65 Examples of Appositive Phrases (with Definition)

The examples of appositive phrases in this tutorial are phrases that refer to the same entity the preceding noun or noun phrase refers to. In many instances, appositive phrases are noun phrases. However, expect to see some adjective phrases acting as appositives in sentences.

Again, appositive phrases tend to appear in a position just after the noun or noun phrase they qualify.

In this post on the examples of appositive phrases, I will try as much as possible to help you understand, once and for all, appositive phrases.

The examples of appositive phrases you are about to see will help clarify the definition of appositive phrases.

Let’s begin with a proper definition of an appositive phrase.

Appositive Phrase Definition

An appositive phrase is any phrase that renames, qualifies, modifies, describes, specifies or provides additional information about a noun or a noun phrase that comes before it. An appositive phrase is usually a noun phrase.

However, other grammatical forms such as adjective phrases and adverb phrases may also function as appositives.

Appositive vs Appositive Phrase

So what is the difference between an appositive and an appositive phrase? Well, technically, there is hardly any difference between an appositive and an appositive phrase.

The reason is that whether it is a single word or a group of words (phrase), so far as it renames the noun o noun phrase that precedes it in constructions like the ones you will soon discover, it is an appositive.

Nevertheless, the term, ‘phrase’ makes the appositive phrase a little bit different from your usual single noun appositive.

As you can see, the difference has to do with FORM rather than FUNCTION.

Don’t forget, though.

A single word may be regarded as a phrase under certain circumstances.

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Quick Illustration

Let me give you a quick illustration with the below examples.

APPOSITIVE: My daughter, Araba, has artistic talent.

APPOSITIVE PHRASE; Araba, my daughter, has artistic talent.

As you can see, while the appositive in the first sentence is a noun, it is a noun phrase in the second sentence.

Thus, the name ‘appositive phrase’ is generally used to describe this second FORM of the appositive.

Here are more examples to help you know the difference between a SINGLE WORD/NOUN appositive and an appositive that is a group of words or a PHRASE and therefore referred to as an APPOSITIVE PHRASE.

APPOSITIVE: Our English teacher, Henry, is a kind man.

APPOSITIVE PHRASE: Henry, our English teacher, is a kind man.

APPOSITIVE: An Australian swimming champion, Todd, made a donation to our gym.

APPOSITIVE PHRASE: Todd, an Australian swimming champion, made a donation to our gym.

For a clearer understanding of phrases, and noun phrases, in particular, you can check out this tutorial.

How to Identify an Appositive Phrase

The following characteristics of appositive phrases should help you to identify an appositive phrase in any English sentence.

Knowing these same features of appositive phrases will also make it easier for you to write your own appositive phrases.

Another way to learn how to write or identify appositive phrases is to study closely the examples of appositive phrases in this tutorial.

  • Appositive phrases are usually noun phrases.
  • The commonest position of an appositive phrase is just after the noun or the noun phrase it seeks to clarify..
  • A noun phrase may precede the positive phrase it renames. Example: My aunt, the midwife, leaves tomorrow.
  • There are two major types of appositive phrases. These are non-restrictive (non-essential) appositive phrases and restrictive (essential) appositive phrases.
  • When a non-restrictive appositive phrase occurs in the middle of a sentence, it is set off by two commas – one at its beginning and the other at its end. But when it appears at the end of a sentence, just after the noun or noun phrase it identifies, it is set off by a single comma coming in between the noun it clarifies and itself.

How do you write an appositive phrase?

I’m going to show you a simple step-by-step method with which you can write an appositive phrase all by yourself.

Step 1

Learn how to write noun phrases.

Step 2

Write as many noun phrases as you please.

Here is a giant list of examples of noun phrases to guide you.

Step 3

Using the appositive phrase examples I’ve shown you above, write your own appositive phrases with the noun phrases you have been writing down.

Step 4

Make sure your commas are placed in the right positions in each sentence you write.


Noun Phrase: our most reliable goalkeeper

Appositive Phrase: Carter, our most reliable goalkeeper, is not fit to play in the match against Brazil.


Noun Phrase: a photocopy machine manufacturer

Appositive Phrase: They buy their office equipment from Canon, a photocopy machine manufacturer.

Types of appositive phrases

The two main types of appositive phrases are non-restrictive appositive phrases and restrictive appositive phrases.

Non-Restrictive Appositive Phrase

A non-restrictive appositive phrase provides additional information (about the noun) that is not necessary for the understanding of whatever is being said.

The nonessential additional information is set off by two commas or a single comma depending on whether the appositive phrase in question appears in the middle or at the end of the sentence.

You will soon see many examples of non-restrictive appositive phrases in this post.

Restrictive Appositive Phrase

A restrictive appositive phrase, on the other hand, provides additional information (about the noun) that is critical for the full understanding of the sentence.

Typically, a restrictive appositive phrase is not set off by any commas.

There is a list of examples of restrictive appositive phrases in this post.

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Examples of Appositive Phrases

So what are appositive phrase examples? Well, you have reached the place where you can have a ton of appositive phrase examples. Here we go!

