Astra Pro Price Details Compared With Competitors

The Astra Pro price at the time of writing this Astra theme pricing review is $59/year for an unlimited number of sites. There is a completely FREE version of the Astra WordPress theme. On the other hand, two additional upgrades of the Astra Pro plugin are available for $169/year and $249/year. These are the Essential Bundle and Growth Bundle respectively.

Upon a successful purchase of the Astra Pro Plugin, you will have free and easy access to the Astra Pro License Key.


But if you cannot afford the pro version of Astra, you will still have the opportunity to use the Astra theme for free and for as long as you wish.

In fact, I personally used the FREE Astra theme for months before purchasing and installing the Astra Pro plugin.

How It Compares

The starting Astra Pro price of $59/year compares favourably with other Astra theme alternatives like Zakra, Divi, OceanWP and GeneratePress.

This post is all about the details of the Astra WordPress theme pricing. However, I will go beyond the mere mention of the current Astra Pro plugin price. I will also show you how the pricing of the Astra theme compares with those of its close competitors.

Astra Theme Alternatives

Among the best known Astra theme alternatives are the following.

  • Kadence
  • GeneratePress
  • Genesis
  • Hestia
  • Phlox
  • Flash
  • Ultra
  • Blocksy
  • OnePress
  • Total
  • Divi
  • Suffice

See below additional Astra theme competitors with their pricing attached. It would be helpful to check how their pricing compares with that of the Astra Pro plugin.

This does not mean pricing alone is enough to show you which is the best WordPress theme for your brand new blog.

In fact, the vast array of positive reviews for the Astra WordPress theme might just play a significant part in your decision to finally settle on Astra.


Screenshot of

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OceanWP Theme Price

Free or $43/year


Screenshot of

Neve Theme Price

Free or $69/year.


Screenshot of

ColorMag Theme Price

Install and use the FREE version of the ColorMag WordPress theme or pay $69/year for ColorMag Pro.


Screenshot of

Zakra Theme Price

There is a free version of Zakra to install and start using right away. Zakra theme pro goes for $69/year.

Why You Might Choose Astra Over the Others

Below are the accolades that Astra customers are showering on this amazing WordPress Theme. They are Astra’s numerous pros. These features that the Astra WordPress theme boasts of are the advantages that make over a million online businesses go for it.

  • Astra theme is stable.
  • It is fast. According to one user, if properly optimized, an Astra site can fully load in 37 milliseconds.
  • Lightweight WordPress Theme
  • SEO- Optimized
  • Responsive. Astra theme looks good on both your desktop PC and mobile devices
  • Simple
  • Multipurpose WordPress theme – You can use the Astra theme for practically anything. Blog, online store, membership site, landing page, online courses. Name them.
  • Best for creating and managing ads for your blog revenue.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Feature-rich
  • Sleek. And when you incorporate graphics from platforms like Canva, Astra simply shines.
  • Flexible
  • Focus on performance
  • Works with all page builders
  • Easy for non-techy users
  • Top-notch support. The guys at Brainstorm Force, the company behind the Astra theme, seem to know their stuff and are willing to do anything to assist their raving fans.
  • Fully functional community. The Astra Facebook group, for example, is definitely a delight to experience. You can easily get a solution to your queries from fellow users of the Astra Pro theme.

Testimonials from Successful Online Businesses

The list of popular ultra-successful websites that have chosen Astra over its competition is quite long. These WordPress website owners prefer the Astra theme to others, not just because of its relatively low pricing, but also because of its high quality and performance.

Here are some of the well-known bloggers, businesses, developers and web designers that have worked with Astra.







Home Care Boost

Web Story Builder


Create a Pro Website

Astra Theme Demo

Want to see Astra in action? You can check out samples of the Astra Theme starter templates. Together with its flagship Starter Templates and newly-released Sceptre plugins, Astra Pro promises to take your WordPress site to an incredible new level.

My Personal Story

My relationship with the Astra WordPress theme kept going back and forth for almost two years. Like most newbie bloggers on WordPress, I experimented with numerous WordPress themes and plugins at the beginning.

I could choose Astra today and quickly come to the conclusion that there were better ones. Then I would go looking for other themes that others were recommending.

For that matter, I flirted a lot with GeneratePress, OceanWP, Neve and Zakra. I installed, activated, deleted and re-installed the Astra theme multiple times.

But finally, I was fully convinced that given all its pros and cons, Astra was the best WordPress theme for my blogging needs.

A Note of Caution

The way I kept changing WordPress themes anyhow is not the best for your website. Therefore, I do not recommend the reckless manner I once played around with numerous WordPress themes to any beginner blogger or website owner.

Constant experimentation with different WordPress themes on the same website undermines its look, quality and performance. This is particularly so when you are changing the themes without any regard for the guidelines governing theme changes on a WordPress site.

I have learnt this lesson the hard way.

Astra Theme Cons

Like everything else under the sun, Astra has got its fair share of criticisms. But these are few and almost muted. Here come the commonly cited cons of the Astra WordPress theme.


For its advanced features, Astra Theme price can go as high as $249. But don’t forget, for most newbie bloggers, the mainstream Astra Pro License which costs $59/year for unlimited sites is just fine. Because there is enough in there to serve your needs.

Limited Woocommerce Features

If you are going to establish a Woocommerce online store, this might be a headache for you. Otherwise, you might not need the ‘missing’ Woocommerce features in order to have a high-performance WordPress site.

Wrapping it up

From what you have seen so far, you and I will agree that the Astra Pro price is worth it. This is a simple, fast and feature-rich theme that has always left most pundits gasping. Purposely built for performance, Astra remains the theme of choice for over a million WordPress users.

And that, of course, includes yours truly. 

Considering the relatively low Astra Pro price of $59/year, I would not hesitate to recommend it to any blogger who wants to upgrade to the pro plan in order to enjoy the benefits of the Astra Pro plugin.


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