September 25, 2020

Author Q & A

Call this my author interview page and you’ll be a thousand per cent correct. Your input in the form of questions to be answered will be very much appreciated, dear reader.

So, let’s set the ball rolling.

Q. Kindly introduce yourself.

RN. Hello. I’m Ralph. You may as well call me Kofi because I’m a Friday-born male from Ghana.

Q. What should your readers and visitors expect from you?

RN. You will be entertained, informed and educated in surprising ways just by reading what I write.

Q. What factors influence your writing?

RN. Much of what I write is predictably influenced by my environment somewhere hanging between the Atlantic coast of Africa and the pitiful remains of the tropical rain forests of West Africa.

Q. What is your greatest passion?

RN. Learning. I may live for a while if I don’t eat; but I can’t live for a day without learning something new.

Q. What are your favourite sources of knowledge?

RN. First, the written text. Second, people everywhere – I mean in real life, in the media, in movies and so on. You may not even know I’m studying you or learning from you. Third, my environment. Fourth, life’s tough experiences. There’s nothing much to learn from the good life.

Q. Will you ever stop learning?

RN. Yes, of course!

Q. Really? When will that be?

RN. The day I breathe my last.

Q. What do you do with the knowledge you gain from learning?

RN. I apply it to improve myself. I also pass it on to anyone with a listening ear. Like you my awesome global audience out there. Truly, without you my life will be more miserable than it is now. Thank you for your support!

Q. How do you share what you’ve learnt?

RN. I simply put it out there. Yes. That is why I write books, publish blog articles, teach adult learners both online and offline, and coach individuals interested in some form of self-improvement.

Q. Where can we find your books to buy?

RN. Simply go to my author homepage and click on the YES BUTTON in the header. My books are easy to be purchased at most of the online ebook retail outlets. Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Scribd, 24Symbols and a lot more.

Q. Can I purchase any one of your books in PDF format direct from you? That is, without going to the online retail stores?

RN. Definitely, yes. Just click on the contact link in the menu bar and tell me what you want. Alternatively, leave a comment to that effect on my author blog.

Q. What titles have you published so far?

RN. Regrets which is fiction, The Self-Support Guide, Fast Track WASSCE Government #1, in series, and Becoming Self-Employed.

Q. Do you publish ebooks and study guides for free download?

RN. Certainly, yes. I do. I love my students and fans, both online and offline, so I give them free stuff occasionally.

Q. Where can any visitor to your site find the free downloads?

RN. The direct route is to click here. You are free to select and download whatever you want.


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