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A political party quiz for high school Government students will typically include objective test questions on topics like types of party systems, objectives of political parties, and the functions and role of political parties in a state.

In this online political party quiz for SHS, you will meet interesting questions that test your understanding of the political parties and party systems segment of the WAEC/SHS Government syllabus.

I can also promise you much fun as you try to answer the quiz questions on political party systems. Remember also that you will see the result indicating your performance in the political party test as soon as you complete this secondary school Government quiz.

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Suggestion for Teachers

Are you teaching Government in a senior high school or similar educational institution? I will urge you to introduce the quiz to your beloved students. I strongly believe that the more students participate in quizzes on topics in the Government syllabus, the more effective their learning becomes.

Are you ready to start the political party quiz? Then let’s get started now.

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Government Tests

Political Party Quiz One

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1. A document that contains the proposed policies and promises of a political party in an election is the

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2. Which one of these countries has a two-party system?

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3. A de facto one-party system means

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4. An advantage of the one-party system is that

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5. The first political party to be formed in Nigeria was

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6. Which of these was not a political leader in Nigeria?

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7. The two major political parties in the Unites States are the Republican party and the

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8. Which of these ensures a peaceful transfer of power?

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9. Which of these is not a function performed by political parties?

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10. A political party is

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Final Thoughts

Congratulations on your achievement. Remember that no matter your total score, there is always room for improvement. And do not be disturbed if you didn’t like your performance. Because our objective here is not to help you to know if you are perfect. Instead, it is to assist you to discover your strengths and weaknesses so you can come up with an improved learning strategy.

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Finally, what are your thoughts about the online political party quiz you just took? Do you think government quizzes like this are good for SHS or secondary school students? Leave a comment below if you can. You can always come back for more quizzes on the other General Arts subjects we write about at Cegast Academy.

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