Non-Restrictive Appositive Phrase Examples

1. The construction of Less is More, my dream estate property, has finally taken off.

2. We saw Mike, the software engineer, enter the SUV car.

3. Let Mr Cooper, your personnel manager, know about this.

4. What if I tell you that Jane, my new wife, is an air hostess?

5. This is Kennedy, the insurance broker.

6. Hakeem, the medical doctor, is also a gas and oil expert.

7. Stock market prices, the best indicators of economic growth prospects, have risen significantly.

8. Did you know that Jonathan, your best friend, is my cousin?

9. I think we should talk to your brother, the only witness, for more information on this incident.

10. Would you please give me your contact, the one I lost recently, so I can call you?

11. America, the land of opportunities, is where she lives.

12. I saw Regina, my childhood friend, but I couldn’t recognize her.

13. The price of maize, the national staple, has started to rise again.

14. She studied for a degree in law, one of the most prestigious courses, at Georgetown University.

15. You need a financial advisor, someone who can tell you as it is, in order to stay out of debt.

16. Credit cards, a major feature of developed economies, are rare in Africa.

17. I intend to invest in Bitcoin, a major cryptocurrency, as a means of diversifying my investment portfolio.

18. Jennifer Lucas, their only guest at the party, was a photographer for many years.

19. When Graham comes tell him his good friend, a man from Las Vegas, came to see him.

20. Where can we find the Chemistry books, those you showed us not too long ago, to buy?

21. She plans to shop at MacDonald’s, the fast food company, during the holiday season.

22. Kevin, his only son, has travelled overseas.

23. That woman, the reason for my being here, has treated me unfairly.

24. Do not allow Abena, that little girl in your house, to follow us to the party.

25. The time I saw Patel, the cricket star, he had stopped playing.

26. Baseball, arguably the most popular sport in this country, makes a lot of money for investors.

27. Tell me more about Tecno, your favourite smartphone supplier, so I can decide.

29. I can read Cujo, Stephen King’s horror novel, a million times over without getting tired.

30. Solar power, a renewable energy source, might just save our planet.

31. Do not forget to look for Miss Harrison, the actress, when you visit Los Angeles.

32. Would you like to see Vivian, your ex-wife, or her husband?

33. He is Hannibal, the man no one dares offend.

34. I would strongly advise that you speak to Fashola, a native of Ibadan, before seeing the governor.

35. Kamara, Fatima’s youngest son, is studying for a computer science degree at university now.

36. Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is also the second largest city in Ontario.

37. How do I approach Mrs Robinson, my next-door neighbour, for assistance?

38. Investment loans, a major driver of economic growth, are in short supply right now.

39. Google Analytics Certification, an online IT course, comes from Coursera.

40. Jumia, a popular online store in Africa, sells almost every product.

Restrictive Appositive Phrase Examples

Below are more examples of appositive phrases. In this section, our focus is on restrictive appositive phrase examples.

41. Use Grammarly a writing app to increase the effectiveness of your essay.

42. WordPress a popular content management system can help you start a student blog.

43. Where is Ben my trusted friend?

44. Guglielmo Marconi an Italian inventor of the wireless radio impacted the world in many ways.

45. Aristotle an ancient Greek philosopher changed the way we think about many things.

46. Did you know that chocolate is a product of cocoa a tropical crop?

47. Neil Armstrong the US astronaut did not go to the moon with Valentina Tereshkova.

48. Self-driving cars an offshoot of AI technology are going to take the world by storm.

49. John Donne a metaphysical poet was the author of The Good Morrow.

50. Noise the cause of many health problems is not given the attention it deserves.

51. I must see Rocky the famed spy dog before I leave this country.

52. Eagle the king of birds has a lot of admirable qualities.

53. Natasha our own daughter caused all this.

54. Toronto, the most populous municipality in Canada, is the capital city of Ontario.

55. Do not forget to purchase Rosetta Stone and FluentU two language-learning software for your studies.

56. Who is Campbell the undefeated boxer going to fight next?

57. Ejike the close-fisted founder of Ejike & Sons Ltd will finally marry Charity.

58. Just Do It a popular motivational song keeps me going every day.

59. Let Miriam Robertson the woman with the golden voice sing one more song.

60. She is Halima a beautiful actress from Nollywood.

61. I never knew that Lady Boyo that despicable villain in Marriot’s novels is a man.

62. Conceit one of the less popular literary devices is not uncommon in metaphysical poetry.

63. I will analyse 1984 one of George Orwell’s best-known works when I am through with this novel.

64. Shopify and eBay two major e-commerce apps are household names around the globe.

65. Commercial property development a branch of the real estate industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts about appositive phrases in general and the examples of appositive phrases you have been reading here? What else would you like to learn about appositive phrases?

Feel free to let us know in a comment below.

Consider taking the English practice tests we have here. They can help reinforce your understanding of appositive phrases and other concepts in English grammar.

You can also listen to these English grammar audio lessons.

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