10 ‘Disillusioned’ Synonyms and Antonyms (with Definition)

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Synonyms for ‘disillusioned’ include disenchanted, disheartened and disappointed. Are you looking for synonyms and antonyms for the word ‘disillusioned’? Then you can have it all here right now.

And to help you understand better the meaning of ‘disillusioned’ I’ve also defined of ‘disillusioned’ with an explanation to match and its sentence examples.

‘Disillusioned’ Definition

Here is a definition of the word ‘disillusioned’ I picked from the Cambridge Dictionary: disappointed and unhappy because of discovering the truth about something that you liked or respected.

Explanation of ‘Disillusioned’

The word ‘disillusioned’ is an adjective that describes a state of feeling disappointed, disenchanted, or let down.

Typically, the feeling happens as a result of discovering that something or someone is not as good, ideal, or promising as previously believed.

A feeling of disillusionment often arises when one’s hopes, beliefs, or illusions about a particular situation, person, or institution are shattered or proven to be false.

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Situations In Which People Experience Disillusionment

This feeling shows up in various aspects of life, such as relationships, career paths, political ideologies, or personal beliefs.

Effects of Becoming Disillusioned

When a person becomes disillusioned, they may experience a loss of trust, faith, or confidence in the object that caused the disillusionment.

Disillusionment is a common human experience, and it can be a challenging emotion to grapple with, as it may lead to feelings of cynicism, apathy, or resignation.

Sometimes, however, it can also be a catalyst for personal growth. Disillusionment has inspired many individuals to reevaluate their perspectives, learn from their experiences, and make more informed choices in the future.

How to Overcome Disillusionment

Overcoming disillusionment often involves finding ways to regain hope, identify new goals or beliefs, and cultivate a sense of positivity and resilience.

Seeking support from friends, family, or professional counsellors can be helpful during this process.

In summary, ‘disillusioned’ is an emotive term that describes a feeling of disappointment when one’s expectations or illusions are shattered due to reality not aligning with their beliefs or hopes.

Disillusionment is an integral part of the human experience. It shapes how we perceive and navigate the world around us

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‘Disillusioned’ Synonyms

Find below five synonyms for the word ‘disillusioned’.





‘Disillusioned’ Antonyms

Here are five antonyms for the word ‘disillusioned’.






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Sentence Examples Using ‘Disillusioned’

The below sentences will help you to have a clearer understanding of ‘disillusioned’.

Each sentence about ‘disillusioned’ places the word in a context that relates to our daily practical experiences. Enjoy!

  1. After years of supporting the political candidate, John became disillusioned with their broken promises and lack of progress.

2. Aspiring actors often face harsh realities in the competitive industry, leaving many feeling disillusioned and questioning their career choices.

3. The once optimistic entrepreneur grew increasingly disillusioned as their startup faced constant challenges and setbacks.

4. Jane’s experience with the company’s unethical practices left her disillusioned and eager to find a more morally responsible workplace.

5. The team’s repeated failures and internal conflicts left the coach disillusioned, wondering if they could ever achieve success.

Final Thoughts

I trust that these synonyms and antonyms of ‘disillusioned’ together with the sentence examples have helped you to finally get the right meaning of the word.

Did you enjoy this post? I would love to know your thoughts.

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