Top 5 Online German Language Courses for Beginners (Free)

Basic German Language Skills, Beginner German 101 and German Language 104 are three of the most popular online German Language courses that are offered for free on Alison’s online learning platform.

Alison’s free online German Language courses, just like most other courses on the platform, are designed with the interest of complete beginners in mind.

So if you are someone interested in learning the German language from scratch, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

In this post, I will highlight the major features of online German language courses on Alison. At the end of it all, I will encourage you to visit the Alison website and check out the details of these free German language courses.

Don’t forget that the majority of the courses are beginner-friendly.

The duration of each course is somewhere between three and five hours.

You will be the proud owner of a CPD-accredited certificate on your successful completion of a course.

Are you ready? Let’s get it done.

1. Beginner German 101

Here are a few things anyone looking to study the German language as a beginner need to bear in mind.

Topics students learn

  • German pronouns
  • German verbs
  • Regular and irregular German verbs
  • Gender of nouns in the German language
  • Corresponding articles for German nouns
  • The structure of German sentences

Course Duration

The approximate duration for the Beginner German 101 course is between 3 and 4 hours.

2. Beginner German 102

Obviously, Beginner German 102 is a continuation of the previous Beginner German 101 online course.

Topics students learn

  • Nominative and accusative cases of adjectives
  • Reflexive Forms of Verbs in the German Language
  • The German numeral system
  • Dates and times of the day

3. Beginner German 103

Next is the Beginner German 103 course.

Topics students learn

Among the key topics that registered students learn during the course are the following.

  • The importance of German modal verbs
  • The lexis and syntax for creating tenses in the German language.
  • Indirect speech in the German language
  • Passive tenses and passive times

4. Beginner German 104

Fourth in line in our list of free German language courses online for beginners is Alison’s Beginner German 104.

Topics students learn

  • Classification of the sentence cases of the German Language
  • Question words for the four sentence cases
  • Dative verbs in the German vocabulary
  • Formulating the different aspects of the German genitive case
  • The importance of the ‘Spezielle Orte’ in the German vocabulary

5. Basic German Language Skills

With student enrolment standing well above 100,000 Basic German Language Skills is apparently one of the most popular German Language courses online for beginners.

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Topics students learn

  • Pronunciation of the various colours in German
  • How to tell the time of the day
  • How to count numbers in the German language
  • The German alphabet
  • Pronunciation of letters in the German language
  • Explaining what you like and what you don’t like in German

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these are easy-to-learn online courses that teach learners the basics of parts of speech, vocabulary and sentence construction in the German language. So if you are a language student who wants to learn more about the German language, or you are an immigrant in Germany who is looking to learn the fundamentals of communication in the German language, then I will encourage you to go take a closer look at these free certificate courses on Alison.

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