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What you’re about to encounter are over a hundred noun clause examples in English.

You can also see your mega collection of noun phrase examples in English right here.

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Are you among students or teachers looking for a large collection of noun clause examples to help you or your students understand noun clauses better? Then this definitely is the place for you to be.

Go straight ahead and take a close look at the examples of the grammatical name referred to as noun clause in the examples below.

And when you’re through with it, make sure to see if you can identify the noun clauses in any sentence you find around you.

Now, let’s take off.

First Set of Noun Clause Examples

that it was too early

that they might not find it

that the people were brave warriors

that his cup was full

that insubordination was her main problem

that I am still alive

that the government wanted to intervene

that trees wouldn’t be able to grow there again

that it is entirely possible

that the team will bring the trophy home

that he feels great

that it cannot get worse than this

that people are watching

that the internet is the greatest thing to happen to mankind

that there is life after death

that she found no answers

that prices are falling rapidly

that our national economy is in trouble

that we all want a better life

that the earth is round

what you just said

what kept them in the dark

what I may never understand

what you first reported to the headmaster

what my wife told you

what people think

what it means to be free

what I know to be true

what got her angry

what first came to my mind

whatever the chief decided to do

whatever brought them together

whatever secret plans we have

whatever Jomo told his supporters that day

whatever happened in the night


Second Set of Noun Clause Examples

It is important to note that for any group of words that begin with who, the context or sentence within which it appears will best show if it is truly a noun clause (or a relative/adjectival clause)

Here is an example for you:

A. I want to know who brought the news. NOUN CLAUSE

B. The woman who brought the news left a long time ago. ADJECTIVAL CLAUSE/RELATIVE CLAUSE

Let’s continue to the second batch of noun clause examples.

who made you cry

who didn’t see what was in the bag

who finds the correct answer first

who crosses that line

who will tell the truth

whoever took my keys

whoever you decide to punish

whoever they appoint their leader

whoever preached against social injustice

whoever encouraged them to disobey his orders

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Third Set of Noun Clause Examples

The items in our next two batches of noun clause examples are also known as NON-FINITE OR INFINITIVE NOMINAL/NOUN CLAUSES.

First, let’s look at examples of the TO-INFINITIVE NOUN/NOMINAL CLAUSE

to err ( as in To err is human.)

turn the page (Zero to-infinitive nominal/noun clause. What this means is that the word, to has been omitted but implied.)

Just look at this:

Turn the page was all I did./ All I did was turn the page./ All I did was to turn the page.

Why don’t you use the examples below in sentences to see how they sound like?

to speak in this harsh manner

to try to deceive me

to leave her unprotected

to say such things about our soldiers

to refuse to wear  the mask

to question her integrity

to address the nation

to go to church

to live all by yourself

to condemn me without asking questions

to find fault with everything he does

to make life difficult for us

to pray

to cry

to cry loudly

to pray noisily

to score an early goal

to take a quick decision

to salute her senior officer

Fourth Set of Noun Clauses

These are often referred to as the ING-INFINITIVE NOMINAL/NOUN CLAUSES

controlling the spread of the disease (as in Controlling the spread of the disease is the UK government’s topmost priority)

Here are more examples of the ING-INFINITIVE NOMINAL/NOUN CLAUSE.

fighting in the street

complaining about almost everything

saying it will just disappear like a miracle

criticizing the president unnecessarily

following the crowd

trying to please everybody

telling them your troubles

preaching against his perceived enemies

casting insinuations

scoring the first goal in that match

making life bearable for the poor

living in the city

travelling every day

worrying over absolutely nothing

begging for alms

selling vegetables

constructing residential apartments

living off-grid

listening to the naysayers

finding a well-paying job

Fifth Set of Noun Clause Examples

These are noun clauses that begin with WHETHER/IF

if she would come (as in She refused to say if she would come)

if I can sing at all

if this behaviour is right

if he will stand for office during the next elections

if people really care

whether my phone can record any sound

whether corruption is a cultural thing

whether it will rain tonight

whether divorce is an option

whether Mrs Obi was part of the dealings

Sixth Set of Noun Clause Examples

why you must return the money (as in This is why you must return the money.)

why she continues to speak

why nobody went there

why you can’t simply get it

why things keep getting better

why the president appointed her

when I should call you (as in Please, let me know when I should call you.)

NOTE. The example above is different from the adverbial clause of time.

when the rain will stop

when John comes back home every day

when I am ready

when those students arrive

when there will be peace at last.

Now that you have your fabulous collection of noun clause examples, all at one place, why don’t you find out how well you can do with a brief test?


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