20 Best Productivity Apps for Students (Free & Paid)

The best productivity apps for students and professionals include OneNote, Todoist, Scrivener, RescueTime, Habitica and Grammarly. For student bloggers, YouTubers and Social Media Influencers, AppSumo has a large collection of both free and paid productivity tools that they can download and start using at any time.

Examples of personal productivity apps on AppSumo are Chaos Control, Sociamonials and The Content Vault.

In this post, you will find my personal selection of a few websites featuring popular productivity apps. They are tech tools that many students, professionals and organizations are already using with amazing benefits.

How Productivity Apps Can Help Students

Find below the commonest reasons and situations to use personal productivity apps either in school or for your business.

  • Essay Writing
  • Grammar Checker
  • Time Management and Deadlines
  • Homework and Assignments
  • Research
  • Math and Calculations
  • Student Blogger or Freelancer
  • Social Media Posts and Marketing

Clearly, there is so much to gain by adding a couple of apps from AppSumo, the App Store or Google Play Store to your toolkit.

It does not matter which device you are currently using. Because most of these tools are compatible with your iPhone, Android, Macbook, Windows or iPad.

Let’s get started.


Are you looking for a one-stop shop for the best productivity apps that a lot of students and professionals are currently using? Then look no further. AppSumo is a popular software distribution and marketing platform where you will find a huge collection of productivity apps to choose from.

While some of AppSumo’s apps are free to download, most of them are paid tools that come at discounted prices.

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Another interesting thing you need to know about AppSumo’s app store is that paid apps are offered for lifetime pricing. In other words, once you make your payment for the software via PayPal or a credit card, you will have it for as long as you choose.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best personal productivity apps on AppSumo for both students and professionals.

Chaos Control

If all you ever wanted is a tool that functions as your personal organizer then Chaos Control might be exactly what you need.

Chaos Control will help you to manage your goals, to-do lists and tasks in your business and personal life.

UPDF – PDF Editor All Platforms

UPDF is a productivity software that allows you to edit, annotate, convert and organize PDF files with OCR. It is compatible with Android, MacOS, Windows and iOS.

Price: $39/lifetime

You will find additional information about UPDF here.

Goose VPN

Sometimes all you want is to be able to browse the internet anonymously while protecting your data. Whether you are looking for information for your next homework or research paper, Goose VPN can come in handy as your dedicated internet protective shield.

Price: $19/lifetime

You can learn more about Goose VPN here.


These days, a growing number of students are leveraging social media for both personal and business purposes. If you are one of those students who find time to make your presence felt on social media platforms then the Sociamonials app is a tool to consider adding to your toolkit.

You can use Sociamonials for automated postings, viral giveaways, and advanced metrics.

Price: $69/lifetime

The Content Vault

Are you a student blogger, YouTuber or Social Media Influencer? Would you love to create content faster on your website or social media platform and scale it for the right results? One tool that can give you value for money and see you achieve the best ROI is The Content Vault.

I have read only positive reviews about this app on the AppSumo website. And this is why I want you to go take a look.



You will find an expansive description of some of the best free productivity apps for students on CollegeInfoGeek.com.

One reason I have chosen to cite Ransom Patterson’s post, 25+ Best Productivity Apps in this collection is that the website is laser-focused on helping students obtain the best most up-to-date tech info they can ever get. Thus, it is easier to trust and verify what he says about students, educational apps and productivity.

Please note that you don’t need to be a student to download these apps. Because they are equally useful for anyone who wants to integrate productivity software into their task management systems.

So let’s have a quick look at my selection of the best free productivity apps for students here.


Take simple easy steps to create and organize your tasks for lectures, homework or research covering any period of time.


TickTick is not too different from Todoist in terms of functionality. However, you can use it as a calendar and personal habit tracker tool.


Consider settling down with Scrivener if all you want is a seriously effective writing tool. For students, bloggers and other writers who must produce long-form content, Scrivener is a popular choice.


Another free personal productivity app best for students and professionals alike is OneNote. It functions in the same way as both Evernote and TickTick. Still, you will find OneNote quite useful if you already use other productivity tools like Office 365 and OneDrive.


Avoid spending too much time crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s in your essays, notes and homework by making Grammarly your writing companion.

The free version of Grammarly will help you to write better by giving you alerts regarding tense, concord, punctuation and spelling in real-time.

There are more awesome features to access when you register with Grammarly Premium.


You will find on the MakeUseOf website the full description and videos covering some really cool productivity apps for students to download for free.

Let’s have a quick list of my own selection of the best free productivity apps for students to download. These are amazing personal productivity apps that anyone in education or business will find quite useful.

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It is a habit-building app to help you turn the actions you need to perform to achieve your personal productivity goals into a daily habit. With Habitica, it becomes a lot easier to plan and execute your personal productivity goals as a student or entrepreneur.


Slite is a fast and easy-to-use note-taking app that makes your life easier. It is an app that will be useful to not only students but also to entrepreneurs, business executives, teachers, social media marketers content creators and the like.


Wrike is a task management app that will take your daily performance to a whole new level. Use Write to keep track of your daily tracks to assess and reorganize your daily tasks.


The Journey app is programmed to be your trusted happiness trainer. It takes you on a journey of self-improvement by helping you create and build a journal about your life and work.


A list of the best free productivity apps for students must of necessity include Dashlane, a password management app. You will love Dashlane if you have to remember, reset and enter multiple passwords on a daily basis. Dashlane is one of those free personal productivity apps that can take the grind out of your life when it comes to managing a very large number of passwords.

Makeuseof features other interesting productivity apps for students to download on any day. Do you want to learn more about the above personal productivity apps and a lot more? Then head over to Makeuseof.com to discover more.


Here are some cool personal productivity apps I found on Grovehr.com. They are mostly freemium task management tools with Android, Mac, iOS, Web app and Windows compatibility.


For a reliable and user-friendly productivity app that helps you brainstorm ideas, take notes and organize them for higher productivity you may not have to look beyond Evernote. Trusted by many users, Evernote is a household name when it comes to choosing the best free productivity apps for students and everyone else interested in scaling performance.


With Any.do, you will be able to seamlessly create, organize and prioritize your tasks. This free productivity tool can be used with iOS, Mac and Android.


This is a free multifunctional note-taking app that gives the user enough room to plan and organize their tasks as they like. Use Notion for rich text formatting, to create and organize pages and folders and a lot more.


Use RescueTime to optimise your time management efforts. RescueTime is one of those free productivity apps that a lot of students will find extremely useful. Avoid distractions by blocking intrusive push notifications from apps and websites with RescueTime.


Speak into your phone and have Otter transcribe your words into readable text whenever the need arises. Otter is compatible with Android, iOS and Mac.

There is a lot more to learn on the Grovehr.com website about the above free productivity apps for students and professionals alike.

Wrapping it up

Remember that as a student working for the best grades, it is no longer enough to study harder. You equally need to work smarter. This approach will allow you to cope with your student workload and get the results you need. And this is why an increasing number of students and professionals are taking advantage of these feature-rich and cost-effective productivity tools.

The good news is that you don’t even need to be a tech geek to be able to make use of any one of these apps. So if you do not want to be left out, I will encourage you to find out more about your favourite personal productivity app and start using it now.

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