Which Book Will Make You Rich? Best 8 Books for Aspiring Millionaires

The Rich Dad Poor Dad book will make you rich. That is if you can apply the wealth-building guidelines in the book. With some luck, you stand a good chance of building real wealth with Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by your side.

But Rich Dad Poor Dad is not the only book that has made millionaires out of a lot of ordinary folk like you and me. There is a host of other equally power-packed personal finance books that can help anyone to be rich.

In this post, I will share with you some of the best get-rich books of all time. I’m speaking about the kind of make-money book that teaches the reader the secrets of the rich.

So if you are looking for a book that will make you rich then you are in the right place.

I will give you a brief summary of each of the millionaire mindset books I believe will make you or anyone rich.

Let’s dive in.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Here is all you need to know about Rich Dad, Poor Dad in order to decide if it is the kind of book you want to rely on for learning how to become rich.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a popular personal finance book written by Robert Kiyosaki.

The book discusses the differences in mindset and financial habits between the author’s two fathers: his own biological father, referred to as “Poor Dad,” and his friend’s father, referred to as “Rich Dad.”

Robert Kiyosaki shares valuable lessons he learned from both men throughout his life. For example, Poor Dad, despite being highly educated, struggles financially due to his traditional approach to money and his fear of taking risks.

In contrast, Rich Dad, a self-employed, self-made millionaire, teaches the author the importance of financial education, investing in assets that generate income, and building a mindset of wealth.

Rich Dad Poor Dad thus emphasizes the significance of financial literacy.

It encourages readers to break free from the “rat race” by adopting the principles of Rich Dad to achieve financial independence.

2. The Richest Man in Babylon

The next book on this list that can make you rich is The Richest Man in Babylon.

“The Richest Man in Babylon” is a classic personal finance book set in the ancient kingdom of Babylon. The author of The Richest Man in Babylon is George S. Clason.

Below is a brief summary of The Richest Man in Babylon.

This book presents timeless financial principles through a collection of parables and simple, easy-to-follow stories.

The narrative follows characters like Arkad, the titular richest man, who shares his secrets to accumulating wealth.

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According to the book for one to be able to make enough money, accumulate wealth and become truly rich demands that one follows the below principles.

  • Pay yourself first by saving at least 10% of your income
  • Invest your savings wisely
  • Make sure to protect your wealth through insurance
  • Then seek opportunities to grow your wealth.

The Richest Man in Babylon emphasizes the power of discipline, perseverance, and acquiring financial knowledge as keys to achieving prosperity and financial independence.

In a nutshell, The Richest Man in Babylon serves as a practical wealth-building guide. It shows, in a very simple way, how anyone, regardless of their current financial situation, can build wealth by following these timeless principles.

3. How Rich People Think

Yet another book in our collection of the best get-rich books of all time is How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold.

“How Rich People Think” explores the mindset and thought patterns of wealthy individuals. Siebold asserts that the way rich people think is vastly different from those with a scarcity mindset.

Have a look at the key takeaways from How Rich People Think. They border on the differences in the thought processes of rich people and those who struggle to accumulate significant amounts of wealth.

Rich people embrace abundance and believe in their ability to personally create wealth.

Poor people, on the other hand, tend to focus on scarcity and limitations.

Rich people value the importance of taking calculated risks, being proactive, and continually seeking opportunities for growth and investment.

The book also touches on the critical role of financial education in one’s journey to wealth and abundance.

Siebold emphasizes the importance of learning from failures.

The book teaches that surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who support and inspire success is key to becoming a millionaire.

Above all, “How Rich People Think” challenges readers to examine and adjust their mindset. People who want to be wealthy must adopt the attitudes and beliefs that can lead to greater financial success.

4. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

In many respects, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind sounds very much like How Rich People Think. But still, there is a certain uniqueness about how T. Harv Eker goes about his book that can make you rich.

Let’s have a summary of the key points raised in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

“Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker is a self-help book that delves into the psychological and behavioural patterns that separate the wealthy from the rest.

Eker argues that financial success begins with one’s mindset and beliefs about money. The book identifies specific thought patterns and limiting beliefs that hold people back from achieving wealth.

These include a fear of failure or a negative association with money.

Eker’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, also provides a blueprint for transforming one’s financial mindset by replacing negative beliefs with positive ones.

In addition, one needs to adopt the following habits and behaviours of successful individuals.

  • taking responsibility for one’s financial situation
  • setting clear goals
  • developing a strong wealth consciousness.

Thus, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” is a book that teaches money-making lessons that will make you rich. It does this by providing a roadmap for readers to rewire their thinking, and unlock their true wealth potential so as to create a life of abundance.

5. Think and Grow Rich

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is a timeless self-help book that you may not need any introduction to.

However, you can still benefit from this brief summary of the invaluable wealth-building principles in the book.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explores the mindset and principles behind achieving success and financial abundance.

