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TOTAL LIFELONG LEARNING FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT is a personal development blog for anybody looking to use smart and legitimate tools to help them achieve their educational and life dreams.

WASSCE Literature/Liberal Arts/Humanities/General Arts

For our study guides, we focus on our core competencies.

We produce cutting edge WAEC Test Prep Tutorials and other information products on Senior High School/WASSCE/Post-Secondary Literature and other General Arts subjects.

Academic Achievement + Self-Improvement

The team at are committed to making academic achievement translate into a more fulfilling life for as many people as possible.

Lifelong Learning/Adult Education

The day you stop learning is the day you begin to die. The great achievers learned more after school than they did while in school. is happy to assist you emulate them.

Do you want the knowledge you acquired as a student to propel you to achieve more in real life?

Then you cannot afford to stop updating that old knowledge by learning new methods and the latest skills.

Online Education/eCourses

The nature of knowledge, the means through which it is acquired and the methods used for imparting it have all changed dramatically over the last couple of decades.

The coming of the internet has democratized knowledge acquisition.

To put it simply, the walls of the traditional classroom today are fast breaking down – faster than the walls of Jericho!

Do you want to study your dream course in the comfort of your home and acquire the necessary qualification?

Do you wish to homeschool yourself or your loved one?

Maybe you simply wish to acquire a useful life skill.

Join to  help you access the kind of virtual education that will ensure that you continue to be a relevant player in today’s gig economy.

Teacher & Parent  Resources

We devote much of our time to producing resources for the benefit of both teachers and parents who are looking for inspiration and guidance to positively impact the lives of their students and loved ones. is your trusted platform for total lifelong learning for self-improvement.

Need guidance, coaching, tutoring, an ebook or any product or service we can provide? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Education is the most effective key to personal progress. is here to assist you achieve your educational and life goals. We don’t care about your age, location or socio-economic background.

Ralph Nyadzi

Founder & Web Content Manager

I’m the main man here. I work around the clock to give you the tips and tools I believe will help you achieve more.

Study Guides
Study Guides

High quality tutorials for massive success in your exam


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Ask a Question

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