Self-Employed Business Examples: Top 50 Professions for the Self-Employed

Popular self-employed business examples are freelance writer, graphic designer, private tutor, event planner, blogger, Yoga instructor and dog trainer. However, these self-employed business examples are just a tiny fraction of the hundreds of small business ideas for the self-employed.

In this post, I will give you a collection of some of the most profitable self-employed job opportunities..

I trust that you will find the one for you.

So without any further ado, let’s have the list of the self-employed business idea examples you’ve been looking for.

Self-Employed Business Examples 1-20

1. Graphic designer

2 . Web developer

3. Freelance writer

4. Photographer

5. Virtual assistant

5. Social media manager

6. Translator

7. Consultant

8. Personal trainer

9. Yoga instructor

10. Life coach

11. Event planner

12. Wedding planner

13. Artist

14. Illustrator

15. Content Creator

16. Blogger

17. Copywriter

18. Marketing strategist

19. App developer

20. Video Editor

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Self-Employed Examples 21-40

21. Musician

22. Private/Home Tutor

23. Nutritionist

25. Handmade crafts seller

26. Personal chef

27. Landscape designer

28. Interior decorator

29. Personal Stylist

30. Bookkeeper

31. Car mechanic

32. Dog trainer

33. Professional organizer

34. Voice-over artist

35. Online course creator

36. SEO Specialist

37. Accountant

38. Social media influencer

39. E-commerce store owner

40. Gardener

Careers in Self-Employment 41-50

41. Massage therapist

42. Hairstylist

43. Wedding Officiant

44. Software Developer

45. Online coach

46. Travel Consultant

47. Computer repair technician

48. Financial planner

49. Wedding photographer

50. Home inspector

Final Thoughts

As I said at the beginning, there is practically no end to the self-employed business opportunities out there. All you need is to look for the kind of business idea that best suits your passion and goals.

So what are you waiting for? Go straight ahead and select the kind of self-employment business you will be happy running from day to day.

And make sure to set up your business in a way that meets all the legal requirements in your state or country.

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