How to Pass Economics in High School by Strategy

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You can pass Economics in high school by adopting the right study strategy, developing self-confidence, selecting only questions you can truly deal with, taking the objective test seriously, writing complete essays where necessary and making sure you follow all instructions during the Economics test.

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This post will show you how to pass high school or WAEC Economics. Though the post is purposely meant for students preparing for their final external Economics exam, others in the junior classes will find it equally useful.

Are you a teacher of Economics looking for additional ideas to help you coach your students to learn better and score higher marks on any Economics test? I believe you will find something useful here.

Every point in this post is key to passing high school level Economics. I strongly advise that you patiently and thoroughly read all so that you will derive the maximum benefit.

How to Pass Economics Without Studying

Okay, so let’s answer this question first. I saw it somewhere on Google and I wish to settle the matter once and for all.

So let’s face it. Can you pass Economics in high school without studying? Like really? Possibly yes.

Yes, it is very possible to pass Economics without studying. I mean without studying … French, Biology or Literature. But to be honest, there is no way to pass Economics genuinely without studying Economics! End of story.

Now let’s get back to why you and I are here. We want to pass Economics in high school by strategy by studying Economics by strategy, right? So if we both agree on this, then we have a common ground to stand on as we explore the best tips to get a high mark in Economics.

With the tips and tricks I’m about to share with you, there will be absolutely nothing stopping you from scoring a high mark in that WAEC/WASSCE Economics test.

You can even score an A in Economics with these tips provided you are a very serious student.

This fact remains the same for candidates who are about to sit for other high school level exams such as IGSCE, NECO/SSCE, JAMB and the like.

Who Am I to Tell You How to Pass Economics in High School?

Well, I studied Economics up to the GCE ‘A’ Level level. And I did quite well. Ask anybody who has ever studied GCE ‘A’ Level Economics before. This person should also be familiar with the contents of the WAEC/SHS Economics syllabus. I’m sure they will tell you I’m capable of showing you how to get A1 or a credit pass in Senior High School Economics.

Again, I’ve had the privilege of successfully coaching thousands of senior high school Economics students and WAEC/WASSCE Nov/Dec candidates some of whom had switched over from their original SHS courses and were studying Economics for the first time. In many cases, we were able to get the results they wanted within a study period of just six months.

And by the way, I’m proud to say we did so without resorting to any of the usual exam malpractices and illegal activities you are most likely aware of.

It just took hard work, dedication and focus all backed by integrity and strategy.

Points of Precaution to Keep in Mind

Please keep the following vital points in mind if you are serious about passing high school or WAEC Economics. Most students do not get the right information concerning these myths and attitudes about the study of Economics.

It is a major reason they are unable to prepare adequately for the Economics paper. And consequently, they are generally not happy with the results when they are released.

We don’t want the same thing to happen to you, do we?

You Cannot Pass a Subject You Hate.

If you hate Economics it is not going to be easy for you to get a high mark when you write a test or do your homework. The simple reason is we tend to ignore and postpone the study of any subject we hate. We even refuse to attend the Economics class.

So there is no way you can do well in Economics if you hate it. This takes us to our next point to bear in mind.

It is Difficult to Pass Economics When You Hate Your Teacher.

It is either you develop a positive attitude towards your high school Economics tutor or you find a different teacher you will feel comfortable dealing with.

I’m not saying you should become overly friendly with the Economics teacher in order to pass Economics in high school. At the very least, all you need is to adopt an open mind while in class.

Even if you have some issues with the teacher you can still open your ears and your mind to listen and concentrate while in their class.

Distrust and Disrespect Won’t Help You.

Students who show open distrust or disrespect toward their teachers always struggle in class. The fact that your Economics teacher made one spelling mistake or committed a serious blunder during a lesson does not mean you ‘know’ better than them.

Don’t forget this. Your high school Economics teacher is qualified to handle the subject. That is why you have been placed under their care.

So you need to tame your ego. Submit yourself and take as much as you can from them. When you add that to your personal efforts, you will go very far.

High School Economics is Not That Difficult.

Is Economics difficult in high school? My simple answer is no. From my personal experience as a self-taught Economics student and later, as a teacher, Economics is not a hard class.

But still, it depends. You see, every subject is going to be either difficult or easy depending on how you approach it.

The reason some may say high school Economics is difficult is that someone has told them so and they believe them without checking the facts.

As you may be aware, that’s what most people do – unfortunately. They hear someone say something about someone or something and without thinking (excuse my bluntness), they swallow it hook line and sinker! In fact, it is much easier for them to swallow when the info is a negative, toxic one.

It helps to do your own checks

But it won’t help you. Get an open mind. Stop believing instantly any negative information forced into your ears. In every situation, please go do your own checks.

Seek as many other sources of information as you can. You may be pleasantly surprised that whoever gave you the negative info did so because they had a personal agenda.

This goes for all kinds of unsolicited negative information that toxic people are so eager to offer for free to any listening ear.

All I’m saying is this. Do not just believe it when another person tells you Economics is a difficult subject. It does not matter who that person is.

They may be a senior student (who may not even be an Econs student), a teacher who loves to scare the very life out of his/her students or a ‘kind’ and ‘knowledgeable’ family friend. Remember talk is cheap.

Soon, I will show you what to do so that Economics will stop being a difficult subject for you. After all, it is because you’ve got the potential to be a good Economics student that is why you chose to study it in the first place.

*PLEASE NOTE. I’m very much aware of situations where some older people force younger ones to study certain subjects they do not enjoy learning. Sorry for you if you find yourself in such a hard spot. Please find a way to get out of it. That is if it is not too late to do so.

Do not Study University Level Economics

University-level Economics involves more advanced topics and mathematical calculations than high school Economics.

