course.

This program introduces learners to essential IT support skills, including troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, and security.

2. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

This course teaches learners how to use Python to automate common IT tasks, such as network configurations, system administration, and data manipulation.

3. Google Project Management Professional

One of the best known free certificate courses by Google is the Google Project Management Professional course.

This program provides learners with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage projects, including project planning, execution, and team collaboration.

4. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

You can enrol in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate course if you desire to pursue a career in data analytics.

The course explores the foundations of data analytics. Topics taught in this course include data visualization, querying with SQL, data analysis, and data-driven decision-making.

5. UX Design Professional Certificate

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Are you looking to learn and become a professional in UX design? Then check out Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate course.

The course focuses on user experience (UX) design principles and practices, including user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

6. Google Android Developer Professional Certificate

With the Google Android Developer Professional Certificate course, you will learn the skills necessary to develop Android applications.

The course covers topics like Java programming, app creation, and debugging.

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7. Google Cloud Engineering Professional Certificate

Google offers free certificate courses in cloud engineering. And the Google Cloud Engineering Professional Certificate course is one of the most exciting Google certification courses out there.

The course gives an introduction to cloud computing and covers key concepts related to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) such as infrastructure deployment, data storage, and application development.

8. Google IT Automation with PowerShell Professional Certificate

This course focuses on automating IT tasks using PowerShell.

Topics covered include scripting fundamentals, automation workflows, and troubleshooting techniques.

9. Google IT Security Professional Certificate

Are you concerned about security issues in the emerging digital economy? Would you love to acquire the skills that will allow you to contribute to improving security in cyberspace?

Then check out Google IT Security Professional Certificate course.

This program teaches the fundamentals of IT security, including network security, operating system security, and incident response.

10. Google Career Certificates for Data Analysts, Project Managers, and UX Designers:

This one is a combination of three free Google courses. They are career-focused Google certification courses that provide in-depth training and preparation for specific roles in IT.

It covers the fields of data analytics, project management, and user experience design.

11. Google Cloud Digital Leader

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The Google Cloud Digital Leader course introduces learners to the basics of cloud computing and its transformative impact on businesses and industries.

12. Google Cloud Core Infrastructure

Google Cloud Core Infrastructure is another popular IT course among students who wish to study one of the top free certificate courses by Google.

This course covers the foundational concepts of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including virtual machines, storage, and network infrastructure.

13. Google Cloud AI Professional Certificate

This program teaches the practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the cloud.

Key topics covered in the Google Cloud AI Professional Certificate course include ML models, data pipelines, and AI solutions.

14. Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineering

Another free Google certification course is Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineering.

This course provides hands-on experience in building, training, and deploying machine learning models on the Google Cloud Platform.

15. Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer

Finally, let’s touch on the Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer.

This program focuses on designing, implementing, and managing secure and efficient collaboration solutions using GCP tools like Google Workspace and Google Meet.

Wrapping up

Technological advancement is taking our world by storm. The rapid increase in the development and use of machine learning and artificial intelligence has created amazing opportunities for career-focused individuals like you.

Additionally, a basic knowledge of digital marketing strategies has become a must for students and job seekers.

This is why I believe that you have made a smart choice to study at least one of the many free IT certificate courses by Google.

The above assembly of free Google courses should help you do just that.

However, bear in mind that the course descriptions are just a brief overview of each course. I strongly advise that you visit the official Google Career Certificates website or the Coursera online learning platform for more detailed information about course content, requirements, and enrollment.

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