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A typical gender equality debate speech usually addresses the motion as to whether women can ever be equal to men. This post will show you a sample essay that you can study closely so as to write your best gender equality debate essay. Here comes one gender equality debate speech essay topic that is quite common among senior high school students and teachers. Actually, it is a WAEC/WASSCE English Language past question.

You are the main speaker in a debate on the topic “Women can never be equal to men” write your speech for or against the motion.

In this essay about gender equality, you will discover the essential points that will assist you to write your own male vs female type of debate essay. In fact, it is possible to adapt this speech for an essay on gender discrimination in society.

So if all you are searching for are gender equality debate points then you are at the right place. Because, in this other post, you will find both the pros and cons points for writing an argumentative essay on gender equality.

Speech Against the Motion: Women Can Never Be Equal to Men

In the debate speech, you are about to read, the speaker is against the motion that ”women can never be equal to men’.

* Please Note: All school and student names that appear in this essay and all others on this site are purely fictional. They come from the writer’s own imagination and are by no means related to any real person or place.

So here we go.


The Chair, Panel of Judges, The Headmasters of our two schools here gathered, Teachers, Colleague Debaters, Fellow Students, Ladies and Gentlemen. I deem it a great honour to be given the opportunity to speak on the motion “Women can never be equal to men”. By the way, my name is Caroline Annan and I am the lead speaker for my group that represents Methodist Girls High School here in Tema.

Gender equality refers to the situation whereby people of both male and female genders are deemed to possess equal abilities and potentialities. Thus, society allows each side to enjoy the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

The goal is to enable both male and female members of society to pursue their personal dreams and achieve as much as they can without having to deal with any form of gender-based discrimination. For that matter, the idea that women can never be equal to men seeks to assume that for some reason, women do not have the same capabilities as men. And, consequently, they can never reach the levels of achievement that their male counterparts attain in the various fields of human endeavour.

To my view, ladies and gentlemen, nothing can be farther from the truth than this. With this, my colleagues and I stand firmly against the motion.

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Body of Gender Equality Debate Speech Essay

The Chair, it was only during the Stone Age that people believed that a woman’s office was the kitchen. And that belief served as a hindrance to a woman’s quest to become what she was capable of becoming. Not anymore. In this modern era, women are given the go-ahead to showcase their capabilities. And it is in view of this that the whole world has come to the realization that, indeed, what a man can do, a woman can also do.

Achievements in Formal Education

Ladies and Gentlemen, female students have proven time and again that if they are given equal educational opportunities they can match their male counterparts boot for boot. Therefore, it is disingenuous for our opponents to argue that the brain of a woman is more suited for domestic knowledge than for book knowledge. My opponent knows this bitter truth that in our schools, female students have often excelled in the same academic work that their male counterparts struggle to cope with.

It is sad to note that in many African countries, parents and governments do not pay much attention to girl-child education. This is borne out of misconceptions about what girls are capable of doing. And it is the only factor accounting for the seeming low achievement among the female population. Give our girls equal educational opportunities and you will be surprised at the results.

National programmes that promote the education of girls like CAMFeD in Ghana have unearthed a lot of brilliant girls in our schools. A cursory look at our system will show that women have been able to rub shoulders with males each time they are given equal opportunities. Just recently, the brilliant performance of Francisca Lamini, a female student of Ketasco became the talk of the nation.

Looking further afield, you can see our very own Prof. Jane Naana  Opoku Agyeman, the former minister of education. She is a clear definition of women who can boast not only of domestic knowledge but of formal education too.

Leadership Role

The Chair, not only have women shown that they have what it takes to compete on the same level with men in the field of formal education. Women have equally demonstrated their ability to function as family heads whenever the need arises.

Unfortunately, many are those who erroneously hold the view that a man is always the head of the family. Let’s consider a very simple question. Haven’t we seen female parents who single-handedly look after their children till they become responsible adult members of society? The answer is certainly yes. A whole lot of them. If so, then the notion that women can never be equal to men is terribly flawed. I want to make it clear that women can also be family heads. In fact, they are capable of playing their traditional roles alongside those of the male gender.

Physical Strength and Courage

Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen, in terms of physical strength and courage, men are in no way superior to women. A moment ago, our opponents claimed that the female gender was physically weaker than their male counterparts. They argued that for that reason, women would not be able to fit into some jobs. What a misleading argument!

If this was so, then how come Yaa Asantewaa, the legendary queen mother of Ejisu was able to lead able-bodied Asante male soldiers into battle against the British? So you see, this myth about women being the weaker vessel was broken a long time ago.

Today, we have female soldiers, pilots, contractors, engineers, and a whole lot more. Examples are Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani-Afenu, the first female Brigadier General of the Ghana Armed Forces, and Melody Millicent Danquah, the first Ghanaian female pilot. How pleasant!


The Chair, Panel of Judges, Ladies and Gentlemen, to sum it all up, women can be equal to men in every aspect of life. Throughout human history, women have consistently proven that they are equal to the task each time they get the opportunity. From academic brilliance to leadership roles and the sheer display of courage, women have done what men can do. In fact, they have sometimes done even more.

The unparalleled exploits of illustrious women like Sandra Mason, the President of Barbados, Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Kamara Harris, Vice President of the United States, Her Ladyship Georgina Theodora Wood, former Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana, and many other prominent females cannot be easily swept under the carpet.

As you all can see, the evidence is clear. I, therefore, insist on my stance against the motion that “Women can never be equal to men”.Thank you.

Final Thoughts

Take the above gender equality debate speech essay and adapt it to your special needs. Remember that it is possible to use the points against the motion ‘women can never be equal to men’ in an article for publication in a newspaper.

Finally, where the question demands that your essay adheres to a particular word count, all you need to do is this. Edit and remove material you consider unnecessary. Do you need assistance to improve your essay writing skills? You can always use the contact form to send us a message.

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