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waec wassce social studies syllabus

WAEC Social Studies Syllabus for SHS PDF

The three major topics in the WAEC Social Studies syllabus are the following. The Environment Governance, Politics and Stability Social and Economic Development. Remember that there can be only one WAEC Social Studies Syllabus. For that matter, you are likely to find the same Social Studies Syllabus for WAEC/WASSCE candidates elsewhere. The difference here is Read more

waec wassce core maths syllabus for shs

WAEC Core Maths Syllabus for SHS (PDF Free)

The WAEC Core Maths Syllabus for senior high school contains topics such as number bases, modular arithmetic, fractions, decimals and approximations, indices, logarithms, sets, surds, ratio and proportion, percentages, algebraic expressions, change of subject of a formula, quadratic equations, angles, circles, trigonometry and a lot more. The purpose of this post is to give you Read more

wassce waec geography syllabus for shs

WAEC Geography Syllabus for SHS – Download PDF

Are you looking for the WAEC Geography syllabus for SHS in PDF format to download for free? Then you’re at the right place. Today, you will have your WAEC Geography syllabus for senior high school students and teachers alike to download in PDF format. This WASSCE Geography syllabus is not only for regular senior high Read more

waec wassce government syllabus for shs

WAEC Government Syllabus for SHS – Download PDF

The WAEC Government syllabus for SHS contains topics that relate to both elements of Government and the political and constitutional developments in West Africa and international relations. Major topics in the WASSCE WAEC Government syllabus for SHS include the following: the meaning of and scope of Government basic concepts and principles of government organs of Read more

waec economics syllabus for senior high school

WAEC Economics Syllabus – Detailed Syllabus (Download PDF)

The WAEC Economics syllabus for SHS students and teachers is a game-changer for every serious WASSCE/SSCE candidate. In fact, whether you’re studying or teaching SHS 1, SHS2 or SHS3 Economics, there isn’t much you can do without this WAEC Economics syllabus. This is the reason why I want you to have the latest WAEC Economics Read more

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Syllabus for SHS PDF (CRS)

The Christian Religious Studies syllabus for SHS in Ghana contains topics from the Bible such as the sovereignty of God, parental responsibilities, leadership roles, concern for one’s nation, the call to discipleship, greed and its effects and the teachings of Jesus. These are just a handful of the various topics in the CRS syllabus for Read more

The Complete Guide to the WAEC/WASSCE History Syllabus

This post is your complete guide to the WAEC/WASSCE History Syllabus. As a student of History and a candidate in the West African Senior School Certificate examination History paper, the best resource to have is a compilation of the main WASSCE History topics. This is why I took my time to give you all the Read more

waec wassce english language syllabus for shs

WAEC WASSCE English Language Syllabus for SHS

The major parts of the WASSCE English Language syllabus are composition or essay, comprehension, summary, objective test in lexis and structure, Literature, and oral English. Have you been trying hard to find out the full details of the WAEC WASSCE English Language syllabus? Then you’ve finally made it to the right place. At Cegast Academy, Read more

waec literature books 2021 to 2025

WASSCE Literature Books for 2021 – 2025 (PDF)

This post contains the full list of the WAEC-WASSCE Literature books for 2021-2025. You will find the complete set of prescribed texts in the WASSCE Literature syllabus covering the period of 2021 – 2025. Here is the summary of the list of WASSCE Literature books for 2021 to 2025. WAEC/WASSCE African Prose books 2021 to Read more

Focus on WAEC Literature Syllabus for SHS

The WAEC Literature syllabus is for both Senior High School students and Nov/Dec WASSCE private candidates. The main focus of this post is on the major sections of the latest WAEC Literature syllabus. Typically, there are three papers for the senior high school WASSCE Literature-in-English test. Papers 1 and 3 of the WAEC/WASSCE Literature are Read more

Relevant Topics in the WASSCE History Syllabus: Paper One

Let me show you the topics in the WASSCE History syllabus for Paper 1: I’m actually referring to  the History objective Test Topics For All Candidates from The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone West Africa and the Wider World from the Earliest Times to the Year 2000 1. Historiography and Historical Skills The Read more