We are taking the study of Literature, English Language and other subjects in the WAEC/WASSCE/SHS Elective General Arts Syllabus to a completely different level.

There is a place for you here; no matter who you are, your age or your previous educational experience.

The choice to keep learning even after school is no longer an option.

It is a must for people interested in incremental self-improvement.

Why choose us?

Because we know two facts about you that will allow us to become part of your success story:

#1. You don’t want to be left behind.

#2. You yearn to find ways to improve your situation in life.

We make learning fun; not a chore anymore!

Imagine the Possibilities

Life becomes easier after acquiring the right knowledge, qualification and skills. You become a better person when, instead of relying on gossip and hearsay, you source your information from the most trusted and reliable sources.

Ralph NyadziFounder/CEO/Editor

I’m here to show you how to learn with today’s popular tools and methods. You will learn to better your English writing and speaking skills as a second language learner. Together, we will appreciate popular literary texts, … And I love to inspire by sharing with you both the benefits and the fun of lifelong learning!

Learning the skills that matter can be profitable!

Updating your knowledge has a way of making you smarter – prepared to face life boldly in the 21st century.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, We advise that you work hard instead, and you will get what you deserve in the examination.
Yes! We accept donations. Thank you in advance for supporting a worthy cause.
Yes, we do . This comes at a small fee.
Yes, of course! But we deal with serious individuals only.

Yes. Just give me a call or fill the contact form.