2012 WAEC Summary Passage and Answers (Nov/Dec)

This post on the 2012 WAEC Summary passage will show you the questions and recommended answers that you can use as a guide for your own answers. Do not forget that there is no single perfect answer to the questions on this 2012 WAEC Summary passage. And it is the same with all other summary passages in any English Language exam.

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For that matter, I encourage you to see these answers to the questions on the 2012 WAEC Summary passage as something you can model your own answers on. Do not be afraid to use your own words, as much as possible, in your summary sentences.

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With that out of the way, we will now tackle the 2012 WAEC Summary passage questions for WASSCE candidates. Find the recommended answers right beneath the questions.

2012 WAEC Summary Passage

Read the following passage carefully and answer in your own words, as far as possible, the questions on it.

 It is a well–established fact that some students perform creditably in school while others flop badly. Some students may be intelligent and highly motivated, but still, find it extremely difficult to climb the academic ladder. Such students face learning problems but may not necessarily have physical disabilities.

Among these problems, perhaps the most worrying is the bad attitude these students have towards their studies. This arises because wrong views have distorted the benefits of education. Many students actually doubt their own abilities to build a bright and secure future for themselves through education. Such students have not understood the aims and objectives of education to appreciate its numerous character and polished manners***. Closely linked to the above problem is that students also have a poor attitude to teachers, maybe because the teachers do not employ correct methods to make their teaching interesting.

Indeed, a more serious problem is that students sometimes find it difficult to grasp abstract ideas, especially in Science and Mathematics. Reading, the correct spelling of words and remembering facts are all connected with this problem. Such students will do well not to fall into the trap of using drugs that can supposedly aid memory. All that such drugs can do is wreak havoc on the body.

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Adequate and effective measures can always be taken to deal with learning problems in school. Prominent among these remedial measures is repetition of ideas or points which can aid the students in remembering. Repeating words can engage the sense of sight and hearing and leave deep impressions on the mind. If students learn mathematical formulae and theorems or scientific principles and theories by repeating them, it will aid them greatly.

A more practical approach is for students to be determined to overcome their learning problems. Teachers have the know-how to keep students focused in their determination to better themselves. Since teachers are in touch daily with the students, they get to know them more intimately than their parents and are, therefore, in the best position to help them.


a. In three sentences, one for each, state the learning problems students face in school.

b. In three sentences, one for each, state the possible solutions for learning problems.

Suggested Answers to 2012 WAEC Summary Questions

You can now have the suggested answers for the 2012 WAEC Summary passage.

a. i. Students have a negative attitude towards learning.

ii. Students’ attitude to teachers is equally bad.

iii. Students are unable to understand abstract concepts.

b. i. Repetition must be used in the learning process.

ii. Students need to persevere with their studies.

iii. Teachers must help their students to remain focused.

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Last Words

Taking frequent exercises and practice tests are a great way to prepare sufficiently for any school exam. You will always achieve more by practising what you have learnt. I strongly suggest that you take a good look at these practice summary passages. Answer as many summary questions as you can. And any time you face any difficulty, ask your teacher for help.

Do you find it difficult to answer summary questions? You may as well contact me for some practical ideas to overcome your problem and prepare well for your upcoming exam.

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