Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable PDF for Private Candidates

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The WAEC Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable states that the Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE for private candidates will commence on Monday 31st October and end on Tuesday 20th December 2022.

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The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) released the Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable several months ago. As you might be aware, the Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable, like all previous ones was supposed to be out at the same time the November-December 2022 WASSCE registration for private candidates started. And that was way back in May 2022.

So if you still want to know whether the 2022 Nov Dec WASSCE Timetable is out, the answer is yes. WAEC has already released the private WASSCE timetable for 2022.

And if you are looking to download the Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable in PDF format for offline use, then keep reading.

Download Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE Timetable

In this post, I will give you two different printable PDF versions of the WAEC Nov Dec WASSCE Timetable. First, you can have the Nov Dec WASSCE Core and General Arts subjects combined timetable.

It is an opportunity for you to download a special timetable I have designed purposely for General Arts candidates only.

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Secondly, I will let you have free access to WAEC’s own international timetable for all subjects and for all candidates in all the WAEC member countries.

Core EMSS Timetable for Nov Dec WASSCE 2022

Let’s begin with the Nov Dec 2022 WAEC timetable for Core English Language, Core Mathematics or General Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies.

SubjectDateTime (GMT)
Oral English LanguageMon. 21st November 20228.30 hrs – 10.30 hrs
English Essay & ObjSat. 10th December 20228.30 hrs – 11.30 hrs
Social StudiesTue. 22nd November 20228.30 hrs – 13.50 hrs
Core/General MathsSat 26th Novermber 20228.30 hrs – 14.30 hrs
Integrated ScienceSat 17th December 20228.30 hrs – 15.30 hrs
Source: The West African Examinations Council

Special Elective General Arts TimeTable

Below is my special gift to you if you are interested in the SHS General Arts subjects we cover on the Cegast Academy website. Today, you will have a summarized Nov Dec WASSCE timetable purposely made for all General Arts students.


Are you studying General Arts subjects like Government, History, Literature-in-English, Christian Religious Studies, and Economics? Maybe the subjects you registered for the Nov Dec WASSCE include Ghanaian Language, Islamic Studies, Geography, French and West African Traditional Religion (WATR).

And if you need the dates for the WAEC/WASSCE Nov Dec Arabic, Music or Elective Mathematics (Further Mathematics) papers, then you can now have them in PDF format.

In case you have an interest in Information and Communication Technology or ICT, then you can have it too.

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Download WAEC Nov Dec 2022 Timetable – General Arts

PLEASE NOTE. The arrangement of the General Arts subjects with their respective dates on this special General Arts timetable for Nov Dec WASSCE 2022 does not follow the expected sequence. For example, note the dates for Economics and Government. Though on this timetable Government is placed before Economics, the Economics paper will be written before the Government paper. So pay particular attention to each subject and its stated date.

Bonus ICT Timetable

Also, I intentionally added Information and Communication Technology (ICT) because I thought someone might be interested. One of the smartest decisions any individual can take today is to study ICT.

The advantages of digital technology in today’s world are so compelling that you will be making what might turn out to be one of the worst mistakes of your life if you ignore information technology altogether.

SubjectDateTime (GMT)
French OralMon. 7th November to
Wed. 20th November 2022
To be arranged
Arabic OralMon. 7th November to
Wed. 20th November 2022
To be arranged
Music OralMon. 7th November to
Wed. 20th November 2022
To be arranged
History Essay & Obj.Mon. 12th December 20228.30 hrs – 11.30 hrs
French Essay & Obj.Mon. 12th December 202213.00 hrs – 15.15 hrs
Arabic Essay & Obj.Wed. 14th December 202213hrs – 15.50hrs
Further/Elective MathsThu. 1st December 20228.30 hrs – 15.30 hrs
Ghanaian Language (All)Thu. 17th November 20228.30 hrs – 15.30 hrs
Music 3A (Aural)Thu. 1st December 202215.30 hrs – 16.15 hrs
Music Essay & Obj.Mon. 5th December 20228.30 hrs – 11.30 hrs
GovernmentSat. 19th December 202213.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs
Literature-in-English 3Wed. 30th November 202213.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
EconomicsSat. 3rd December 20228.30 hrs – 11.30 hrs
Literature-in-English 2&1Tue. 6th December 20228.30 hrs – 10.45 hrs
Geography Essay, Obj & PracticalWed. 7th December 20228.30 hrs – 15.20 hrs
Christian Religious StudiesWed. 14th December 20228.30 hrs – 11.30 hrs
Islamic StudiesWed. 14th December 20228.30 hrs – 11.20 hrs
West African Traditional ReligionWed. 14th December 20228.30 hrs – 11.30 hrs
ICT Elective PracticalThu. 15th December 20228.30 hrs – 13.00 hrs
ICT Elective Essay & ObjMon. 19th December 20228.30 hrs – 10.30 hrs
Source: The West African Examinations Council

Nov Dec 2022 International Timetable PDF

It is true that not every Nov Dec WASSCE candidate is a General Arts student. Maybe you are a Business Accounting student or a General Science student. Are you studying Home Economics or your area is all about Technical subjects? Then you can have the complete WAEC Nov Dec 2022 international timetable in PDF format.

Simply visit the general download page to access your Nov Dec 2022 WASSCE timetable of your choice.

Final Thoughts

As you make the final preparations for your chosen WASSCE subject test paper, remember to take another look at the syllabus. Find the syllabuses to download here. Finally, we have mock tests you can use to find out how well you are doing with your studies for the examination.

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