16 Best English Grammar Learning Websites

Among the best English grammar learning websites out there are GrammarBank, Alison, FluentU, British Council, ProWritingAid, Grammar Girl and the Grammarly Blog.

Today, I’m here to show you where you will find the best online grammar learning platforms. The good news is that gaining access to the lessons and quizzes on most of these online English grammar learning portals is completely free.

Simply visit these websites and begin to learn basic English grammar rules for free. But I’m aware some of you would prefer a paid online English Grammar course. I’ve got you covered if you are in this category. I’ve provided the names of the relevant websites at the closing stages of this post.

Are you ready to discover some of the most dependable websites that will teach you the fundamental rules of English grammar? Then let’s begin.

1. GrammarBank.com

Screenshot of www.grammarbank.com

Do not ever think that the name is just a coincidence. Because GrammarBank is truly the place where one can learn English online without getting tired. There is so much to learn about English grammar on this website.

40 Examples of Parallel Structures

90 Grammatical Name and Function Questions and Answers

The website has English learning online resources for different categories of learners. There is something for you to take away whether you are a K12 learner or a mature adult.

Other helpful resources at GrammarBank include grammar exercises, quizzes, lessons and PDF Worksheets.

2. ESL Grammar

This website looks quite simple but is packed with amazing English grammar learning resources.

Do you want to learn more about how to convert present tense verbs to their past tense forms? Have you been finding it difficult to master the proper use of irregular verbs like hit, put, begin, let, cut, fight, lead and so on?

If you would love to have enough examples of the correct use of punctuation marks, for example, then ESL Grammar is among the best English grammar learning websites to check out.

3. Grammarly Blog

Screenshot of www.grammarly.com

If you have been spending a bit of time inside the online space for some time now then you might be familiar with the Grammarly app.

Grammarly is arguably the most visible English grammar and writing software one can find on the internet. But it is not only the Grammarly app that shows you how to write good English grammar.

For a reliable English grammar learning website, I will suggest strongly that you try the Grammarly blog.

There is an article on virtually every aspect of English grammar on this website.

You will find articles that teach grammar in the most simple terms grouped into categories like grammar, punctuation and mechanics.

4. Alison English Grammar Courses (Free)

There is a free Diploma in Basic English Grammar online course at Alison. This course is a good fit for both intermediate and beginner-level learners. Obtain a diploma in basic English on your successful completion of this certificate course.

Screenshot of alison.com

You might as well want to view Fundamentals of English Grammar – FREE

More benefits to be derived from the Alison Diploma in Basic English Grammar include the following.

  • Improve your understanding of English Grammar
  • Learn to communicate effectively in English
  • Acquire the skills necessary for forming English sentences
  • Learn basic grammar rules about tense, punctuation and vocabulary.

You may start learning basic English grammar rules with this free course at any given time.

5. English Grammar Revolution

Screenshot of www.english-grammar-revolution.com

GrammarRevolution.com is one more free English grammar learning website. This website caters to the needs of both teachers and students of English grammar. To each visitor, Elizabeth O’Brien, the owner, promises to help them teach or learn English grammar the easy way.

Many parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and adult learners have testified to the great help that Grammar Revolution has given them.

With Grammar Revolution, you will learn to understand the parts of speech, phrases, and clauses. There are interactive video lessons too. These must help the learner easily follow the lessons about the basic English grammar rules.

6. British Council (Free)

The British Council’s English Learning platform remains one of the best English grammar learning websites. You will have the opportunity to learn excellent English grammar skills direct from native speakers.

How do you wish to take your English grammar lessons? There are opportunities for almost every learner. Every student at Alison has free access to text lessons as well as video grammar lessons.

Do you wish to improve your English speaking? The British Council has a lot to offer all learners of English as a second language.

It does not matter what stage your proficiency level may be. You will benefit from the various basic English grammar rules lessons from the British Council.

7. Cegast Academy (Free)

The focus of Cegast Academy is teaching and learning English for Academic purposes. For that matter, you will get much to learn about the basic rules of English.

Most of the online English learning resources at Cegast Academy are completely FREE.

English Language Audio Lessons

22 Reading Comprehension Passages, Questions and Answers

Is It You and Me or You and I?

7 Rules of Referencing and Citation in Academic Writing

Are you a student preparing for an essay writing test? Do you want to learn more about building your English vocabulary? Whatever your English language learning goals, you will find something useful to learn.

