50+ List of Jobs in Finance for All Graduates

Trust any list of jobs in finance and banking to include positions like Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor, Corporate Investment Analyst, Insurance Sales Agent, Internal Auditor and Stockbroker.

Did you know that regardless of the subjects you studied in high school or university, you can pursue a successful career in banking or insurance?

Today, I want to inspire you to focus your mind on your dream career. You see, a lot of people would go to school to study subjects that have been forced on them.

So these individuals come out of school thinking they have lost all hope of ever getting the kind of job that aligns with their passion and talents.

But the truth is this. Today, so many graduates have been able to enter professions that were once thought to be alien to the study of certain subjects.

Jobs in finance are not for finance graduates only.

Do not get me wrong. It is true that for graduates holding a degree in finance, it gets easier to start a career in the financial sector.

But gone are the days when one had to believe the lie that there is no way for you to become an investment banker, an economist or a financial analyst after graduating with a Literature or History degree. Because it is possible.

Too many people have already proven that you can even study biology or chemistry and later become a successful film director.

So my argument cuts across all areas of study and all types of job markets.

The job market is becoming more dynamic.

Here is a fact that might interest you if you are from a General Arts background.

Sometimes you don’t even need any additional qualifications in finance in order to work in the financial sector.

A quick example for you. Let’s assume that you studied Literature, English and the like in high school and topped it up with a university degree in Journalism, Mass Communication, Sociology or Psychology.

Did you know that it is entirely possible for you to go on and work with a bank or an insurance company? Yes, you can get a job in finance as their public relations officer, head of the customer affairs department and so on.

The truth is with such a background, you are not too far away from becoming a Customer Care Manager, for example.

You choose what you become.

The choice is entirely up to you. And what you need most to achieve such a seemingly impossible dream are creative thinking, planning, determination and a positive mindset.

Because there are opportunities out there waiting for anybody from any background to branch quickly into a career path that many would have thought was impossible.

And don’t forget, every company needs workers in departments such as security, electricity, food and IT. Are you beginning to see the possibilities now?

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What are your career goals?

Are you currently thinking about following a career path that appears to be different from what you studied in school? Maybe you are a Liberal Studies graduate.

Who knows, you could have been studying General Arts or Humanities subjects such as Geography, English, History, Literature or Government in high school.

And you still have this burning desire to work in the finance sector. All you have ever dreamt of becoming is an Auditor, Economist or Chartered Accountant.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. You can still do it.

What you need to do

One way to achieve this is to explore opportunities online for taking a course that is relevant to your dream profession.

And with courage and determination, you will soon find yourself working in the banking or insurance sector.

Beyond that, you also need to be someone who has an unquenchable thirst for continuous self-education and the willingness to learn on the job.

I am aware a lot of humanities students study Economics and even Mathematics. So that’s a good foundation for further education and a future career in the financial sector.

I have personally seen some rare individuals do this. This is why I believe you too can.

A list of finance jobs to guide you

To guide you on your path to choosing the right online course or job, I have put together a list of possible jobs in finance for graduates with any type of previous educational background.

Are you ready to discover the list of jobs in finance that graduates from both a finance background and non-finance background can access? Then keep reading.

Financial Services Careers

Let’s start with job opportunities in the financial services sector. There are relevant career-focused online courses on platforms like Alison and Coursera to prepare you for these careers.

Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance Adjuster

Customer Service Manager

Bank Teller

Asset Manager

Billing Specialist

Commercial Loan Closer

Debt Collector

Credit Repair Specialist

Crypto Trader

Equity Analyst

Financial Coach

Hedge Fund Analyst

Industrial Economist



Jobs in Accounting

Consider the below accounting jobs for both finance degree holders and graduates from other backgrounds.

Chartered Accountant

Internal Auditor

External Auditor

Cost Accountant

Finance Director

Investment Fund Manager

Public Accountant

Jobs in Banking

These banking jobs form part of the long list of jobs in finance for graduates who studied a wide variety of subjects both in high school and university.

Corporate Investment Banker

Retail Banker

Investment Analyst

Financial Adviser

Risk Manager

Financial Trader

Customer Care Manager

Financial Risk Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst

Entry-Level Jobs in Finance

Financial institutions in the US and elsewhere are keenly aware of the fact that there is talent everywhere. So they devote a lot of time to recruiting workers to fill entry-level vacancies.

Sometimes, they make them go through internships and on-the-job training programmes just to help them raise their financial IQ and become the kind of talented financial executives they are looking for.

So you do not necessarily have to obtain an MBA in Finance from Harvard University in order to get the chance to work with a bank, the stock exchange or a finance-based NGO.

Here is a list of entry-level jobs in finance for graduates from diverse backgrounds.

Junior Tax Associate

Personal Financial Advisor

Credit Analyst


Budget Analyst

Financial Planner

Insurance Claims Adjuster

Compensation and Benefits Specialist


Loan Officer

Insurance Underwriter

Personal Financial Advisor

You might also want to check out Jobted.com for more entry-level job openings in the US and around the globe.

Stock Exchange Jobs

You can start a personally fulfilling career in finance with any one of the following stock exchange jobs.

News Writer

Social Media Representative


Client Relations Specialist

Software Engineer

Data Analyst

Compliance Officer

Product Internship

Systems Engineer

Final Thoughts

It is important to know that as someone with a non-finance educational background, a key approach to getting any one of the above jobs in finance is to take self-education and lifelong learning seriously.

There is a ton of free and paid online courses in finance to start learning on any day.

However, if for some reason you change your mind about finding jobs in the financial sector, there are equally good General Arts job opportunities out there.

You might as well want to check out these Literature degree jobs.

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