Hill spent over 20 years studying the lives of successful individuals, including Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. He tried to distil their strategies into a practical guide for readers.

Here are a few takeaways from Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.

The book emphasizes the power of thoughts and beliefs in shaping one’s reality. Hill introduces the concept of the “Mastermind” as a group of like-minded individuals who collaborate and support each other’s goals.

Also, the book delves into the importance of having a burning desire, setting clear goals, and developing persistence and a positive mental attitude.

Furthermore, Hill’s book stresses the significance of taking massive action, learning from failure, and maintaining unwavering faith in one’s abilities.

Think and Grow Rich also explores the concept of the subconscious mind and the role of visualization in manifesting one’s desires.

Clearly, “Think and Grow Rich” is a book that will make you rich. But that will only happen if you view and treat it as a comprehensive guide to transforming your mindset, aligning with success, and harnessing the power of thoughts to achieve both financial wealth and personal fulfilment.

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6. The Millionaire Fastlane

Let’s now move on to The Millionaire Fastlane, yet another amazing book on making money.

“The Millionaire Fastlane” is a book written by MJ DeMarco that challenges conventional notions of wealth accumulation.

The book offers a roadmap to financial freedom in a revolutionary way.

In his book, The Millionaire Fastlane, DeMarco argues against the traditional “slow lane” approach to wealth, which relies on saving, investing, and decades of hard work. Instead, he presents the “fastlane” approach. This involves leveraging entrepreneurship, creating scalable businesses, and focusing on wealth acceleration.

The book highlights the importance of creating value for others and solving problems as the foundation for successful entrepreneurship.

DeMarco emphasizes the need to adopt a mindset that prioritizes wealth creation through innovative ideas, providing exceptional value, and building systems that generate income even while you sleep.

Ultimately, “The Millionaire Fastlane” serves as a call to action to break free from the limitations of traditional thinking about wealth creation. The author enjoins the reader to embark on a path that allows for exponential financial growth.

7. We Should All Be Millionaires

One other book that has the potential to make anyone rich is We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers.

“We Should All Be Millionaires” is a women-focused personal finance book that challenges societal norms and encourages women to pursue wealth and financial independence unapologetically.

Rodgers argues that financial success is not just about personal gain but also a means to create positive change and empowerment.

The book provides practical advice and actionable strategies for women to build wealth, such as embracing their unique skills, leveraging their strengths, and creating multiple streams of income.

Rodgers emphasizes the importance of mindset shifts, confronting limiting beliefs, and actively seeking opportunities for financial growth.

Another key point that We Should All Be Millionaires addresses is the intersectionality of wealth. The author encourages women from diverse backgrounds to embrace their worth and claim their rightful place in the world of wealth creation.

In sum, “We Should All Be Millionaires” is a rallying call for women to overcome social impediments, shatter glass ceilings, embrace abundance, and, ultimately, build their own path to financial success.

8. Miracle Morning Millionaires

Our final book that will make you and me rich is Miracle Morning Millionaires. Compared to the others we have seen so far, Miracle Morning Millionaires takes a slightly different approach to the question of how to become rich and successful.

You can now have a summary of Miracle Morning Millionaire below.

“Miracle Morning Millionaires” by Hal Elrod and David Osborn is a book that combines the power of the “Miracle Morning” routine with principles for achieving financial success.

The authors stress the importance of starting each day with a morning routine that includes activities like meditation, visualization, exercise, reading, and affirmations.

Further, the book introduces the concept of “Level 10” life. It involves setting goals and taking consistent action to improve the various aspects of life. And that, of course, includes one’s finances.

Miracle Morning Millionaires provides the below practical strategies for building wealth.

  • investing in income-producing assets
  • diversifying income streams
  • leveraging the power of compounding. It emphasizes
  • accessing financial education
  • being proactive with money management
  • adopting a mindset of abundance and wealth creation.

On the whole, “Miracle Morning Millionaires” serves as a guide to aligning personal growth practices with financial success, helping readers create a fulfilling and prosperous life.


The above book summaries give you a glimpse into the world of personal finance and wealth creation. They are among the best get-rich books of all time.

Each book explores different aspects of achieving financial success, from mindset shifts and embracing abundance to taking proactive action and cultivating a strong wealth consciousness.

They all emphasize the power of thoughts, beliefs, and daily practices in shaping one’s financial destiny. Again, they serve as guides, offering practical strategies, timeless principles, and inspiring stories to motivate readers on their journey towards financial independence and personal fulfilment.

By embracing the lessons shared within these pages, you can gain valuable insights, develop new habits, and unlock your true potential to create a life of abundance and prosperity.

So if you need a book that will make you rich, I will urge you to give at least one of them a try.

Did you find this information helpful? Then share it on your favourite social media platform for the benefit of others you care about. Thank you!

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