Top 14 Entertainment Sub-Niches for Beginner Bloggers

I want to show you something I’ve found about the best entertainment sub-niches many entertainment bloggers in Africa and the world over are targeting. The reason I love giving you tips on entertainment blogging is that I’ve found it to be a very lucrative blogging niche not only in Africa but in any other part of the world. . All you need is the passion to blog on entertainment topics.

Now, if you lack the passion for entertainment, then this may not be the right fit for you. You may as well consider other equally profitable blog niches like dating or relationship, education and politics.

Would you still want to become an entertainment blogger? Then follow me as I show you the possible entertainment sub-niches to which you can direct your focus.

Remember, to be able to make money as an entertainment blogger, it is advisable to narrow down your focus.

Because there’s a lot of competition in the entertainment blogging niche. Therefore, doing it all does not usually bring the desired results. You may not have what it takes to compete with the mega entertainment bloggers who’ve been around for a while.

Here are the best entertainment sub-niches for beginner bloggers. I believe any one of these entertainment sub-niches is good enough for you to create a successful entertainment niche blog.

1. Travel

You can just restrict the content of your entertainment blog to travel alone. Creativity will enable you to get hundreds of travel topics to blog about. You will have much to say about things like the weather, air travel, experiences in new locations, and so on and so forth.

2. Tourism

Sometimes it can be a good idea to join travel and tourism together. This is because they both have much in common. But it isn’t a bad idea either if you choose only tourism as the sole entertainment sub-niche for your blog.

You can find inspiration from a number of thriving tourism blogs in Africa. Say as much as you can about hotels, guest houses, national parks, wildlife and other tourist attractions.

3. Gaming

This one too is huge if you ask me. And it’s super easy to begin monetizing your traffic very fast.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to make decent ad revenue on your gaming blog, I strongly suggest you register with ad networks like AdCash and PropellerAds. This is good but free advice for you. Especially if the majority of your blog traffic comes from third-tier geos like Nigeria, Ghana and the like. You’ll still make money from your African entertainment blog.

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4. Sport

In fact, sports may be regarded as an entertainment sub-niche but it is big. Just think of all those sporting disciplines such as swimming, athletics, football, basketball, boxing and the like. If you realize you can’t do all of these, you should feel free to narrow it down to just one or two.

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Remember, also, that there is an opportunity to exploit blogging about sportswear from places like Nike and Adidas. Don’t forget to publish content about famous and successful local and global sporting icons too.

5. Film and movies

Are you the kind of person who loves movies to a fault but doesn’t have much interest in music, for example? Why don’t you devote all your attention to blogging about the film and movie industry alone? You can never finish writing about the local or international film industry. So, please yourself.

6. Radio and TV ( Include Newspapers and Magazines)

I know some bloggers who produce unending content about the activities, achievements etc of media moguls like Oprah Winfrey. And when you come to Africa, you can write online articles giving your assessment of the performance of various TV and Radio stations. The popular journalists in those media houses are a juicy source of gossip content your entertainment blog audience will be interested in.

7. Reality Shows

These days, reality TV has become part and parcel of our daily entertainment menu. Whether you wish to be an entertainment blogger in Nigeria, South Africa or Ghana, you’re sure to find more than enough content to fill your blog with reality show news, upcoming events, contestants’ performances, gossip, controversies and a lot more. Here is a perfect example of a blog post about Reality TV shows you can draw inspiration from.

8. Music

There is a pretty good chance that narrowing your blog’s focus on the music industry alone will bring you satisfying results. But remember that you need to have a certain level of passion for music to succeed in this entertainment sub-niche.

Just like the film and movie sub-niche, there are countless celebrities to write about. Both local and international. New music releases are happening 24/7. The live music shows and concerts will forever be there. As you can see, you might end up having too much on your plate.

9. Culture

Do you enjoy talking about culture? Maybe you’re into some cultural activities yourself. You can leverage your passion for culture by starting a blog whose content is devoted to culture.

Wherever you are in Africa, there is a lot of cultural stuff waiting for you to tap into. Because Africa is rich in its cultural heritage.

Write about dance forms, cultural activities, festivals, traditions, taboos, beliefs and practices. African proverbs too. You’ll be amazed at the large number of visitors your entertainment blog will attract from both local and international sources.

10. Outdoor recreational activities

Outdoor activities are becoming one of the popular entertainment sub-niches in Africa. As more people on the continent gradually but steadily move into the middle-income zone, the demand for information about outdoor recreational facilities is also on the rise.

There lies the opportunity to enter the entertainment blogging niche, with a single-minded focus on the outdoor recreational sub-niche. Tell your audience where to find the best public parks, zoos, stadiums and the like.

Then educate them on what they must expect in these locations. Add other relevant information and you’re set for success as an entertainment blogger in Africa.

11. Food blogging

Blog about as many delicacies as you can. One other category you need to have on your food blog is the places to find the best food joints and restaurants. Don’t forget to refer your visitors to the best drinking spots in the area. This is the reality of life and you will be doing great harm to your food blogging business if you leave this one out.

12. Photo blogging

You go out, shoot beautiful photos and display them on your blog. Your portfolio is a delight to watch and the millions of lovers of images such as yours will come trooping to your site every second of the day.

Are you a painter yourself? Then you stand another advantage. Display your personal paintings and see what happens. Before you know it, you may be earning good money from the sale of your own products on your entertainment blog.

13. Fashion and Style

If you’re a lover of fashion, you can make it big by giving good information about fashion and style. I know a blog called Fashion and Style Police. This blogger is doing the kind of great job you too can do.

Talk about the best brands in the fashion industry. One more valuable but free tip for you. There’s a lot of affiliate marketing income to be made with a fashion and style blog. This is not to say that the others won’t make you an affiliate marketing income. They too will.

14. YouTube News

Finally, if you love spending a lot of time on YouTube, it’s very likely that you have the potential to turn your love for YouTube into a money maker via an entertainment blog.

There are many ways to do this. But mind you, I’m not referring to making more YouTube videos. You can have a blog that simply speaks about what is happening in a particular segment of YouTube you believe people would be interested in knowing more about.


Last word

I’ve given you a sizeable number of entertainment sub-niches suitable for an African blog. Take some time to do your keyword research. Then, when you’re satisfied with what you’ve come up with, start a blog in any one of the above entertainment sub-niches. With the right mindset and approach, I believe you’ll be on the way to becoming a celebrity blogger yourself.

Good luck.

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