Quiz on The Song of the Women of My Land

This quiz on The Song of the Women of My Land is meant for teachers and students of African Poetry.

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The questions are designed to help you test yourself on such aspects of the poem as poetic techniques, themes and tone.

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Song of the Women of My Land Quiz

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Created by Ralph Nyadzi

WASSCE Literature

Song of the Women of My Land Quiz for Senior High Schools

Choose the most suitable answer from the alternatives given under each question.

The number of attempts remaining is 3

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1. Put together, the words epoch, antiquity, today and now help in the development of

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2. 'Song of the Women of My Land' recalls both the anguish and ... of the forgotten women.

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3. 'They sang in the forlorn fields.' What literary device is used here?

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4. What figure of speech is found in 'a song that now roams the land'?

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5. Which of the following is not a function of the songs the women sang?

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6. 'Stripped of lyrics, like a scorned ghost' is an example of

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7. The stuttering lips of my pen

And the screeching voice of my rib

What three literary devices are present in the lines above?

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8. Which of these words used in the poem is not an example of onomatopoeia?

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9. 'Time chisels away bits of their memory' is an example of

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10. Of what nationality is Farouk Oumar Sesay, the poet?

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11. Who laboured and died, leaving a dying song

The dirge of their lives

The above extract conveys the theme of


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12. Going by its subject matter, which of the following best describes the poet?

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13. 'Song of the Women of My Land' explores a subject that is

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14. Which sound device has the poet employed in 'The tune turning the tenor of my voice'?

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15. The phrase 'theatre of toil'  evokes an image of

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16. All the following are major themes in 'Song of the Women of My Land' except

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17. The poet celebrates the women of the land for their

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18. Despite the many challenges they faced, the women of the land ...

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19. All the following describe the poet's mood except

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20. Which of these has contributed to the forgotten memory of the women in 'Song of the Women of My Land'?

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