5 Great Advantages of Independent Learning

There are awesome advantages of independent learning. This is why you do not have to wait for someone to teach you all you need to know.

Just take a quick look at the below advantages of independent learning.

1. Independent learning quickens personal growth

Truly, with the coming of the internet, it is now easier to just sit in a corner somewhere and acquire life-changing skills all by yourself.

Going the extra mile to learn on your own will allow you to unearth new ideas and techniques.

In many instances, traditional school has fallen short of giving people what they need to transform their lives.

To me, this is the sure road to personal growth and development

2. Independent learning cuts down the cost of further education.

Thanks to the internet, there are lots of free online educational resources.

All you need is to access these free resources. Now, you can acquire skills and information that you would have otherwise paid for.

3. Learning independently builds self-reliance.

As you do your own research, find ways to understand difficult concepts all by yourself, set your own progress tests and sometimes mark your own work, you will at the same time be building this important trait called self-reliance.

You will be learning those vital skills that will enable you to perform many other tasks without outside help.

4. The more you know, the more respected you become.

You can easily boost your social status through independent learning.

Personally, independent learning is what made it possible for me to upgrade myself academically.

From this, I’ve been able to accomplish a number of goals in spite of my relatively poor economic background.

My simple message is that you too can use independent learning to better your circumstances, regardless of wherever you find yourself at this moment.

5. It is easier to grasp certain concepts when you learn on your own.

Let me show you how I transformed myself from someone with a phobia for Mathematics to the go-to guy when it came to mathematical problems.

While in Middle School, my teachers made life a living hell for me. It was all because of the way they went about teaching me Mathematics.

Naturally, I love reading and writing more than doing abstract number crunching.

I was becoming a truant just because I had to avoid the embarrassing low marks and the bouts of severe corporal punishment for my poor performance in Mathematics.

Then one fateful day, something happened to me.

I took the decision that I should find my own way of understanding the same mathematical concepts my teachers had obviously failed in their duty to make me understand.

I embarked on my own journey of studying Mathematics my way. My natural excellent reading abilities helped me a lot.

I discovered quickly that it was possible to grasp many mathematical concepts just by going about them the same way you go about a comprehension passage.

To cut a long story short, by the time I was getting ready to enter university, most of my colleagues thought I was going to read Mathematics.

But no, my first love has always been Language and the other humanities.

Here is the lesson:

When you study on your own, you can devise your own means of grasping many seemingly stubborn concepts.

Eventually, you begin to gain more respect among your peers. This is apart from the fact that you will increase your personal value and cut down on the cost of educating yourself.

What have you got to say about the importance of independent learning? Let me know in a comment below.

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Ralph Nyadzi is the Director of Studies at Cegast Academy. He is a qualified English tutor with decades of experience behind him. Since 2001, he has successfully coached thousands of High School General Arts WASSCE candidates in English, Literature and related subjects. He combines his expertise with a passion for lifelong learning to guide learners from varying backgrounds to achieve their educational goals. Ralph shares lessons from his blogging journey on BloggingtotheMax. He lives with River, his pet cat, in the Central Region of Ghana.

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