About CegastAcademy.com


Our tagline, Learning for Life, means our two equally important goals for you:

  • So long as you continue living you cannot afford to stop learning new things.
  • The more soft skills you learn, the better equipped you will be for today’s way of life.

Soft skills are what differentiates humans from robots. – Udemy.com

We help you to learn to cultivate today’s hottest in-demand soft skills


Communication Skills


Independent Learning

Digital Publishing


Small Income Management


We assist you to set yourself on the road to job and career success – whether as a self-employed small business owner or as a 9 – 5 paid worker.

For the majority of learners and/or workers, incomes (be they profits or wages) will remain insufficient for a long time to come.

We show you how to force the money you make today work for your needs for today and tomorrow; not the other way round anymore.