The Wonders of the Self-Help Miracle

Reading Time: 2 minutes Self-help, to me, is simply the act of relying more on one’s own resources – mental , physical, emotional, material and spiritual – however inadequate, to attain one’s personal goals. What Self-Help is Not When we talk of self-help, we are by no means talking of self-indulgence. Neither are we referring to the unwillingness on …

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How to Maintain Focus Despite What Others Say

Reading Time: 6 minutes I want to teach you how to maintain focus despite what others think, say or do. Through personal experience, I have learnt to characterize the kind of things other people think, say or do regarding what someone may set themselves out to achieve. Based on these, I have come up with eight kinds of people …

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15 Ultimate Self-Discipline Quotes

Reading Time: 3 minutes These self-discipline quotes have the power to put you back on track if you’ve been veering off course in your blogging career of late. Learn and apply the wisdom in the self-discipline quotes below. Begin, from today, to cultivate the art of self-mastery. What will follow when you are now in control of your emotions, …

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