Academic English Writing Specialization Course (Coursera)

Academic English Writing Specialization is your type of English learning course if you wish to learn how to write English for educational purposes at the university level.

This Academic English course comes from Coursera and is available to anyone to study 100 per cent online.

Key Course Details

Here are some exciting features of this English for Academic Purposes course that might interest you.

5-Course Series

There are five courses available in the Coursera Academic English Writing Specialization namely:

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Getting Started with Essay Writing
  • Advanced Writing
  • Introduction to Research for Essay Writing
  • Project: Writing a Research Paper

Accredited and Recognized

This online course is being offered on the Coursera online learning platform by the University of California, Irvine.

You will obtain a shareable certificate that you can display on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

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Beginner Level

You need no previous experience to enrol in this course. This means that it is available for you to start on any day.

Flexible Study Schedule

There is no strict study schedule waiting for you to comply with. You are free to work at your own pace during your entire study period.

Course Duration

Typically, the Coursera Academic English Writing Specialization course takes 2 months to complete. That is if you can study for 10 hours every week.

Check out additional details.

I will urge you to visit the course page on the Coursera website for other details concerning this course. You can learn more about the availability of financial aid, course instructors and the 7-day free trial.

Final Words

This course is best for people who wish to prepare fully for writing English for academic purposes at the college level.

So whether you are just about to enter university or you are a student getting ready to write a research paper, the Coursera Academic English Writing Specialization should give you the skills you need to stay on top of your college studies.

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