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I kept asking myself these questions:

At the end of the day, which kind of individual should find it easier to achieve a more comfortable life for himself and for all those he cares about?

Shouldn’t it be the one who went to school and completed successfully?

So why is it that too many of us continue to find it difficult to attain a reasonable measure of success in real life comparable to our academic achievements?

Is academic achievement an enemy of personal fulfillment in real life?

Why can’t we go a step further, after our brilliant performance in all those school examinations, to use our knowledge to achieve such ultimate human goals as financial independence, fulfilling relationships and personal satisfaction?

Should it always be only the average student, the dropout or even the one who never stepped into the classroom that could be so skillful at creating a rewarding life for themselves and so much value for the world?

Shouldn’t it be much easier for the one who went to school to acquire knowledge to do so much with their knowledge to achieve such great feats too?

Why do many “educated” people’s stories appear to suggest that the only method to wealth and achievement they learnt in school is white-collar crime?

Why do many “scholars” have little regard for a life of integrity?

For how long should we allow our academic achievement to become a roadblock to personal and/or social advancement?

Then I found the answer:

Academic achievement is great. But great is not enough. Academic achievement must benefit both the achiever and society at large.

So academic achievement needs to be impactful.

That calls for total lifelong learning.

And  that is what gave birth to CegastAcademy.com – a place to learn to achieve academic success and to keep learning how to leverage the  learning experience so acquired to achieve those cherished life goals we all have in common.

PICTURE PROFILE 2019 CI’m here to assist you to improve your SELF.

Together, you and I will achieve this by just three methods:

  • Helping you gain new, relevant knowledge.
  • Helping you perform creditably in your examinations – Language and Literature, especially.
  • Helping you discover those same productive lifestyle ideas some rare individuals, despite serious personal disadvantages, are using right now to achieve more of what others have concluded to be “impossible”.

Trust in the power of your mind.

With the right mindset and approach, it will forever remain possible for anyone to make a significant improvement in their life – academically and in day-to-day living.

I’m here to provide you with nothing other than the right kind of information which will assist you to develop that champion mindset.

You too can be a great academic success story.

Beyond that, you too can utilize your learning experience to keep learning to make life worth living for yourself, for your community, and for those very dear to your heart.

For close to two decades now, I’ve mentored thousands of adult learners with the same study guides and self-improvement resources you will discover here and the majority are now doing just fine.

That’s my strong point; and I’m proud of it.

So, in a nutshell, my goals for you include showing you how to

  •  develop your talent and potential
  •  open your mind daily to new and higher possibilities
  •  push your boundaries of academic and  career development
  •  make your personal dreams and aspirations become a reality
  •  improve your quality of life through continuous learning .

CegastAcademy.com is prepared to give you total lifelong learning resources.

You are about to be prepared for life in the real world of the 21st century

– something the traditional school curriculum has largely failed to do so far.

Get ready to be exposed to something so amazing you cannot resist:

If Literature and books truly mirror life, then what you learn from fiction and non-fiction books must truly reflect positively in your life.

Don’t you agree?

Therefore, I’m giving you a full doze of these two.

We are turning the traditional model of learning upside down. We’re making learning and knowledge bring massive improvement in your life.

Here is my simple offer.

Mostly FREE fiction and non-fiction study guides and tutorials combined with true, tried and tested self-improvement principles from those same books which, together, promise to set you on a path to a brighter future.

Let’s do it together, because I strongly believe we can!


Ralph Nyadzi.

CEO & Site Editor