Accredited English Composition Course Online (Coursera)

One dependable place to take an accredited English composition course online is Coursera. That is apart from other online learning platforms like FutureLearn and Alison where you will also find an accredited English composition course online.

In this post, I will show you where you can conveniently learn English composition online and obtain a recognized certificate on completion.

Now it is possible to learn article writing online or any other form of essay writing for both high school students and college students.

Are you looking for a reputable online English learning platform where you can study an accredited English composition course and come out with an accredited certificate? Then you need not look any further.

This English Composition 1 online course will not only give you a shareable accredited certificate. It will actually refine your essay writing skills so that you can face any composition topic in an examination with confidence.

Coursera English Composition 1

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The course creators promise to equip learners with foundation skills in essay writing as they move from high school to a university learning environment.

Here are a few benefits to derive from taking Coursera’s English Composition 1 online course.

  • Gain a foundation for college-level writing.
  • Acquire essay writing skills that are useful in any field.
  • Learn how to write effective arguments.
  • Gain a proper understanding of the essay writing process.
  • Engage with other people’s ideas.
  • Learn how to cite accurately.
  • Acquire the skills necessary for crafting powerful prose.

Who stands to gain from studying the accredited English Composition 1 course?

If your goal is to achieve any of the following objectives in a recognized English Language certification course, then this course is worth trying.

  • Gain confidence for starting and completing an English essay
  • Become more effective at crafting and developing paragraphs
  • Use good editing skills to produce high-quality English essays
  • Develop effective academic writing skills

Clearly, students in high school or those preparing to enter university should benefit immensely from this English Composition 1 course from Coursera and Duke University.

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Are you a teacher looking for ways to update your English composition teaching methods? This course could help you achieve your essay writing lesson objectives faster.

Other Details about Coursera’s English Composition 1 Course

See below for additional details about this online English composition course.

  • Enrolment is free.
  • Financial aid is available
  • 100% online
  • Sharable certificate
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 25 hours
  • Course instructor: Dr Denise Comer
  • Offered by: Duke University

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Coursera’s accredited English Composition 1 online course can help persons who struggle to learn English to become better users of English.

Remember, English language learning can be fun especially if the lessons are taught by a qualified instructor from an institution with years of experience teaching English.

This is why I would urge you to go to the course’s homepage to learn more about this English composition course.

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