This is why you need to keep referring to your secondary school Economics syllabus during the course of your studies. These past Economics exam questions will also help a lot.

You don’t want to waste your time studying irrelevant stuff that is too difficult for your level. It does not matter even if it is coming from your tutor. Help yourself by respectfully drawing their attention to the contents of the high school Economics syllabus. And, please, do so in private, not in the presence of the class or friends.

Your teacher will understand unless they have a special reason for teaching you those complex Economics concepts and calculations they just finished learning in the university.

Remember our focus here is solely on how to pass Economics in high school.

Stop Saying ‘Compulsory Question’

I hear this expression a lot whenever I interact with high school Economics students. And when they say it, they almost certainly mean the so-called ‘data response’ questions that are usually the first and second questions in the Economics essay (written) paper.

So I ask them: Are you required to answer the two questions in that section? If not, then there is nothing compulsory about it. You’ve got a choice to make here just the same way you must choose from the subsequent essay questions too.

There is a certain danger in regarding this section of the high school WAEC/WASSCE Economics paper as ‘compulsory’. It makes you devote a disproportionate amount of time to studying that area.

Many students who have been made to believe this falsehood tend to think wrongly that they need to study it independent of the other topics in the syllabus. They forget that it is their understanding of the concepts in the entire Economics syllabus that is tested under the so-called ‘compulsory’ section.

Then during the Economics test, the same approach is repeated. Too much time spent on a single, ‘compulsory’ question!

You can’t spend 50% of your time, for example, on one question when about three or four more questions are there waiting for you. All questions carry equal marks, please!

So be careful. When you fall victim to this popular but untrue idea, it makes life more difficult for you both in the exam hall and on the day your results come out.

With the initial points of precaution out of the way, let’s go straight ahead to discover the strategic steps to take in order to pass WAEC Economics in high school.

How to Pass High School Economics

Take the following easy steps to get high marks in Economics in high school without much sweat. Use them to get a grade A1 or something close to it in WAEC Economics or any other high school level external examination in Economics.

I will give you two different levels of strategy here. The first involves what you must do before the exam day. I’m referring to the years, months and weeks preceding the Economics test.

The second group of strategic steps will zero in on what must happen right there in the examination room.

So let’s go get them.

Before the Economics Exam Day

There is so much a student in any one of the following categories can do a long time before the day of the Economics test paper.

  • Fresh student in Form One
  • High School/Secondary School Form Two Student
  • Final Year Student
  • Private candidate doing independent learning/self-teaching

Always remember this. You do not want to wait till the final hours before the exam to begin making desperate preparations. It is best to start early. The same goes for all your other subjects such as English, Literature and General/Core Mathematics.

I have said a lot about what needs to be done years, months and weeks before your senior high school final exam in at least one other post. Therefore, in order not to repeat it all, I would encourage you to look at them closely.

There is so much to gain as you try to figure out how to pass your high school Economics. Simply follow the links below.

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How to Perform Better in School

What You Must Do During the Economics Exam

So the day of the exam is here. You have arrived and duly got seated behind your desk. The invigilator has just given you the question paper and your answer sheets. It is time for action.

Take serious note of what I’m about to tell you. Do not forget these points. They helped me with my own Economics exam a long time ago.

In the same manner, my Economics students have used these guidelines over the years to pass their WAEC/WASSCE Economics exam.

Economics Objective Test

In order to get a high mark in Economics, keep the following points in mind.

  • Do not allow the first question on the paper, no matter how difficult it is, to discourage you. You will surely find much easier ones to answer.
  • Maintain an open mind. Try to understand each question in practical terms. Reason out how the situation will play out in a simple real-life scenario. Trust me, in most cases, it is easy to answer the Economics question just by looking at it in a practical way.
  • Do not waste too much time with a very difficult question. Move quickly and answer all the relatively easy ones.
  • So make sure to get to the last objective Economics question.
  • When you get there and you still have time, you can come back to tackle the more difficult ones you skipped.
  • In all, remember to get the order of your shadings right. This is critical.

How to Pass the High School Economics Essay Test

  • Take your time in choosing the questions you can answer best. Do not forget that all questions carry equal marks.

As you answer each essay question, do the following. They will make it easier for you to pass your high school Economics.

  • Underline and define key terms in the question.
  • Address the demands of each question.
  • Devote a separate paragraph to each point.

In doing so, follow this general order:

  • State your main point or idea.
  • Explain the point with clear and precise language.
  • Where applicable, illustrate your points with examples, figures and diagrams.

Get creative and practical. To get A1 in WAEC Economics, it is best to make use of more of your own illustrations. Avoid relying heavily on the same old and tired examples in your Economics textbook.

  • Always remember this. Whether you have been asked to or not, your Economics essay must normally make occasional references to at least one of the following: i. the individual/household ii. the firm/business unit iii. the government.
  • Once again, determine to introduce every new point/idea at the beginning of a new paragraph.
  • Finally, write your answer in the normal essay (prose) style. As much as possible, avoid presenting your points in extremely bare numbered lists. This is only needed where the question asks you to do so.

Last Words

Actually, it doesn’t take too much to be able to pass high school Economics. With the right study strategy any student can prepare sufficiently for both internal and external examinations involving Economics. And when you move into the exam hall with enough self-confidence backed by the right approach to each question, believe me, nothing can stop you from getting A1 or at least a C in that SHS or WAEC/WASSCE Economics test.

What are your thoughts about studying and passing Economics in high school? Share them in a comment below. You can find tons of Economics past questions and answers at Cegast Academy. They will assist greatly with your studies.

Did you find this information helpful? Then share it on your favourite social media platform for the benefit of others you care about. Thank you!

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