There are additional courses that will introduce you to English usage at the workplace, on global issues, in the media, and in society in general.

8. Grammar Girl (Free)

Grammar Girl provides everyone interested in learning basic English Grammar rules to do so with great fun.

Learn vocabulary, expressions, and parts of speech at any time. At Grammar Girl, there is a large collection of entertaining videos and audio to assist you to follow English grammar rules.

9. Grammarism

With over 312k English exercises and 15k tests and worksheets, Grammarism.com can help you learn and practice English grammar rules on the fly.

This English Grammar learning website is all about the actual practice of the most common grammar topics.

Here is a list of just a few of the numerous topics in learning English grammar you will find on the Grammarism website.

  1. Modal Auxiliary Verbs
  2. The use of ‘do’ vs ‘does’
  3. Future Simple
  4. Past Simple Irregular
  5. Mixed Conditionals
  6. Present Perfect Continuous

As you can see, Sammy John, the site founder is well aware of the fact that the primary source of headache for any learner of English grammar is the proper use of verb tenses. So most of the English Grammar tests and worksheets on Grammarism are about how to help you, the learner overcome these difficulties.

10. Talk English (Free)

Have you just started learning English as a second language? Maybe you are learning English as a foreign language.

Whatever the situation you’re in, the TalkEnglish grammar learning website will assist you to learn the basic rules of English grammar usage. Grammar topics you can choose to learn include the following.

  • Nouns – singular and plural
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
  • Pronouns
  • Adverbs
  • Active Voice and Passive Voice

Below are other useful English lessons at TalkEnglish.

  • English Video Lessons
  • Speaking Lessons
  • English Speaking Articles
  • Listening Lessons

11. The ProWritingAid Blog

Screenshot of prowritingaid.com

The ProWritingAid Blog has a lot to teach every learner about the basic rules of English grammar? Are you a beginner or advanced learner of English? Maybe you are a student preparing for a test.

If you are looking to improve upon your academic English writing skills, then you can try the ProWritingAid Blog. The English learning resources are completely free to access on the ProWritingAid Blog. Key English Language writing skills you will learn are:

  • Tips on how to write citations
  • Writing comparing and contrasting essays
  • Word building skills
  • How to write a perfect apology letter
  • Understanding direct and indirect objects
  • The subject and predicate in the English sentence
  • How to write the best infinitive phrases

12. Cambridge Dictionary

Here is my little secret. Cambridge dictionary has been my main source of reference as a student, teacher and blogger for so many years. I fell in love with Cambridge Dictionary in my teen and I’ve never looked back since.

Although today, for the sake of variety, I refer to other English grammar learning websites or dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster, Oxford and Collins dictionaries, I still use the Cambridge dictionary more than the others.

This is why I would urge you to add their platform to your best English grammar learning websites.

13. EngFluent

The EngFluent website promises its visitors this one thing. It will teach you at home to improve your spoken English.

You don’t need a speaking partner to begin to speak English fluently. So if you desire to take your English speaking to the next level, you can visit the EngFluent homepage right away.

14. Study.Com (Paid)

Begin to master the foundations of English grammar with the Study.com online English Grammar Rules course. This is a paid course but with a 14-day trial period.

With the Study.com English Grammar rules course, you will learn such grammar rules as the correct use of tenses, verb forms, effective sentence construction, proper use of prepositions, and a lot more.

Are you a student searching for ways to improve your academic English writing? This English Grammar Rules online course from Study.com will equip you with the skills to write effective essays and term papers.

15. FluentU (Paid)

Screenshot of www.fluentu.com

On the FluentU website, you will learn the fundamentals of English Grammar rules from authentic native speakers. The English grammar lessons at FluentU are delivered in different formats.

Trust them to give you full access to both video and audio lessons, exercises, and more. Download as many English grammar learning lessons as you wish.

16. YourDictionary

Screenshot of www.yourdictionary.com

This is the last in our list of best English grammar learning websites. In their own words, YourDictionary is ‘the world’s most powerful dictionary’.

Well, that means a lot.

With a very clean and easy-to-navigate homepage, YourDictionary is really on top of its game. Are you looking for the best English grammar learning websites to up your vocabulary game? Then you’ve got a lot to gain by adding YourDictionary to your list.

Last Words

As you can see, there are numerous English grammar learning websites where anyone can learn basic English grammar rules online. Nevertheless, you need to choose the ones that will serve your purposes best. The above English learning websites should give you the necessary grammar lessons, tips and exercises.

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